September 7, 2023

UK Shoppers Increasingly Interested in Metaverse Shopping

Metaverse Shopping

Metaverse Shopping

A recent study conducted in the UK has found that there is a growing interest in metaverse shopping. This emerging digital concept is expected to continue transforming various sectors of economies.

According to the study, the UK market has shown a significant interest in NFTs and the metaverse itself. Apparel Resources published an article on the study, which focused on 10,500 shoppers aged 18 and above from 19 global markets. The study revealed that 82% of the UK respondents appreciated the metaverse.

According to a recent study, 43% of people in the UK find the virtual world fascinating, with shopping being the most popular activity. About a third of those surveyed thoroughly understand the virtual universe.

Around 40% of respondents also expressed interest in watching TV in the metaverse. Learning was also noted as a potential use for the metaverse, with 32% of respondents expressing interest in it for educational purposes.

Metaverse education is becoming increasingly popular outside the UK, with universities creating virtual campuses.

A recent study by BBVA found that Spanish students are more interested in metaverse learning than their teachers. It’s important to note that gaming is a significant aspect of the metaverse, making up 33% of respondents in a UK study. Among those who engage in the digital realm, Roblox is the top platform, accounting for 54%. Roblox has also recently launched a Partner Program, aimed at taking advantage of the potential of virtual spaces.

An article by VentureBeat reveals that whenever users participate in the metaverse, they leave behind digital fingerprints that can uniquely identify them. This poses a significant privacy risk as it can eliminate anonymity in the metaverse.

Meanwhile, a study conducted in the UK found that 27% of Brits are interested in the metaverse, but 32% are worried about privacy issues.

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