Blue Chip NFTs: What are they?

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Conventionally speaking, “blue chip” refers to those companies or assets that are regarded as safe and good options for investing in the stock market. Since the rapid growth of the non-fungible token market in 2021, a few projects, such as Cryptopunks, MAYC, BAYC, etc., have surged in value exponentially. Thus, market observers have begun to refer to these ventures as “blue chip” non-fungible tokens. This is because they hope that the high returns of these ventures will last for the long term.

Non-fungible token market investors are keen to analyze and identify the industry’s next blue-chip ventures. However, because of the fledgling nature of the non-fungible token sector, only a handful of ventures can yet be viewed as a “blue chip.” With so many new projects being launched consecutively within a short period, the market is highly volatile and unpredictable.

What is a blue-chip non-fungible token?

A blue-chip NFT is a non-fungible token that is a stable token that is well-known, firmly established token and also viewed as a perfect choice long-term investment. Blue-chip non-fungible tokens are also assumed to be a safer investment than others, with a track record of consistent development (growth) and value creation.

The word “blue chip NFT” arrives from physical finance. In the real world, a blue-chip bet, stock, bond, or other asset is one in which you can invest for the long term because you will receive consistent returns on your investment for several years.

Blue Chips

Similarly, blue-chip NFT refers to a crypto token you can invest in confidently. The lure or value of the non-fungible token is unlikely to disappear anytime in the near future among crypto audiences. Instead, it will only get better with time as they have the potential to provide long-term returns on investment.

It is speculated that investment in these types of ventures will lead to good returns if the investor sells them in the future.

For instance, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are regarded as blue chips in the crypto world. Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency, and despite its unpredictable price, it has managed to retain an increasingly high worth over the last 12 years. Despite network congestion, the value of Ethereum has increased dramatically. It is expected to remain popular as the primary platform for NFTs for many years to come.

What makes a blue-chip NFT – Evaluation factors

The Art:

Art is the most important thing for a blue-chip non-fungible token venture. The non-fungible token ecosystem rewards artwork aesthetically in the same way that the conventional market does. The art style employed by a project can have a major impact on the project’s success.

For example, CryptoPunks first popularized the pixel art style. Today, many projects such as Cyberkongz and Cryptoadz have replicated the art style, making pixel art projects prevalent in the field.


While art is subjective, creators and artists who use unique styles to create their collections are more revered than the rest. One of the reasons behind Beeple’s extraordinary NFT success is its originality and the fact that these works of digital art took years to make.

Investors always pay attention to the quality, aesthetics, and process behind making an NFT. Therefore, there are very few blue-chip projects In the market.

The Artist & The Brand:

“Bet on the artist” is a trending phrase in the NFT space nowadays. The creators/artists of the NFT collection are the project’s face and flag bearers. Their reputation and credibility have a significant impact on the project’s success.

Gary Vaynerchuk and his VeeFriends NFT venture is one such example. Vaynerchuk initially gained prominence as the “wine guy.” He founded his own media company, VaynerMedia, employing over 1,000 people.

VeeFriends  blue chips

A blue-chip NFT brand is well-known and appreciated among the general public. They are noted for evolving and adapting to new trends, particularly those that are culturally relevant at the time. Some non-fungible token ventures, such as CryptoPunks, have achieved blue-chip status merely by being among the first to enter the sector.

Moreover, brands that frequently give back to social causes and the community enjoy goodwill among their followers. This is one of the reasons why investments in these tokens are regarded as good long-term investments.

The Developers & The Utility:

The development team associated with the collection is just as significant (if not more so) than the artist. That’s because the developers are in charge of writing the code for the smart contract that generates the non-fungible token and its utility features.

However, the expertise and track record of a development team is critical when determining the value of their work.

Furthermore, NFT use cases have evolved beyond the simple digital content found on the blockchain network. Many initiatives have added utility features to create a frenzy and ensure the project’s long-term viability. Special airdrops, access to the latest non-fungible token releases, exclusive apparel, invites to real-life events, and other benefits are among the use cases projects provide holders.

The Floor Price & The Sales Volume:

The floor price of a collection is another great indicator of whether it is a blue-chip or not. The higher the floor price of a non-fungible token, the more valuable it is. Good sales volume also leads to a higher floor price because it implies that the project has natural growth in the market.

For example, BAYC or CryptoPunks are blue chips due to their impressive sales volume and great floor price.

Celebrity Endorsements:

Early celebrity endorsements can either make or ruin a project. Non-fungible tokens promoted by famous figures such as Snoop Dogg, Steph Curry, Reese Witherspoon, and Jimmy Fallon have done incredibly well. Their involvement can help a venture become a blue-chip venture. Find out more about celebrity NFT owners.

NFT blue chips

The Community:

Community is another good predictor of a venture’s potential to gain blue-chip status. The larger and more active an NFT community, the brighter the project’s future. A community can also provide great service, as some projects like BAYC, offer exclusive entry and other perks to its non-fungible token holders. NFT communities also act as a portal where people with shared interests meet.

How do I know if I have blue-chip NFTs?

Keeping the attributes mentioned above in mind, you have to do extensive research to identify blue chip NFTs. A potential blue-chip NFT project will have a healthy community following. The projects with the highest level of participation are usually the most successful. Owning an NFT is far more than just possessing a work of art; it entails being part of an online social sphere that shares a positive culture and interests.

Moreover, buying digital assets from famous artists like Beeple, Pak, Tyler Hobbs, Dmitri Cherniak, etc., can guarantee a high return on investment. These popular artists are highly sought after and garner immense influence in the NFT space. Therefore, you can expect their work of art to be valuable in the future.

beeple blue chips

Top 5 blue chip NFT ventures

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC):

This is a collection of ten thousand-pixel avatars launched by Yuga Labs in 2021. The series basically features an ape with a bored expression. Each of these tokens are generated randomly with distinct qualities and accessories peppered with different colors and themes.

So, one can say each ape in this collection is distinct and possess great value in the market. The success of this series can be majorly attributed to the celeb endorsements and also the perks given to their members. Stephen Curry, Tyrese Halliburton, LaMelo Ball, and others of the famous owners of BAYC NFT.

Furthermore, by acquiring a Bored Ape non-fungible token, owners can access other non-fungible token collections launched by Yuga Labs. The collection has a high resale value, enabling the owners to earn substantial profits. And lastly, BAYC holders enjoy perks such as VIP access to “The Bathroom Wall” (a digital graffiti wall), airdrops, and free NFT giveaways.

Bored Ape Yacht Club


CryptoPunks are among the most expensive NFT projects available today. The collection is a set of 10,000 NFTs that consist of 24×24 pixel art images of predominantly punky-looking figures with unique traits. The project also has other figures, such as apes, zombies, and aliens.

Since its inception, the CryptoPunks platform has seen almost $2 billion in transaction volume. The high worth of CryptoPunk could also be attributed to the fact that it is one of the oldest NFTs, making it an OG with socio-cultural significance.

The CryptoPunks metadata, which includes the NFT’s name, description, attributes, and link to the stored image, is on the Ethereum blockchain. This metadata shows the collection’s incredible longevity, thereby adding to its appeal. CryptoPunks have simply become a social status symbol because very few people own them or can afford to buy them.

CryptoPunks blue chips

World of Women:

World of Women is a community dedicated to promoting representation, diversity, and equitable opportunities for all in the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Yam Karkai, the project’s leader, developed the NFT World of Women’s first-ever collection all by herself. It was initially released on July 27, 2021. The WOW platform has grown to a 9-member staff since its inception.

The WoW collection is a compilation of 10,000 photos of varying rarity that are generated at random. These 10,000 NFTs, which reside on the Ethereum blockchain as RC-721 tokens, may only be purchased with Ether.

WoW has risen to the top of the NFT list, commanding a 9 ETH (about $25,000 – $30,000) floor price on secondary marketplaces. The project has benefited from the promotion of actress Reese Witherspoon, whose media business Hello Sunshine joined with the World of Warcraft initiative in February 2022.

World Of Women blue chips


Azuki non-fungible tokens first appeared in the metaverse at the beginning of 2022, when a group of four individuals in Los Angeles released 8,700 Azuki non-fungible tokens for sale. The anime-style characters were dubbed Azuki’s and were initially priced at $3,400. In a probably unique and possibly historic event, all 8,700 NFTs were out in less than four minutes. The sale was one of the most instantaneous $29 million deals in the history of mom-fungible token launches.

The most expensive tokens in this collection were fetching roughly a half-million dollars just a month after its launch. The current floor price for an Azuki NFT stands at 9.3 ETH ($23,904).

The Azuki NFT has already outsold some of the older, more popular tokens, such as the BAYC and CryptoPunks. Some investors think the Azuki collection is prominent due to its high quality. Others, however, presume that the complex filters provided in the gallery on Azuki’s website to categorize NFTs by criteria such as facial expressions, hat type, and so on make them a valuable investment.

Azuki blue chips


Doodles NFT Project has amassed some remarkable feats since its launch. Many NFT Influencers refer to it as a formidable blue-chip project in the NFT space. The collection, which consists of 10,000 generative NFTs, was sold out in the first hour of its release.

The Doodle project has already generated a total lifetime volume of 12,200 ETH, or nearly $50 million. Furthermore, the floor price has risen to 1.889 ETH, compared to the initial mint price of 0.123 ETH. This implies a 15x increase in a short time, which is remarkable given the market’s recent downturn. The NFTs are also distributed across 4,000 owners, indicating a fair distribution supported by an exceptional sales volume.

Doodles blue chips


The NFT world is still in its infancy, with only a few projects earning the “blue chip” moniker. More blue-chip NFTs will almost certainly emerge as the NFT market matures, especially with the expansion of the metaverse and new NFT use cases. So, if you are considering investing in a blue-chip NFT, spend some time in the market and conduct your own research. Otherwise, you risk making the wrong investment or falling prey to fraud.

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