October 11, 2022

UPYO to Hold 2nd Art Gallery on October 13

UPYO Event

UPYO, the largest NFT marketplace in the Middle East, announced that it would hold its second expo (UPYO Art Gallery) on October 13 on the metaverse.

This expo will be different from its previous one as there will be more places for showcasing the NFTs as a part of UPYO’s keenness to give the opportunity for the Arab artists to take part in the expo with their artworks in the virtual world.

The expo will include 55 booths to display the artworks of celebrities and innovators, 28 areas of which had been reserved, while 27 others are remaining.

The division of this gallery will be different from the first one. A room will be allocated for displaying 15 booths to display rare and distinguished Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains that will include Arab names of ENS domains.

The remaining rooms will be for showcasing the most famous NFTs of artists from the Middle East, as 40 booths are available for displaying NFTs.

UPYO responded to Arab artists’ demands to double the number of booths for the NFTs as a part of its encouragement of more artists to take part in the gallery.

In this gallery, UPYO focuses on offering a bigger space as possible for showing NFTs of Arab artists.

It is worth mentioning that UPYO held its first art gallery on September 26. The gallery achieved great success as almost 80% of the displayed NFTs of artists and celebrities were sold in addition to rare ENS.

Over 650 visitors from different Arab countries attended the event as well as experts and specialists, who helped several participants.

Also, more than 10,000 visitors visited UPYO’s website to explore more about NFTs and the website’s enriching content.

What are you waiting for? Link your account via UPYO’s website and send your artwork to our team to authenticate your account as soon as possible to be one of the gallery’s participants.

Therefore, if you missed the chance to attend the first gallery, you have the chance to take part in the second gallery with your NFTs in the biggest NFT expo in the metaverse.

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