October 24, 2023

Web3 Gaming Platform Forge Raises $11 Million

Web3 Gaming Platform Forge Raises $11 Million Featured Image


Forge, a web3 gaming platform, has recently raised $11 million in seed funding to revolutionize the gaming industry.

The investment will enable gamers to unify their achievements, experiences, and profiles across various gaming platforms and receive recognition and rewards for their contributions and engagement.

Forge offers a unique rewards system that benefits its community members, including in-game content and tangible rewards such as gaming PCs. By partnering with renowned names like Genopets and The Sandbox, Forge aims to promote community-centered growth by encouraging game developers and players to collaborate and create highly immersive experiences.

The seed funding round of $11 million was led by Makers Fund, BITKRAFT Ventures, and Animoca Brands, among other significant backers. This investment is a testament to the growing interest and support for web3 platforms and the expanding gaming universe.

Forge has a solid foundation in the gaming industry, led by renowned pioneers such as Dennis “Thresh” Fong, Kun Gao, and George Ng. The platform was originally part of GGWP, an AI-empowered game moderation platform, and has now evolved to empower gamers by offering tangible rewards for their community participation.

Forge’s key feature is its ability to centralize gamers’ achievements and experiences into one cohesive profile. With partnerships established with numerous games, the platform aims to reward gamers for their passion, engagement, and community involvement.

Upon its launch, Forge will allow gamers to connect their gaming and social accounts, resulting in a unified Forge profile reflecting their gaming journey. Players can then participate in seasonal quests to level up their Season Pass, unlocking rewards, including in-game cosmetics, virtual currency, and early beta access. Forge also provides weekly bonus rewards, ranging from Amazon gift cards to high-end gaming PCs.

For its launch week, Forge has partnered with games such as Genopets, Mojo Melee, and The Sandbox. During its beta phase, Forge plans to incorporate new games weekly. Developers interested in joining the Forge platform can sign up at https://forge.gg/developer. Meanwhile, gaming enthusiasts can register at forge.gg to explore the Forge universe. Early adopters will receive a limited edition founders badge with exclusive features.

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