How To Buy Sports NFT: A Buyer’s Handbook For Newbies

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Are you thinking to invest in sports NFT? Or make money with sports NFT? Sports NFTs are one of the most popular non-fungible token categories that are a rage today. Thousands of sports enthusiasts and hundreds of sportspersons are involved in this and making it a success. If you are wondering how to benefit from NFT sports, this article will help you. We will discuss different types of sports NFTs and how to gain profit from them.

Different Types of NFT Sports

From the understanding of sports NFT you will find that there are various types of sports NFTeach of them has different aspects and works differently; here are some of the popular types:

Sports tickets and virtual passes

Non-fungible tokens can be employed in ticketing and virtual passes (of sports events) as NFTs cannot be duplicated easily. Usually, NFT tickets and passes are given by event organizers, and they cannot be falsified. Once the user gets the virtual ticket, it will be scanned at the event location, and they will be allowed to watch the event.

Sport NFT trading cards

For ages, trading cards have been an integral part of the sports world. But now, with the revolutionary emergence of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), these traditional trading cards have undergone a remarkable transformation. Transcending physical form, NFT trading cards proudly showcase beloved sports figures while securely residing on the blockchain. Since it is completely virtual and is stored in a decentralized manner, all transactions related to it happen in seconds.

Various sports have generated NFT trading cards, including football, car race, basketball, baseball, tennis, wrestling, and so on. The value of these cards usually depends on the number of fans, rarity, skill, and so on.

Sport NFT metaverse games

This is a unique offering from the NFT space, where one can participate in fantasy sports. By leveraging blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens, the players will be offered a unique and fantastic gameplay experience that users wouldn’t have experienced before.

For instance, the NFT metaverse racing games, such as The Formula 1 racing game or F1 Delta Time, let players race against each other on F1 race tracks worldwide. Each of the accessories or components of the game, such as cars, tires, drivers, and so on, must be bought as a non-fungible token.

invest in sports NFT

Sport video clips

Video clips showing iconic sports moments/highlights have become highly popular in sports NFTs category. For instance NBA Top Shot, one of the marketplace is famous for its collection of player highlight reels. These captivating clips capture unforgettable plays that have etched themselves into sports history.

NBA Top Shots

Sports Collectibles

These are the common non-fungible tokens related to the sports domain. It usually represents sports teams, players, and the iconic moments of a game that fans want to possess. For example, The Tom Brady Ruby by Tom Brady and slam dunk by LeBron are two popular sports NFT collectibles.

make money with sports nft

Fan tokens

These are not non-fungible tokens in the technical sense; however, they are classified under the sports initiatives (NFT) as they act as a bridge of communication. These are the tokens that permit the fans to vote for various internal processes. The more the number of tokens, the more voting rights they possess.

How to trade NFT sports?

To trade sports non-fungible tokens, one must first find a good NFT marketplace where you find the required tokens that you can purchase. You can check some popular NFT sports marketplaces and choose the one which matches your requirements perfectly. Once you choose a marketplace, you can follow the below steps:

Set up a wallet: Create a wallet account and have a wallet where you can store your crypto. One can find software or hardware wallets and pick them up based on their preferences.

MetaMask Wallet

Purchase crypto: To acquire NFTs, which are predominantly bought using cryptocurrency, it is essential to visit an authorized cryptocurrency exchange. While a few marketplaces accept traditional fiat currency, this is a rarity. As most NFTs are tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain, you will likely need to obtain ETH (Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency) to acquire your desired sports NFTs. 

Exchanges typically require the creation of usernames and passwords, as well as the completion of the know-your-customer (KYC) verification process, which involves submitting government-issued identification and other personal information.

Create a profile in the NFT marketplace: Most markets demand you to create an account and link your digital wallet. You can begin purchasing NFTs on the platform after creating an account.

Browse non-fungible tokens for sale: One can easily explore the non-fungible token collection after creating an account on the platform. Once you find a token that you want to buy, you will be required to pay certain fees (gas fee, transaction fees, etc.) to list, list, or buy the non-fungible tokens. One must note that the fees vary from platform to platform and NFT to NFT. Additionally, the fees you pay for minting an NFT are different from buying it.

When you purchase an NFT, it is delivered to your marketplace account or digital wallet. If you wish to sell it, go to your assets in your account or wallet and follow the processes on the marketplace.

To sell an NFT, most marketplaces require the following steps:

  • Choose the asset to sell. If the value of one of your NFTs has increased, you may be able to sell it for a profit.
  • Select a mode of sale. Auctions and fixed-price sales are common in marketplaces. Auctions are frequently timed.

How to make money from NFT sports?

Here are the 3 popular ways to make money with sports non-fungible tokens; you choose a method that suits your needs:

Hold and Profit

Online marketplaces often offer exclusive and limited-edition NFT drops. If you manage to secure these rare drops, purchasing a limited NFT and holding onto it until its value increases could potentially yield a profit. However, this strategy requires active market monitoring and is not guaranteed to result in gains.

NFT Drops

Buy and Flip

Another strategy involves taking advantage of the excitement surrounding newly released projects or NFT collections. By swiftly purchasing assets and reselling them when prices are high, you can capitalize on the initial surge in value. This tactic relies on timing and market momentum.

Create and Sell

An alternative approach is to create and sell your own NFTs, allowing you to earn cryptocurrency and receive royalties. Each time your NFT is resold, you, as the original creator, can earn a percentage of the subsequent sale price, typically ranging from 5% to 10%. However, it’s worth noting that many successful sports NFTs thrive due to the backing of prominent athletic brands.

Why invest in NFT sports?

Sports NFTs are the unique non-fungible tokens that are currently disrupting the sports industry to a great extent. One can say that Sports non-fungible tokens have a significant value attached to them. Despite the popularity of these sports tokens, one may still wonder whether they are worthy of investment. If you are wondering the same, the following pointers will clear your doubts and list out the benefits of Sports NFTs:

  • Exclusive and authentic ownership of non-fungible tokens
  • Non-forgeable tickets and passes
  • Royalties on the resale of your NFTs

While these are some of the positives of the sports NFTs, one must tread carefully and after due consideration since the crypto and NFT market is volatile and prone to fluctuations. Researching the sports non-fungible token, its demand, the NFT platform, and its credibility is better.


The NFT craze offered new opportunities in various industries, with sports being one of the most successful. Today, because of the availability of several platforms, one can invest in various sorts of sports NFTs. Furthermore, because sports non-fungible tokens are in high demand, one can consider producing them and profiting from them.

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