August 9, 2023

UAE University Offers Metaverse Training Courses

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University

Hamdan bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) has launched new training courses designed to equip individuals interested in Metaverse technology with the skills needed to succeed.

These innovative and interactive courses provide a comprehensive overview of the basics of this disruptive technology while expanding participants’ understanding of its immense potential.

The courses provided cover a wide range of topics related to the metaverse, including its applications in different industries and the various methods used. All this knowledge is covered in four courses, with the first being free. By completing all of the courses, participants will thoroughly understand metaverse community governance, the metaverse economy, and avatars.

In this regard, HBMSU Chancellor Mansoor Alawar said the metaverse is an important aspect of the digital world that generates new ideas and concepts for innovation incubators and business accelerators, pointing out that academic, scientific, and research organizations are actively pursuing the full potential of this cutting-edge technology to enhance their methods and solutions and stay up-to-date with the changes.

“At HBMSU, we place a high value on utilizing this technology for the development of learners’ skills as well as to increase their opportunities and competitiveness across a range of industries, including marketing and the Metaverse economy more broadly,” Alawar added.

According to him, the metaverse is paving the way for a brighter future by enhancing opportunities in different industries, elevating the educational system’s standards, and providing better learning experiences. It also makes top-notch education and training more accessible to all societal groups.

It is worth mentioning that HBMSU, the leading academic institution in the region, has launched its metaverse-based campus. It provides a wide range of courses to help learners become familiar with the fundamentals of the metaverse.

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