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Do you think NFTs are pricey and out-of-bounds? Well, popular non-fungible tokens are indeed costly, but you can get free NFT if you know some hacks on how to earn them without spending too much money.

The first step in the process is to start being an active member of the online NFT community across multiple channels (Discord, Social Media, NFT marketplaces, etc.). Next, buyers should be aware that although it’s possible to get free NFT tokens, the crypto world is filled with scammers and fraudsters looking to make a quick buck. So, one must be careful about these scammers. 

Now that you understand the risk let us see how to own non-fungible tokens for free.

Are there any free NFTs?

Yes, there are free non-fungible tokens available in the market. Brands use NFT initiatives as a marketing campaign to promote their NFT products and provide a unique digital experience for their customers. For example, companies like DC Comic, Burger King, Estee Lauder, and others have launched NFT campaigns to boost their branding. These companies have given out free NFTs to the public in the form of giveaways or airdrops.

Moreover, NFT projects regularly announce free NFT giveaways and airdrops in order to develop a large following. At the same time, collectors benefit from free NFTs or tokens as they may prove valuable in the future.

The best way of earning free NFTs

Play-to-earn Games

One of the simplest ways to earn free non-fungible tokens is to participate in leading play-to-earn crypto games. These blockchain games were created explicitly to empower NFT trading and aid in the popularization of NFT adoption among customers. Some crypto games may require an upfront deposit before gamers can start earning non-fungible tokens; even so, there are some free NFT games to be considered.

  • Axie Infinity- This is one of the most well-known and commonly used blockchain games. This game is parallel to Pokemon, wherein you battle your Axies (creatures) against the creatures of other gamers. Each Axie has a distinct personality, and gamers can purchase, trade, and breed them on the market. Although this is a popular game, remember that it is not free.
    However, gamers who own two qualified non-fungible tokens can “breed” them to create a third NFT that can be sold for free. Moreover, as long as you play the game, you occasionally get rewarded with free tokens that you can redeem. In addition, the Axie Infinity Scholarship program allows newbies to borrow non-fungible tokens to play the games and earn new non-fungible tokens.
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  • The Sandbox- Sandbox is another popular metaverse game that rewards its users with free NFTs. Sandbox has given away SAND, its native token, as a newly launched game to encourage user participation. The game also organizes events that allow players to earn or win free tokens just for playing from time to time.
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  • Splinterlands- Similar to Gods Unchained, this is a free-to-play trading card game wherein gamers earn money by playing the game. One can earn incentives if one wins card matchups in this game. To get started, you must first purchase a starter pack of cards, create a Steam account, and then unveil the cards you bought on the platform. You may find rare cards within your first purchase if you’re fortunate enough and can use your cards to battle other players or go on quests.
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Here are some more ways to get free non-fungible tokens from P2E games:

  1. Some games allow you to participate in alpha/beta tests in exchange for free NFTs or tokens.
  2. Blockchain games such as Farmers World and Alien Worlds provide free NFT drops to active participants.
  3. At the start of some P2E blockchain games, beginners are given free in-game assets. These starter NFTs can be traded to provide utility to players in order for them to earn native tokens or NFTs.
  4. Many gaming guilds and unlicensed programs offer NFTs to prospective players. In this scenario, the borrowed NFTs do not belong to you, but you can utilize them for free to gather shared earnings from the game without accruing any out-of-pocket expenses.

Free NFT Giveaway

Many NFT ventures usually announce free NFT giveaways on Twitter, Reddit, and Discord services to market their latest collections. It’s a common marketing tactic in the NFT community. These giveaways enable the ventures to instantaneously establish a following of excited NFT collectors, while collectors can receive a free NFT worth a small fortune.

Nonetheless, this method has its own set of difficulties. There is always the possibility that the NFT giveaway is a ruse designed to gain new, unsuspecting followers. Worse, the crypto space is rife with active scammers and hackers. Promising free NFTs is a tactic frequently used by these fraudsters to steal from participants.

Complete discretion is mandatory whenever you consider an NFT transaction online, especially for free NFT giveaways. You must always do extensive research and check the legitimacy of the NFT project before participating in the giveaway.

  1. Twitter Giveaway:

Non-fungible tokens can also be obtained through Twitter projects that frequently announce giveaways. Look for hashtags or terms associated with NFTs to see which projects/accounts surface. Keep in mind that some are genuine, while others are fraudulent and use bogus gifts to generate “interaction.” It’s probably a scam if they promise to give away a Bored Ape or an extremely valuable NFT.
Furthermore, to enter the contest, you must usually follow the project’s Twitter account and may be asked to tag others. This is because some project owners believe that tagging other accounts will cause a chain reaction, pushing their project to go viral and sell out.

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  1. Discord Giveaways:

Similar to Twitter, NFT ventures frequently reward their Discord community with non-fungible token-based gifts. They typically distribute NFTs from other collections or groups to show community support. The main difference between Twitter and Discord giveaways is the amount of time and effort required to find them. 

Keeping track of multiple Discord channels is a monumental task. They all have busy schedules, and it’s easy to miss a community update. If you are serious about implementing this plan, make an effort to be as structured as possible when monitoring your communities. 

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Note: Also, remember that you’d have to be a buyer first to be eligible for a giveaway. 

NFT Airdrop

NFT airdrops are instances in which an NFT is given to a qualifying user or investor, generally a project holder. The mutant veils for BAYC holders were one of the most well-known NFT airdrops.

The airdrop was exclusively for people who purchased one or more Bored Ape NFTs. As a “thank you” gift, the owners received a limited edition of Yuga Lab’s second project, Mutant Ape Yacht Club. This free airdrop to Bored Ape holders is worth approximately $50,000 as of January 2022.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club

This marketing technique allows for rapid project adoption and growth because people are generally delighted to receive free content. Airdrops are especially important in the NFT ecosystem because they give investors something to look forward to when purchasing an NFT.

What you should know about NFT airdrops is that they are not widely available as freebies. However, many emerging and small NFT artists incorporate airdrops into their strategy. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt if you join their community in order to receive free limited-edition NFTs as a reward.

Some airdrops mandate you to have a minimal amount of a specific asset, which can include a specific NFT, or to use a specific service, such as trading on a marketplace, to qualify for an airdrop. Typically there are four types of NFT airdrops:

  1. Standard Airdrop- As the name suggests, this type of airdrop is pretty public. A certain quantity of cryptocurrency is transferred to your wallet in exchange for social media promotion (or) the purchase of NFT. You’re probably aware that it’s an airdrop; in some cases, you can follow their instructions to receive free limited-edition nfts.
  2. Exclusive Airdrop- These airdrops are only available to elite NFT holders or active members of a community. They are frequently done to thank, respect, and reward the project’s most dedicated fan base.
  3. Bounty Airdrop- Similar to the conventional NFT airdrop, this airdrop is also open to anyone. To receive a free token, you must engage in additional promotional activities. You might be asked to sign up for a newsletter, follow them on social media, or join Discord.
  4. Holder Airdrop- A holder airdrop is another form of an exclusive airdrop. You can tell by the name that you need to be an NFT holder to get access to airdrops. Typically, you must own specific tokens, or cryptocurrency amounts to meet the criteria and be eligible for the drop. The BAYC airdrop is a prime example of a holder airdrop.

Free Mints

In order to grow and gain attention, some projects provide free mints. Except for the gas fees required to mint the piece on the blockchain, there is no upfront cost to giving out free mints. Keep in mind that specific blockchains may be more expensive than others. Because of rising gas prices, free mints on Ethereum may cost more than $100. Therefore, it’s not entirely free but still more cost-effective than buying an NFT directly.

Leveraging social media following to sponsor projects

New NFT creators are always searching for more traction to raise their NFT’s floor price. If you have a strong following on social networks such as Twitter, Discord, YouTube, or Instagram, you can assist these small creators in promoting their accounts in exchange for free NFTs.

Although having a large following is optional, such sponsorship efforts can be rather time-consuming as such collaborations require research and negotiations. You must identify projects with promises and then contact their accounts to offer sponsored articles. If both the relevant parties agree to the terms, you can initiate a working relationship where you sponsor their project in exchange for free NFTs.

Create Your Own NFT

Lastly, you can create your own NFT for free. Thanks to lazy minting features on multiple marketplaces, you can avoid incurring any minting fees to generate your NFTs. You can even sell your digital art to earn digital currency, which you can use to buy NFTs you like.


Non-fungible tokens are taking the world by storm, yet their expensive pricing keeps them out of reach for many. Many cryptocurrency users are investigating cheaper NFT alternatives, particularly the possibility of obtaining free NFTs and how to do so. The six methods discussed here can help you build your NFT collection while saving money. Hopefully, you’re now equipped with the information on gaining NFTs for free.

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