February 5, 2023

UAE Health Ministry Launches 2 Metaverse-Based Services

UAE Health Ministry Launches 2 Metaverse-Based Services Featured Image

UAE Health Ministry

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched a service in the metaverse to develop the medical teams’ performance.

The launch of the virtual service came within the ministry’s announcement during a press conference held at Arab Health 2023, which is taking place at the Dubai World Trade Center, Zawya reported.

MoHAP’s 3D Digital Metaverse Assessment Service aims to gather the real, virtual, and digital worlds to improve the performance of government and private medical facilities. It is also dedicated to remotely evaluating medical teams, including doctors and allied health professionals, in addition to simplifying procedures using AI technologies.

Speaking during the conference, Assistant Undersecretary for the Health Regulation Sector Amin Hussein Al Amiri said: “This service will also streamline procedures while maintaining data security through AI. It will be unique and has several key features, including transparency and secure remote assessment where AI will be used to ensure that personal data and medical certificates match during the assessment process.”

The metaverse-based technology will reportedly analyze facial expressions and monitor eye movements for ensuring safety for the assessment process. During the assessment, users can display necessary documents while ensuring confidentiality and security for all data.

The ministry also offered a new medical thermal imaging technology, which allows doctors to examine patients by detecting diabetic foot inflammation for early diagnosis, monitoring surgical sites for infection risk, and determining psychological state through facial temperature analysis.

Amiri asserted that VR technology would play a highly crucial role in the UAE in the coming 50 years, therefore, it is essential to deploy the metaverse in several health services offered to both medical teams and patients.

In general, the UAE has recently witnessed growth in transforming many medical services into virtual space through initiatives launched by the government and private sector.

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