December 20, 2023

Web3 Platform Intract Raises $3 Mln In Funding Round



Intract, a profitable web3 platform that helps users learn and earn, has recently announced a $3 million funding round.

The round was led by Alpha Wave Global, BITKRAFT Ventures, and Gumi Cryptos, with participation from Polygon Ventures, Tokentus, MoonPay, Web3 Studios, and others. The funding will be used to double the team size and scale the platform to reach a billion users. Intract has over 2 million active users who use the platform to explore new projects across various verticals in web3.

Users learn about these projects through’ quests’ campaigns and are incentivized to complete certain tasks for rewards. Intract solves the biggest pain point of user acquisition and community engagement for web3 projects. With Intract quests, projects can now grow new users and build loyalty.

For example, Linea, a layer-2 blockchain, recently launched its quest on Intract, attracting millions of users on Linea. Intract has partnered with over 1,000 companies, including Binance, Polygon, and MetaMask, and has facilitated over $1 billion in volume. In 2024, Intract plans to launch its academy, a curated learning experience designed for web2 users exploring web3, and the Intract Internal Economy, where users can engage with peers through a network that will decentralize in the future.

“Intract’s vision is to scale web3 to the next billion users. We’re living in a time where technologies like blockchain and AI are evolving faster than we can keep up, and Intract presents a novel solution for everyone to not just learn but also earn from the ever-changing tech landscape,” says Sam Jain, the co-founder & CEO at Intract.

“Intract is strategically positioned to become a key growth partner to Web3 dApps. We’ve been proud to see a hungry team shipping at breakneck speed looking for the perfect formula to onboard users into crypto, and are excited to see their strong recent progress and product market fit,” commented Carlos Pereira of BITKRAFT Ventures.

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