August 10, 2023

UAE Public Prosecution Holds Global Summit for Metaverse Governance

UAE Public Prosecution

UAE Public Prosecution

The UAE Public Prosecution is hosting a summit that will focus on the governance of the metaverse and the challenges and opportunities that come with emerging technology. The summit aims to address virtual world crimes and improve the international legal framework to combat them.

According to WAM news agency, this summit is the first of its kind, bringing together the biggest group of international experts and specialists who are concerned about the governance of the metaverse and its emerging technologies. The summit will cover various topics, such as legal, judicial, and regulatory aspects of metaverse worlds, as well as the applications of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, fictitious assets, digital currencies, and blockchain technology, including its investigations.

The summit observes the quick changes brought about by the internet and communications for the next generation, along with the potential to use this technology in important sectors to create a better future for societies and enhance their quality of life globally.

The goal of the summit is to strengthen the UAE’s leadership and competitiveness in the metaverse world and emerging technologies. This includes leading efforts to enhance international cooperation in addressing virtual world crimes across borders, as well as formulating legal frameworks for governance that support the growth and development of the metaverse.

In this regard, UAE Attorney General Hamad Saif Al Shamsi said: “We are pleased to organize the Global Summit on Metaverse Governance and Emerging Technology, which is one of the initiatives of UAE Public Prosecution with a global scope, aiming at exchanging experiences and successful practices in the field of governance of this sector, and developing legislations and regulations related to data protection, privacy and cybersecurity risks, and the roles and responsibilities associated with the concerned parties from governments, private sector institutions and international organizations.”

He added that this summit represents a concrete step towards adopting and implementing the government’s directives. It emphasizes the crucial role of UAE Public Prosecution in maintaining security and protecting rights and freedoms in all areas, including the Metaverse worlds and digital space.

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