January 17, 2023

WEF Reveals Purpose-driven Metaverse to Address Global Issues



The World Economic Forum (WEF), in collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft, announced the launch of a purpose-driven metaverse, where organizations and companies around the world can convene to address and create solutions for the world’s top challenges.

Called the Global Collaboration Village, WEF said in a press release on Tuesday that 80 pioneering organizations would help in developing the village to create the first-ever interactive and multilateral session in the metaverse to give the opportunity for all participants worldwide to take part in the annual meetings this year.

Regarding the village, it consists of a town hall, which includes WEF’s Virtual Congress Centre with the purpose of holding plenaries and workshops, a collaborative center, which is a virtual space for captivating storytelling and the Forum’s thought leadership on different issues. The village also includes stakeholder campuses, where WEF’s partners can meet with their stakeholders and others to find solutions for global issues.

In this regard, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab said the Global Collaboration Village will use the state-of-art capabilities of the metaverse to address and find solutions for the big issues in an open, inclusive and sustained way.

Schwab pointed out that the village, which is backed by the public and private sectors, is the first public purpose-oriented application of the metaverse technology as it builds a global village but in the virtual space.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Accenture Julie Sweet noted that the metaverse changes every aspect of every business and bridges between the physical and digital worlds, adding it also changes the way of global collaboration.

For his part, Vice-Chair and President of Microsoft Corporation said: “The Global Collaboration Village, powered by Microsoft Mesh, is a prime example of how we can use metaverse technology to bring people and communities together in new ways.”

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