January 22, 2023

Trump’s NFTs Make Comeback after Drop

Trump NFT Collection

Trump NFT Collection

Former US president Donald Trump’s NFT collection made a surprising comeback after the first five weeks of its release, recording a remarkable surge over the past day. 

Trump’s NFTs were all sold out upon their release directly, but their price significantly dropped. Currently, the sales are skyrocketing again, according to Decrypt website

Total daily sales volume for the official Trump Digital Trading Cards collection grew around 800% from Tuesday to Wednesday, jumping from about $34,000 worth on Tuesday to over $306,000. According to data from the analytics platform CryptoSlam, the total sales of Trump’s NFTs grew more than 193% over the past week, recording $863.517 million.

According to data from NFT Floor Price, which tracks the prices of the NFTs listed on marketplaces, the floor price of Trump’s NFT reached more than $517.2 at the time of writing. 

Decrypt reported that there is no main reason for this sudden increase, however, some Twitter users attributed this rise to the anticipated comeback of the former US president to social media platforms 

On December 15, Trump released 45,000 non-fungible tokens portraying him in various positions and situations. Named “the Trump Digital Trading Cards“, the collectibles, which are similar to baseball cards, are minted on the Polygon blockchain. 

Each of them costs $99 and could be bought in Ethereum or fiat currency. All the purchased cards can be stored in a cryptocurrency wallet from MetaMask or Coinbase. 

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