How To Buy NFT Trading Cards In 8 Simple Steps

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Trading cards have always been a trending asset to be possessed by people. In other words, it is a popular collectible option or asset that people want to own of their favorite celebrities.

As per various studies and surveys, NFT trading cards are one of the sought assets on par with NFT art, NFT sports, and other assets. Going by the sales survey by CNN, a rookie card of Micheal Jordan, for instance, was sold for $738k at an auction last year. Thus, one can conclude that NFT trading cards associated with various sportspersons and celebrities are in demand, and people are buying them due to their unique value and rarity.

If you are thinking of buying trading cards but don’t know how this article will help you out. Our comprehensive guide will discuss the steps of buying and selling NFT trading cards in detail.

How To Buy NFT Trading Cards?

Buying NFT trading cards is not a complicated process; all you have to do is follow the general steps given below:

1. Select a Marketplace:

There are numerous marketplaces where you can find non-fungible token trading cards today. Conduct deep research and find a reputable NFT marketplace specializing in trading cards or a decent platform with sizeable trading cards. Some popular options include UPYO, NBA Top Shot, Rarible, and NFT Marketplace.

how to buy nft cards

2. Create a Wallet Account:

You must have an active digital wallet to carry out transaction-related activities and store crypto and collectibles. Thus, it is prudent to set up a digital wallet that is compatible with your chosen NFT marketplace. Usually, almost all NFT marketplaces are compatible with MetaMask or Trust Wallet. So, you can consider these options.

3. Add Cryptocurrency:

Purchase cryptocurrency so that you can perform transactions related to your creations on the blockchain. You can add ETH as your cryptocurrency, which is a common cryptocurrency, or you can others, such as BNB, if it is required.

4. Explore the Marketplace:

Browse the NFT marketplace you have chosen and check out the available NFT trading cards on the platform. Go through the various collections on the site and check out the artist’s profile, their other creations, card attributes, and bids (if it is listed under auctioned), and verify if they align with your interests and preferences.

5. Check Pricing Details:

Examine the trading card information, and check out the rarity and pricing of the trading cards you are interested in. Consider various factors such as edition number, player/character, rarity level, and any other additional features that are relevant to the value of the card.

6. Place a Bid or Buy Directly:

As a user, depending on the marketplace, you can place a bid on the selected trading card or purchase it directly at the listed price. Please remember that some platforms use auction-style bidding, while others offer instant-buy options.

7. Complete the Transaction:

Follow the prompts provided by the marketplace to confirm your transaction. This typically involves approving the payment and verifying the details of the purchase.

8. Receive and Manage Your NFTs:

After completing the transaction, the NFT trading cards will be transferred to your digital wallet. You can view, manage, and potentially trade or sell them within the marketplace or through other compatible platforms.

Remember, the process may vary slightly depending on the marketplace and the specific instructions provided. It’s essential to conduct your own research, consider the risks and fees involved, and only invest what you are comfortable with when buying NFT trading cards.

How To Make NFT Trading Cards?

Making non-fungible token trading cards is pretty easy. You can create NFT trading cards by following the general steps given below:

how to buy digital trading cards

1. Determine the Theme:

Before creating the non-fungible token trading card, you must decide on a theme and design for the card. Next, you must determine its attributes and other related information. Consider factors like the art style, rarity levels, player/character details, and any additional features you want to incorporate.

2. Choose an NFT Platform:

Select an NFT platform or marketplace that supports the creation and minting of NFTs. Some prevalent options include UPYO, Rarible, and Mintable. Provide the platform is compatible with the blockchain you want to use, such as Ethereum or Polygon.

3. Set Up a Wallet:

Create a digital wallet that is compatible with the chosen NFT platform and blockchain. This wallet will be used to store and manage your NFT trading cards. Popular NFT wallet options include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or wallets provided by specific NFT platforms.

how to make nft trading cards

4. Prepare the Artwork:

Create or commission the artwork for your NFT trading cards. This can involve working with a digital artist or designing the cards yourself using graphic design software. Ensure the artwork meets the specifications and file format requirements of the NFT platform.

5. Mint Your NFTs:

On the chosen NFT platform, follow the instructions to mint your NFT trading cards. This typically involves uploading the artwork, setting attributes like name, description, and edition number, and specifying any additional features or rarity levels. You may also need to pay a gas fee for the minting process.

6. Set Pricing and Royalties:

Determine the initial sale price for your NFT trading cards. You can choose a fixed price or opt for an auction-style listing. Additionally, you can set royalty fees, which entitle you to a percentage of future sales when the cards are resold on the secondary market.

7. List and Promote Your NFTs:

Once your NFT trading cards are minted, list them for sale on the marketplace. Use the platform’s features to add descriptive details, tags, and images that showcase your cards. Promote your NFTs through social media, forums, and communities to reach potential buyers.

8. Manage Your NFTs:

Keep track of your NFT trading cards within your digital wallet and the NFT platform. Monitor sales, respond to inquiries, and consider participating in trading or collaborations with other NFT creators to expand your reach.

Remember, the NFT market is dynamic and competitive, so it’s essential to create high-quality, unique, and appealing NFT trading cards. Conduct research, stay up-to-date with platform guidelines, and engage with the community to refine your skills and increase the visibility of your NFTs.

How To Sell NFT Trading Cards?

Selling non-fungible token trading cards is a simple process, and to sell NFT trading cards, you can follow these general steps:

1. Pick a trading card NFT Marketplace:

Choose a reputable NFT marketplace that matches your preference and helps in selling NFT trading cards. Some of the popular options include UPYO, Rarible, and SuperRare. Ensure the marketplace is compatible with the blockchain your NFTs are minted on (e.g., Ethereum, Polygon).

2. Connect Your Wallet:

Connect your digital wallet to the chosen NFT marketplace. Most marketplaces integrate with popular wallets like MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Follow the instructions provided to establish the connection.

3. List Your NFTs:

On the marketplace, locate the “Create” or “Sell” button to begin listing your NFT trading cards for sale. Upload the image, provide a title, description, and set the desired price for each card. Consider factors like rarity, edition number, and any additional attributes when determining the pricing.

4. Set Sale Type:

Choose the type of sale you prefer. You can opt for a fixed-price listing, where buyers can purchase your cards instantly, or set up an auction-style listing, allowing potential buyers to bid on your NFTs. Select the duration of the auction if applicable. Know more about NFT auctions.

5. Pay Fees:

Pay attention to the fees associated with listing and selling your NFTs. There may be a listing fee and a transaction fee (gas fee) associated with minting and transferring the NFTs. Be prepared to cover these fees during the selling process.

how to make nft cards

6. Confirm and Publish:

Review the details of your listing, ensure accuracy, and confirm the listing. This will make your NFT trading cards available for sale on the marketplace. Once published, they will be visible to potential buyers browsing the marketplace.

7. Promote Your NFTs:

To increase visibility and attract potential buyers, actively promote your NFT trading cards. Share the listings on social media, engage with relevant communities, participate in forums or Discord groups, and consider reaching out to collectors or influencers who may have an interest in your cards.

8. Manage Sales and Transactions:

Monitor your sales and any inquiries from potential buyers. Once a card is sold, the transaction will be recorded on the blockchain, and the buyer will receive ownership of the NFT. Follow the marketplace’s instructions for facilitating the transfer of the NFT to the buyer.

Remember, the NFT market can be competitive, so it’s essential to create appealing listings, engage with the community, and consider pricing strategies to attract potential buyers. Conduct research, stay informed about marketplace trends, and be responsive to inquiries to maximize your chances of successful sales.

Make Money From NFT Trading Cards

There are several ways to make money from NFT trading cards. Here are some strategies you can consider:

1. Buying and Selling:

The most straightforward approach is to buy NFT trading cards at a lower price and sell them at a higher price, capitalizing on market demand and potential price appreciation. Stay informed about trends, popular artists, and collections to identify undervalued cards that have the potential for growth.

2. Collecting Rare and Limited Editions:

Focus on acquiring rare and limited-edition NFT trading cards that have higher intrinsic value due to scarcity. These cards often have greater demand and can command higher prices in the secondary market.

3. Flipping:

Engage in short-term trading by buying NFT trading cards at a lower price and quickly reselling them at a profit. This strategy requires careful monitoring of market trends and timing and identifying opportunities for quick turnovers.

4. Building a Collection:

Curate a valuable and sought-after collection of NFT trading cards. Over time, as the reputation and rarity of your collection grow, it may attract buyers willing to pay a premium for specific cards or the entire collection.

5. Participating in Auctions:

Participate in NFT auctions, where you can acquire unique and exclusive NFT trading cards. If the auctioned cards gain popularity or rarity over time, their value can increase significantly, providing an opportunity for profitable resale.

6. Secondary Market Trading:

Take advantage of active secondary marketplaces to buy low and sell high. Keep an eye on popular trading cards, emerging artists, and evolving trends to identify opportunities for profitable trades.

7. Licensing and Royalties:

If you’re an artist or creator, mint and sell your own NFT trading cards, earning revenue from primary sales. Additionally, by setting up royalty fees, you can earn a percentage of future sales whenever your cards are resold on the secondary market.

8. Collabs and Partnerships:

Collaborate with other artists, celebrities, or influencers to create unique NFT trading cards. Jointly marketed collaborations can attract a wider audience and increase the potential for sales and profits.

Remember, the NFT market can be volatile and speculative, so it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, stay updated with market trends, and assess risks before making any investment decisions. Diversify your portfolio, set realistic goals, and only invest what you can afford to lose in this emerging and evolving market.

make money from nft cards


Overall, NFT trading cards are easy to buy and invest in, provided you know the right place and steps. You must keep up with the market trends and updates if you want to make a good investment in this sector. This article gives a comprehensive idea about buying and selling trading cards NFT easily.

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