Best Websites to Hire NFT Artists

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NFT was introduced to the world a few years ago, but it got its recognition recently, which opened a new door for artists, investors, business owners, and the general public. While artists and other NFT creators can easily create their tokens, what about someone who has no idea about designing?

Assume you want to create a non-fungible token but do not possess any professional knowledge. So, what will you do? The answer is simple – you hire NFT artists! Hiring a non-fungible token artist is straightforward through freelance platforms.

This article will help you to hire a successful freelancer for your requirements.

Hire NFT Artists

How do I hire an artist to create an NFT?

You can hire a non-fungible token artist and developer easily with the help of verified freelance websites. Just remember the below factors when selecting a freelancer:

  • Portfolio: This is one of the most crucial factors to consider before hiring an artist. A portfolio gives an idea of what kinds of projects or works the artist did before so that you can evaluate whether they fit your bill. Usually, the artists upload their portfolios on freelance sites, so you can go through them before shortlisting the artists.
  • Filters: This is one of the features that help you narrow down the freelancers for you. You can apply price, delivery time, and many other filters.
  • Intellectual property (IP) rights: Trading non-fungible tokens do have some legal complications. So, hire an artist who grants you full ownership and be clear with your terms and conditions.

Apart from freelance websites, you can also use social media platforms like Twitter, Meta, etc., to hire freelancers.

Here are some significant benefits of hiring an NFT designer for you or your business:

  • Saves time
  • You can get more done faster
  • Stand out from the rest

How much does it cost to hire an NFT artist?

NFT artists may charge anywhere between $100 and $350 for one base NFT + accessories. Furthermore, scaling to 5,000 or 10,000 non-fungible tokens can cost between $2,000 and $4,000. However, these costs are speculative and the actual cost depends on your requirements.

Firstly, recognize the type of specialist you want to hire as each artist has their own area of expertise that demand specific charges:

  • NFT Animators: Major in film art, motion art, and anime art.
  • NFT Illustrators: Major in artwork (digital, conceptual, and fantasy).
  • NFT Graphic Designers: Major in commercial design, typography, and logos.
  • NFT Musicians: Major in music and audio sectors related to singing.
  • NFT Painters: Major in watercolors, paint, and murals.

Remember that you may require multiple artists (depending on your task requirements).

7 Best Websites to Hire NFT Artists


24Task is an excellent platform when it comes to hiring freelancers. The platform offers various options, from primary content writing to complex web development. NFT artists are the new addition to their numerous other categories.


Hiring from 24Task is pretty straightforward. The filter option lets you choose the type of freelancer and budget. Based on the information you provide, the platform will give you a list of top-rated freelancers that matches your requirements. You can easily find a suitable top-notch NFT artist across the globe. Know the best Female NFT artists.


This is a leading freelance platform with thousands of freelance artists and designers. There are numerous freelancers on this site who work as NFT creators with varying service charges. Additionally, one can also find hundreds of NFT-related gigs on their site.

You can search the site using filters like the art style, budget, ratings, and so on to shortlist the artists. Setting filters can save you significant time and help with the best possible matches for your venture. You can select one of the freelancers from the search results and give your task to the. Once the task is completed you can receive the work from them after you can pay the charges.


After the payment is completed, you’ll have complete ownership of your commissioned design on Fiverr. Since every freelancer on this platform works under the same legal contract, you don’t have to fret over the legal contract terminologies.

Note: It must be noted that you may not get complete commercial rights over the work of some artists or designers. Thus, if you want full commercial rights over the work, try searching for the artist who provides the rights which may take some time.


Toptal is another top-notch freelance marketplace founded in the United States in 2010. The site has a large number of graphic designers and other talented freelancers. As NFT grows, a few artists have begun their journey in this field. Although there aren’t a lot of NFT artists, the site guarantees that you get intellectual property after you pay for the work. In other words, you’ll be granted commercial rights.


The site’s primary objective is to assist freelancers and clients in developing long-term relationships. Furthermore, the site requires a deposit of $500 which will be refunded later. While this is not seen as a major problem in case you want a series of non-fungible tokens to be created. However, if you want just one design with a limited budget, the deposit can be seen as a hurdle.


Formerly known as “Elance-oDesk,” this platform is another popular freelance platform for finding any type of freelancer worldwide. The website was ranked as one of the most influential companies in 2022. With a vast talent pool in numerous categories, you can find talented artists available for NFT creation there.

You can search for freelancers on this platform using the filters and have a look at a freelancer’s profile from the search results. Additionally, you can make a note of the hourly rates for freelancers, job success rates, and delivery times.


Furthermore, the site offers catalogs which can also help you hire artists on this platform. These catalogs are like a side hustle. For instance, if you want to search for and hire a freelancer who fits your budget, you can easily make a buyer request or schedule an interview. This helps suitable freelancers reach out to you.

The freelancers will send a proposal based on your request so that you can interview and hire an NFT artist for your venture. This step can save you a lot of time that is spent searching.

However, the issue with this platform is its user interface which is cumbersome and outdated. The interface can pose a problem if you want to search artists based on certain art styles. On the other hand, there are other features that help you post your requirements and invite freelancers to have a look at your venture. This feature is free, time-saving, and proves helpful.

Furthermore, when you commission an NFT on this site, you’re usually covered by their Service Contract Terms unless your freelance designer uses their own contract. So, you don’t have to worry about the IP rights of the work as once the payment is completed, you’ll get the right as per the contract.

Moreover, you’ll also obtain the distribution rights to distribute your design as a standard, which can be extremely useful if you plan on releasing multiple non-fungible tokens.


Launched in 2009, Freelancer is one of the best platforms for hiring freelance artists and designers. Although there are few non-fungible token-specific artists, you can find hundreds of graphic designers on the site. The freelancers’ annual revenue on this site ranges from $25 million to $50 million.


Hiring freelancers on this site is effortless and simple. You can communicate with a suitable freelance designer directly to discuss your requirements here. Or, you can simply post your requirements on the site so interested freelancers can submit their bids. Additionally, the site provides a special service called Recruiter Service, which, when enlisted, provides you with a list of hand-picked designers.

People Per Hour:

People Per Hour debuted in 2007 and is also a sought-after site for freelancers. This platform allows freelancers to earn money by selling services. You can find non-fungible token artists and designers on this platform. The site has a pretty simple user interface where you can commission work to an artist.

Just describe and create your NFT project to post on the site so freelancers can reach out. Once posted, freelancers will bid on the request; you can go through the submissions, view the freelancers’ profiles, and see the bids. Shortlist the profiles that you find satisfactory and finalize one of them for your project.

People Per Hour

Before starting the task, ensure to talk about your IP rights. You can create an agreement where the freelance artist agrees to provide complete intellectual property rights to you.


Unlike the sites so far mentioned in this article, DesignCrowd works differently. You do not have the option to contact the freelancers directly, but you can post your requirements with a brief description on the site. Along with the description, you can also add a deadline and budget to your description.

Once posted, the artists on the site will submit the designs based on the description, so you can check them and finalize a design. The artists usually fix a charge based on the project type.

Moreover, you have the option to mark your project as private by paying an extra charge. This option makes your project visible to designers alone. Choose this option if you want to release a surprise non-fungible token.


Furthermore, if you like a design and want some modifications, you can request revisions from the respective designer. Additionally, they have a refund option that is subject to terms and conditions (please check their refund policy for more details).

While these are some positives of this platform, there are also some negatives that you must be aware of. It can be said that commissioning a non-fungible token can be challenging on this site. You may not like the designs you get on this platform, which can be a massive waste of time.

However, you do not need to be concerned about any copyright issues. Once you pay the artist, you’ll have complete intellectual property rights, along with commercial rights.


These are some top websites where you can hire an independent designer to design a non-fungible token for you. You can easily search for NFT artists on these websites based on your preference once you decide on your NFT requirements. However, do your research before enlisting service from freelancers.

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