Top 10 Female NFT artists

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As the crypto art market grows, it is becoming more and more male-dominated. While the overwhelming majority of artists embracing this market are male, more and more women are beginning to band together to help each other get a foot in the door of virtual galleries where they can access the highest-paying collectors.

Below is a list of ten female creatives—designers, illustrators, animators, and digital photographers—who are active in the NFT community. They all seek to gain better exposure and do so through collaborations, mutual recommendations, and sharing their artworks online.

Female NFT artists

Blake Kathryn:

Blake has been the talk of the town recently for her collaboration with Paris Hilton on an art piece called Iconic Crypto Queen. The artwork was sold at auction by the Nifty Gateway gallery for $1,111,211. Blake’s name, however, was already known in the world of 3D animation before Paris chose her to create her first collection. Her sexy and fantastical exploration of dreamlike landscapes had already been popular on social media. Blake also has a Twitch account, in which she talks about art while showing her creative processes.

Blake Kathryn

Paloma Rincón:

Paloma is a Latin American artist who uses her art to connect with the country where she was born and grew up in. Her images frequently depict motifs related to summers in Acapulco, Mexican cuisine, and flowers native to the country. Paloma’s images, which she sells on the Foundation online gallery, are fixed and static. Her latest artwork, inspired by her childhood vacations, has a value of $3,922.

Paloma Rincón


This Japanese digital illustrator is inspired by technology, architecture, vintage aesthetics, and interior design to create an attractive imaginary world set in realistic scale and perspective. Her distinctive features are a palette of pop colors and highly detailed outlines.

Jenisu NFT

Anna Zhilyaeva:

Anna’s work is a source of amazement even within the animation world. As a virtual reality artist, her pieces are created for and can only be appreciated through VR devices. She is a pioneer in mixed reality art and has performed live all over the world, including in the Louvre, and in Paris. During a three-hour performance at the museum, she interacted digitally with the famous Liberty Leading the People painting. The video of her performance is being auctioned on the SupeRare platform and offers to gravitate toward the $30,000 price tag.

Anna Zhilyaeva Art

Gala Mirissa:

Gala Mirissa is a digital artist based in Barcelona and Tarragona. She combines photography and graphic art with animation to create a universal language. She was a finalist in the 2018 Visual Artists Awards in Miami for the Technical Innovation category. She was also shortlisted for the category Women in Multimedia Art at the Women Cinemakers International Biennial.

Gala Mirissa Art


Alicia Rainaud is a French graphic designer and digital artist who, in her abstract work, explores the mental processes that she experiences through Jungian therapy, meditation, and visual experimentation. The artist considers art as a medium to elevate mental intelligence and corporal sensitivity. She also specializes in branding, programming, and UX design.

Maalavidaa Art

Diana Coatu:

Diana is a digital artist based in Sibiu, Romania. After working as a pediatrician for 26 years, she discovered her artistic side and found her true expression in digital art. She explains that her artworks aim to reveal the “holofractographic” nature of the universe, and they are journeys to different dimensions, archetypes, and quantic dimensions.

Diana Coatu Art

Krista Kim:

Krista Kim is the founder of the Techism movement, which explores the convergence of art with technology, and technological innovation as a medium to promote the development of digital humanism. She believes that artists must be at the forefront of technological innovation. Recently, Krista sold the first “digital home” in the NFT world for $500,000. She created the house with the game engine software Unreal Engine by Epic Games, which allows for interactive tours of the property.


Baeige is a self-taught artist from Vancouver whose work reflects her appreciation for dreamlike state architecture and landscapes. She shares artwork inspired by her personal emotions. Her more recent piece, Ocean Growth, which sold for $28,000, was created on the day she decided to quit her conventional job to dedicate herself to fulfilling her dreams in multimedia art.

Baeige Art


Smecchea is a Canadian motion designer whose work examines abstract ideas, spirituality, and personal discovery. She has made a name for herself on TikTok. She streams her art and game-creating processes on the platform and offers technical tips to other animators.


As NFTs took center stage in 2021, artists around the world began to experiment with cryptocurrency for the first time after discovering that they could leverage the technology to build out their careers. Often touted as a tool for the democratization of both art and finance, NFTs have already empowered thousands of artists working in digital art, music, and other creative disciplines. 

While the NFT community still has some way to go to achieve gender parity, many notable women artists have emerged amid the boom, in many cases making use of the technology to uplift themselves and the women around them.

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