March 30, 2023

Tommy Higfiler Announces 1st Multi-metaverse Hub

Tommy Higfiler Announces 1st Multi-metaverse Hub Featured Image

Lifestyle brand Tommy Higfiler announced its first-ever decentralized presence, creating a multi-metaverse hub in preparation for the Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW23), which started on March 28 and till March 31.

Tommy Higfiler’s multi-metaverse hub will be premiered on various metaverse platforms, including Decentraland, Roblox, Spatial, DressX and Ready Player Me as it will open a connection within Decentraland to other metaverse platforms to see how the users will respond when they access the same brand from various platforms, according to The Vogue.

The hub, which will offer an end-to-end shopping journey for consumers, is structured to be similar to the famous TH monogram. It will feature digital fashion, artworks for Vinnie Hagar, NFTs, AR Features, and a photo booth, in addition to gaming and community-focused competition to create AI fashion.

It is created by the virtual reality platform Emperia, which earlier worked for brands such as Lacoste, Ralph Loren, and Dior Beauty.

In this regard, CEO of Emepria Olga Dogadkina said: “Metaverse retail experiences have the potential to solve user experience, data analysis, and online engagement issues retailers have been struggling with from the inception of e-commerce.”

“The new Tommy Hilfiger hub brings together all platforms and centralizes virtual and physical, allowing for easy transition between platforms and enabling the direct sale of goods, both physical and virtual, with one simple checkout process,” Dogadkina added.

MVFW23 will feature the Spring/Summer Fashion season on virtual catwalks. In addition, a special experience developed by Miami Fashion Week will take part in the event.

Curated by NFT marketplace UNXD, MVFW23 participants will be selected by an advisory team formed by Decentraland. The advisory team includes experts from digital fashion houses, including The Fabricant, Institute of Digital Fashion, Fashion3 by MAD Global, and House of Web3. The participating brands will be announced in January.

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