December 19, 2023

Upland Cooperates with Kaedim To Develop Metaverse Assets

Upland x Kaedim

Upland x Kaedim

Upland has collaborated with the AI startup Kaedim for an experiment. This collaboration results in a 70% increase in 3D asset production speeds.

This outcome will allow Upland to populate its immersive virtual world more quickly, accelerating innovation. This partnership marks a significant evolution for Upland, which started as a simple blockchain-based virtual property trading game. With Upland, users can purchase, sell, and trade virtual properties mapped to real-world locations. The platform provides an economy that benefits entrepreneurs, content creators, and gamers alike.

Upland has gained popularity since becoming the official metaverse partner of FIFA during the Qatar World Cup in 2022. At the last count, the platform had over three million registered users who traded four million digital assets.

Creating digital assets is crucial to the Upland game experience since it relies heavily on user-generated content. Upland players can design, produce, and exchange digital goods and experiences. However, Upland must provide players with a streamlined and simple process to create and build unique digital assets.

In light of Upland’s growth, the game’s creators concluded that players require an improved method to speed up the production of digital assets on the platform. That’s where Kaedim comes in.

The AI startup has developed a design platform that utilizes machine learning algorithms to speed up the 3D asset design process by up to 5-10 times compared to manual methods. Kaedim’s designs are highly detailed, featuring automatic texturing and levels of detail that enable the creation of realistic animations.

Creating assets in Upland is highly automated using Kaedim’s AI technology. The AI responds to user inputs to generate an initial sketch of each new asset, which can be further refined through additional inputs.

Once the user is satisfied with the initial design, they can use Kaedim’s AI modeling capabilities to bring it to life, creating meshes and textures to enhance the realism of each asset. Users can then import the refined assets into the Blender platform for final touches and adjustments.

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