September 10, 2023

Warner Music Inks Deal with 1st AI Virtual Popstar Noonoouri



A record deal has been signed by Warner Music with Noonoouri, the first virtual pop singer and Instagram influencer powered by AI, making history. 

Noonoouri is unique because she is a digital entity that exists solely on the internet, free from human limitations such as aging, fatigue, and sleep. On September 1, Noonoouri debuted in the music industry with a track called “Dominoes,” which has already gained over 60,000 views on YouTube. This debut single is a collaboration with Alle Farben, a 38-year-old German DJ, marking the beginning of her artistic journey.

In an Instagram post, she said: “Music plays a big role in my life since the beginnings. It sets me into the mood and nourishes my visions and ideas to bring them to life as a driving force inside of me. Warner Music is the home of a lot of my fave music artists. I cannot be more thankful and honored to join such a wonderful family, where music tunes are the beat of life.”

Noonoouri’s AI-generated singing voice sets her apart as an artist. Despite having a slightly raspy quality due to AI manipulation, it showcases the impressive advancements in artificial intelligence technology. Her voice was created using generative AI, which transforms existing data into something completely unique.

To create this digital influencer’s distinct vocal identity, the process began with a recording of a human singer, which was then modified. It’s important to note that the songwriters, singers, and musicians who contributed to “Dominoes” will receive royalties and publishing splits, just like in traditional music production.

A Munich-based graphic designer named Joerg Zuber brought Noonoouri to life when he was 43. Noonoouri started her career at 19 and has gained a massive following on Instagram with over 200,000 followers. She has collaborated with numerous top brands, such as Marc Jacobs, Dior, and Versace, since her public introduction in 2017. Additionally, Noonoouri has been featured in Kim Kardashian’s makeup line advertisements and has established connections with supermodels like Naomi Campbell. In addition to her fashion presence, Noonoouri advocates for veganism and sustainable fashion and opposes the use of fur in the fashion industry.

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