Know How To Create an NFT For Free

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Non-fungible tokens have paved the way for innovation, and if you are an artist or content creator, you can immensely benefit from NFT, by knowing how to create an NFT for free. In fact, non-fungible tokens can help you in transforming your virtual assets into one-of-a-kind digital assets that you can trade on the blockchain.

They can provide passive income and easily make you popular in the digital or crypto (NFT) world. However, if you are new to NFT or crypto, you may have multiple doubts about its creation and its requirements. This article will explain how to create an NFT step by step to create your non-fungible tokens easily.

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How to create an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are digital assets that usually represent digital art, music, collectibles, and so on. One can purchase them through various reliable non-fungible token marketplaces online. Creating non-fungible tokens is relatively easy if you follow the prescribed steps diligently.

Step 1: Determine the NFT you want to create

Anything can be an NFT, be it digital art, music, video, domain name, etc., Also these tokens can also represent a physical item that has real-world existence. Usually, one can easily create an NFT without the help of a developer if it is a regular non-fungible token, such as art, music, video clip, etc., instead of a smart contract or a game.

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When generating a non-fungible token, consider why you are creating it in the first place (the purpose of NFT creation). In most cases, the main goal is to generate a rare or unique token that can be sold. Whatever your goal, just remember that as a creator, you must deliver significant value through your products for buyers to be interested in purchasing them.

Note: You can include a promo code or other attractive offers to your NFT to grab the attention of purchasers.

Step 2: Select the blockchain

Picking a blockchain network that matches your preference and requirements for creating NFT is paramount. You decide on this beforehand to avoid confusion, as numerous blockchains are available, each with pros and cons. The blockchain you choose will help store your non-fungible token and maintain a permanent record.

Some of the popular blockchain networks that one can avail of are – Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Flow, Solana, and so on.

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Step 3: Create a wallet account

After selecting a blockchain network, you must next choose a digital wallet that is compatible with it. The first step in creating a wallet account is to download the wallet app and set up a username and password for it. Next, you will have to save your recovery seed phrase and private keys in a secure location for backup purposes. Having a crypto wallet is crucial as it facilitates financial transactions.

Here are some of the well-known crypto wallets that are compatible with several blockchain networks:

MetaMask: This is one of the well-known and most sought out crypto wallets among NFT enthusiasts. The wallet supports numerous cryptocurrencies and popular blockchains, such as Ethereum, BNB, etc.

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Coinbase Wallet: This is another popular crypto wallet that supports ERC-721 NFT tokens and Solana blockchain.

Both the above-mentioned wallets can be downloaded as browser extensions for easy use. Apart from this, there are other crypto wallets that you can choose too.

Step 4: Purchase cryptocurrencies for the wallet

After creating your wallet account, you must next buy a cryptocurrency and fund your wallet through a crypto exchange. For instance, one can buy ETH or SOL to mint non-fungible tokens (depending on the blockchain network). So, you can buy these through exchange and transfer those coins to the wallet.

Here are the steps that you must follow:

  • Connect to the exchange.
  • Go to the Wallets tab from the top or bottom menu.
  • Select the ‘Withdraw’ option and choose the appropriate currency.
  • Add your wallet address in the Address area.
  • Choose the appropriate network based on the blockchain (such as ERC-20 for ETH and Solana for SOL).
  • Add the amount you desire and click on ‘Withdraw.’

Step 5: Select an NFT platform

Once you have a digital wallet and fund it with crypto, the next step will be to find a good NFT platform where you can create and list the non-fungible tokens for sale. Choosing a platform depends on your requirements. For instance, you must consider gas fees, blockchains, and crypto wallets that are supported on the platform.

UPYO is one of the rapidly growing NFT platforms that you can use to create and trade your non-fungible tokens. The platform supports different blockchain networks, such as Ethereum and Polygon. Hundreds of NFT artists have created wonderful art on this platform.

Step 6: Create your NFT

After successfully completing the above steps, you can move to the crucial step of creating your non-fungible tokens on the chosen platform. In fact, creating NFT is pretty simple; here’s how you can create it on UPYO:

  • Create/Login to your UPYO account.
  • Next, connect your crypto wallet to the platform.
  • Navigate to the top right of your screen and click “Create.”
  • You will be taken to the “Upload Item” page to create a single or multiple NFTs.
  • Click on “Create Single” if you wish to upload a singular, unique asset. Or, if you want to create multiple copies of your unique NFT, select the “Create Multiple.”
  • After that, you can upload your file (in PNG, GIF, JPG, or JPEG format); however, the size of the file must be within 5 MB.
  • Add some information about the NFT, such as name and description.
  • Select the category and royalty rate. Remember that the royalty rate indicates the percentage of royalty you will earn whenever your piece is sold on a secondary marketplace.

Step 7: Listing your NFT

Once you create the NFT, you can next list them on the platform easily. Most of the platforms do not require any fee for listings. Thus, after creating your non-fungible tokens, click on the ‘Sell’ option and set up a price for your token, and also enter the sale duration.

Furthermore, you can also build your NFT listing after specifying the specifications of your sale. This step may require some transactions involving your crypto wallet, including fee payments and others.

Could You make an NFT for free?

One can easily create free NFTs on numerous non-fungible token marketplaces. UPYO supports free minting options for its users on its platform. When uploading your non-fungible token on UPYO, you can select the “Free Minting” option on the window, follow the prompts on the screen, and click “Create Item.”

The MetaMask pop-up will ask you to confirm your signature; however, there will not be any money deduction from your account once confirmed.


Creating NFTs is not a difficult process, provided you know what is needed to be done beforehand. Understanding what you want to create is the first step towards creating your non-fungible tokens.

Next, you can check which blockchain networks and crypto wallets can support your requirements, followed by the NFT marketplace. You must also know the minting charges or gas fees involved in creating your NFTs so that you have sufficient funds.

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