September 28, 2022

Walmart Enters Metaverse With Two Captivating Experiences

walmart land

Walmart, the giant retailer in the United States, decided to enter the metaverse world by launching two captivating experiences, Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play. 

The two experiences, which premiered on the online gaming platform Roblox, which is popular with young kids, are set to offer distinguished interactive content and entertainment for the customers. 

The Walmart Land will feature a virtual store of merchandise, or “verch”, for the customers’ avatars, a virtual dressing room (House of Style), and a bunch of unlockable tokens and badges which could be earned in different competitions and games in addition to a music festival called “Electric Fest” with hot artists, like Madison Beer, Kane Brown and YUNGBLUD.

While the Walmart’s Universe of Play will let the users go through products and characters of five new and immersive games; Jurassic World, L.O.L. Surprise!, Magic Mixies, Paw Patrol, and Razor Scooters.

Also, through the Universe of Play, users could collect virtual toys and earn coins redeemable for their avatar verch. 

In this regard, Walmart’s Marketing Chief William White pointed out that his corporation looks to Roblox as a testing ground with consideration of other moves in the metaverse world in the future. 

White described Roblox as one of the largest and fastest growing platforms in the metaverse, saying Walmart targets the next generation of shoppers, who are 25 years old and younger (Generation Z) by creating exciting and innovative experiences. 

According to him, Walmart has no intention to make profits from these two captivating experiences till now as users can earn tokens and rewards to purchase virtual goods, however, he referred to the possibility of making money in the future by imposing fees on a brand to be included in the metaverse or turning people’s virtual experiences into online shopping or visits to the real-world stores. 

Roblox has gained much popularity, particularly with Generation Z. According to the company’s website, 52.2 million daily active users are on the platform with 11.3 billion engagement hours. 

With one click, users can freely access the Walmart Land experience on and Walmart’s Universe of Play on any device, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon devices, Xbox consoles, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

A metaverse is a network of three-dimensional virtual environments focusing on social interaction. It may be characterized as a digitally simulated world. It utilizes blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality (VR), combined with social media principles, to develop venues for extensive user communication that imitate the real world.

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