May 11, 2023

Turkey Enters Metaverse by Debuting Presidential Office in Metaverse

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun

Turkey has entered the metaverse by launching a virtual space, according to an announcement made by a presidential official, Yeni Şafak reported.

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun announced during a conference themed “Having a Say in the Digital Universe the opening of an office for the Directorate of Communication in the metaverse called Meta Office.

Altun expressed his happiness for debuting the directorate in the virtual world as the first Turkish public institution in the metaverse, saying: “As the first step of our directorate’s Web3 transformation and metaverse strategy, we are launching our Meta Office, which is accessible via mobile devices from anywhere in the world, as of today.” 

He asserted that truth would be Turkey’s most important slogan in the metaverse and digital world, adding: “All technological and digital impositions that ignore the truth and human beings are impositions that we must oppose and fight against.” 

“The Presidency’s Directorate of Communications held the “Having a Say in the Digital Universe: Directorate of Communications Metaverse Platform Launch” and “Understanding the Meta Universe Panel,” the Turkish directorate tweeted. 

The access to Meta Office is not limited only to Turkey, it could be entered from anywhere around the world from mobile phones after creating avatars. The virtual office will offer the same services and activities which are being done in the physical building, in addition to organizing both physical and digital events, enabling users to participate and interact with other avatars.

It is hosted on GoArt Metaverse, an AR-powered B2B2C metaverse platform and mobile app that offers immersive virtual experiences. 

Recently, the Oy Birligi Platformu decided to bring the Turkish elections to the metaverse to raise awareness about democratic participation. Using their virtual reality goggles and joysticks, the eligible voters will find their virtual ballot cards and envelope from a front table, then select their preferred party, then deposit the virtual ballot cards in the ballot box.

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