Outstanding Female-Led NFT Projects

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The introduction of NFTs in the crypto space led to break stereotypical notions on many fronts, such as eCommerce, fashion, art, and many more. In fact, diversity and inclusivity of underrepresented groups were longstanding discussions in the crypto space. However, in spite of the web3 revolution’s aims, such as decentralization of authority, it appears that the groups at the top remain the same as before.

With such a large gender disparity, how can we achieve worldwide adoption? The answer is by Female-led non-fungible token projects. Women in the NFT realm are now the creators of some awesome projects that are trending at the top.

There are numerous instances where young women and teenage girls are launching mindblowing initiatives and earning millions. Take, for example, a teenage girl who developed a non-fungible token collection that collected more than $4 million and another famous initiative that generated an impressive $40+ million within two initial weeks of 2022.

However, profit isn’t the sole motivator for these female-led nft projects. Numerous female non-fungible token creators employ their tokens to produce inclusive and diverse web3, crypto, NFT, and blockchain worlds.

In crypto, there is a noticeable gender disparity among the number of males and females. In fact, men account for 77% of non-fungible token sales, whereas women just account for a meager 5%.

However, the non-fungible token space is witnessing rapid growth, assisted by diversification. Female creators and turning the tide and launching new projects that are bringing in new utilities and ultimately making new and good changes in the NFT path.

The top 15 female-led projects

World of Women (WoW):

The project was introduced to the world in July 2021. Yam Karkai is the mastermind behind this project. Around ten thousand non-fungible tokens were sold on its launch. The collection’s valuation has risen dramatically from its initial 0.07 ETH to 9.485 ETH.

The popularity of this initiative is backed by Reese Witherspoon, an actress, and Gary Vee, a crypto influencer. This project’s aim is to establish a community that gives rise to inclusivity, opportunities, and representation. WoW has released a statement that it has hired Guy Oseary, who was a manager at BAYC.

women nft projects

Remarkable Women:

This project is the newest venture on the list by Rachel Winter on February 2022. The goal of this project is to empower and inspire women. The non-fungible tokens are sold as a salutation to womenfolk. It incorporates inspiration, affirmation, and hope in 10 languages.

The initiative has its heart in humanitarianism, where 10% of the drop returns go to the Fund for Women’s Equality, and 10% of all resale proceeds go to the Remarkable Women’s Impact Fund. The community members vote and determine how the fund must be utilized for women’s equality, justice, and inclusion causes.

female nft projects

Boss Beauties:

This venture is affiliated with My Social Canvas, a humanitarian foundation that provides women with scholarships and internships. In addition to this foundation, the venture also partners with UN Women, Barbie, and others to bring a wave of women empowerment to the general public. On the NFT front, this venture had its collection sold out within an hour of its launch, and it itself highlighted on New York Stock Exchange

Boss Beauties

Women of Crypto:

This venture was debuted on February 2022 by Amy Matsushima. It is a set of 8,888 3-dimensionally rendered non-fungible tokens. The token has 111 distinctive attributes, physical qualities, backdrop, and accessories.

According to the official website, the non-fungible tokens are distinct and diverse and honor the different characteristics that every woman on the planet embodies. The project’s goal is to close the gender disparity that exists in society. At the same time, 50% of profits are donated to CryptoChicks and one more philanthropy partner.

Women of Crypto

Rebel Society:

This venture debuted on October 2021 and was designed by Elric and Frida, who are husband and wife in real life. The venture is a set of 7,000 non-fungible tokens representing women who have endured bias, prosecution, and exploitation. Rebel Society’s goal is to encourage women from all areas of life.

The initiative utilizes a part of its return to encourage female virtual creators who are new to the non-fungible token realm. Usually, the creators are selected by voting.

Rebel Society NFT

Flower Girls:

Designed by Varvara Alay, a graphic illustrator, this project debuted on December 2021. This project is distinct from other ventures and is known for its high art-style illustration and the huge possibilities of its various trait combinations. It has ten thousand non-fungible tokens that are created algorithmically and 950+ hand-made pieces.

The collection consists of tokens which is an ode to femininity and beauty with butterfly friends, flowers, birds, and so on, highlighting those aspects. 20% of the proceeds of the collection are given to some of the chosen children-related philanthropic causes, and the rest 5% are employed to gather children’s non-fungible token artwork.

Flower Girls

Fame Lady Squad:

Fame Lady Squad, a set of 8,888 non-fungible tokens, was released in July 2021. The venture calls itself the first women-based and women-led NFT initiative. But, it was subsequently revealed that the founders were not women. However, since its relaunch, this venture is now the foremost venture led by the community and also a project foremost in generative female avatars.

Furthermore, the rerelease made the initial developers hand over the undertaking’s holdings and the smart contract to important members of the community.

Fame Lady Squad NFT

Women Tribe:

Debuted by Portuguese music and artwork creator Izzy, this venture is an extraordinary collection of ten thousand non-fungible tokens, of which ten are distinct music 1/1 pieces. A cardiac problem in 2019 prompted Izzy to quit her job, after which she learned about non-fungible tokens. The series he created was built programmatically from over 900 hand-drawn attributes.

Each painting depicts a vibrant feminine persona. The initiative gives away 5% of its proceeds to the EmpowHER program. Also, the initiative is keen to launch a scholarship program and award a fortunate recipient 5 ETH.

Women Tribe

Women Rise:

The initiative debuted by Maliha Abidi is an assemblage of ten thousand non-fungible. The set commends those women who did a remarkable job in the crypto sector. The founder uses her art and writing for social justice. Additionally, the venture’s collection comprises 453+ hand-illustrated attributes that depict numerous women in various fields such as tech, art, science, and more across the globe.

The venture’s ultimate objective is to create the foremost school in the metaverse and provide education to all children who do have access to schools across the globe. Moreover, the initiative emphasizes lobbying for the rights of women and education for girls through NFT and Web 3.

Women Rise

Wow Pixies:

This initiative is a decentralized autonomous organization that markets non-fungible tokens that are pixelates created exclusively by women designers. The community chooses which tokens to obtain per the votes each Pixie non-fungible token gets. Each Pixie token counts as one vote in the community’s decision on which NFTs to purchase.

When all non-fungible tokens are sold, the venture intends to offer 5 ETH to MMIW Canada and 5 ETH to MMIW USA. This is because MMIW assists relatives of murder victims in resolving their sorrow and also locating missing women.

Wow Pixies

Alpha Girl Club:

This project is a unique non-fungible token collection that features hand-drawn artwork that illustrates various themes and subjects depicting great attributes with attractive colors. Each Alpha entitles the owner to the project’s highest subscribership. The initiative is already making significant progress and has a devoted fan base and group. They are developing an online streetwear store and possess some Alpha pieces of equipment.

Alpha Girl Club:

Women and Weapons NFT:

Sara Baumann, a.k.a. “Sparky,” created the NFT collection Women and Weapons. She is a multimedia designer of Iranian descent from Texas. The artist was a physiotherapist pursuing her Master’s degree who chose to monetize her artwork. She revealed in an interview that she started working on a series of paintings as a stress buster while pursuing her degree. That was when her husband persuaded her to mint them as non-fungible tokens.

Once Gary Vee purchased three of her non-fungible tokens, the rest were gone in less than a minute. She expanded the series after that day, and today 5% of all basic and secondary profits are sent to the Malala Fund Charity to help women and girls get an education.


This project is a collection of ten thousand lovely cupcakes that are generated automatically and stored on the blockchain. Cryptostacys produced Hunnys, which debuted in September 2021. On June 15th, she also debuted the OG Hunnys series, which are unique hand-illustrated 1/1 avatar series. This is touted to be one among the early non-fungible token avatar series runs that women champion.


Sad Girls Bar:

This project is a notable non-fungible token venture in the crypto space by Glam Beckett. The series is edgy and dark, yet with a soft take. Although the project may appear delicate and weak, they are actually quite strong and confident. Furthermore, also have a revolutionary flair and stance. One can observe the gothic and punk shades in this series. The Sad Cats and Skelentongue are two ventures from this original idea.

Sad Girls Bar

Cypher Chk:

This unnamed non-fungible token artist, storyteller, and writer are building a reputation in the non-fungible token community. The artist’s creative works are often based on women’s stories. In order to spark significant talks about blockchain technology, the illustrator urges and enables viewers and visitors to develop their own perceptions of her art.

The artist aspires to form a group of progressive activists, which the world urgently requires. Two projects, ENCRYPTAS and BABES, let users connect with other users who have common tastes.

Cypher Chk’s work as a female project leader in the NFT sector is establishing forums and chances for deeper talks about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and equality.

Cypher Chk

Final Words

Although there are no visible entrance hurdles in the decentralized NFT industry, the majority of artists selling the headlines are mostly male. It highlights the apparent weaknesses of the NFT market in terms of being truly female-centric.

However, the future looks promising, as you can see from the number of projects that are getting launched. These women-led NFT undertakings are trending in the NFT space. The #womeninnfts hashtag should assist you in locating more female initiatives and creators and gaining more visibility.

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