How To Buy Meme NFT: An Easy Guide For All

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Do you love memes? Memes have become an internet sensation of late, and everyone is interested in them. While it is primarily associated with entertainment, it can also be a source of income too when it is tokenized and turned into an NFT. If you want to know how to make money with memes or you are interested to collect meme NFTs, follow this guide.

In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of buying NFT memes, from selecting the right marketplace to navigating the intricacies of digital wallets and making informed purchasing decisions.

How to buy NFT memes?

You can purchase non-fungible token memes easily by following the steps given below:

Select an NFT marketplace, like UPYO, where NFT memes can be found. Typically, these markets will run auctions or list the memes for sale at a fixed price so that you can browse them and choose your favorite.

collect meme nft

Connect your digital wallet to the chosen NFT marketplace and ensure you have sufficient crypto in it to facilitate the transactions.

Explore the NFT platform and browse the memes sections to see which you like. Check if the meme has a fixed price or if it is listed for auction.

If it is an auction, place your bid and wait for the result. In case you win the bid, you’ll have to make the payment (including gas charges).

If the NFT has a fixed price, make the payment (including gas fees). In some cases, there will be additional charges, too (depending on the platform).

Once the transaction is successful, the selected NFT meme will be transferred to your wallet after the payment.

How to sell NFT memes?

If you want to sell memes as NFT, you can do so easily with the help of NFT marketplaces which help in the tokenization of your meme into non-fungible tokens. Here’s how you can sell non-fungible token memes:

Firstly, create a meme that you wish to turn into a non-fungible token in a format that is acceptable in the NFT marketplace. Usually, the formats that are used are GIFs, jpegs, PNG, etc.

Next, select an NFT marketplace where you want to sell memes as NFT. For instance, UPYO is one such platform where you can host your non-fungible tokens as memes. Other popular sites include Foundation, SuperRare,, and so on.

Once you choose the platform, next connect your digital wallet to the site to facilitate transactions. Also, please note that you must have enough crypto to make payments related to your transactions.

sell meme as nft

Next, upload your meme on the platform and fill in all the required information related to it, such as name, description, etc. 

Decide whether you want to auction your meme or set a fixed price for its sale and enter the details accordingly.

Once the collectors or bidders respond and make the payment or bid, you can see their offers and accept a suitable one.

How to turn your meme into NFT?

Turning your meme into a non-fungible token is an easy process and involves a few simple steps, as explained below:

Firstly, choose a reputable NFT marketplace that supports meme creations, such as UPYO, Rarible, or Mintable. Next, create a digital wallet to store and manage your non-fungible tokens. 

Moreover, a wallet is essential for performing transactions. Create your meme in a digital format (GIF, JPEG, PNG, etc.), adhering to the marketplace’s guidelines. 

Mint your NFT by uploading it and providing a title, description, and metadata. Set a price and royalty percentage, and pay the required fees (minting fee and any other charges). 

Confirm the information and publish your NFT after filling in the details and paying the fees. It is preferable to refer to the marketplace’s guidelines and documentation for precise instructions.

Why invest in memes NFT?

Investing in NFT memes can be advantageous as it offers multiple benefits and opportunities:

how to make money with memes

1. Unique Digital Assets:

NFT memes are nothing but digital assets that are one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated. Thus, owning a non-fungible token meme gives you a sense of exclusive ownership and makes you the owner of unique assets. 

2. Value Appreciation:

Similar to other NFT types (such as art, music, collectibles, etc.), NFT memes have the potential to increase in value over time. For instance, if a particular meme gains popularity or becomes culturally significant, its value can increase. Thus, investors will be able to gain significant returns on their investments.

3. Access to Digital Pop Culture:

Non-fungible token memes today are pretty popular and are positioned at the intersection of digital art, pop culture, and internet trends. As a result, any investment in NFT memes enables individuals to participate in and possess a piece of the ever-evolving digital culture and helps them connect with the latest memes and trends on the internet.

4. Support for Artists and Creators:

Investing in NFT memes is a form of lending support to digital creators and artists who create virtual assets. In other words, by investing in memes’ non-fungible tokens, you are providing financial support to the creators and helping the community thrive. 

5. Potential for Royalties:

Some NFT marketplaces provide creators with the opportunity to earn royalties each time their NFT is sold or traded. Investing in NFT memes can provide not only potential returns for investors but also ongoing income for the creators.

6. Investment Portfolio Diversification:

Investing in NFT memes enables individuals to diversify their investment portfolios beyond traditional asset classes. And this diversification can help reduce risk and offer good exposure to the growing digital economy.

Note: Although there is a good deal of benefits, it’s essential to note that investing in NFT memes is risky, just like other investments. In fact, the NFT market is highly speculative and also volatile, which can result in fluctuations in the value of the memes.

As a result, it is suggested that one must perform thorough research, evaluate their level of risk tolerance, and, if possible, consult with subject matter experts to get a good idea before investing.


In conclusion, purchasing or investing in NFT memes can be an exciting and potentially rewarding venture. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can navigate the process of buying and creating NFT memes with confidence. However, remember to choose a reputable NFT marketplace and conduct thorough research on the platform and its authenticity to ensure you are in a safe place.  

Furthermore, keep track of NFT market trends and opportunities, and consider setting a budget to manage your investments wisely. Additionally, NFT memes are evolving and are likely to play a big role in the future

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