20 Music NFT Marketplaces That You Don’t Want To Miss

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Since the rise of NFT art, non-fungible token technology has been experimenting in various sectors, and music is no exception. In fact, it was in 2021 that music and non-fungible tokens were integrated, and the world got its first music NFT, an album from the Kings of Leon band. While this was just the beginning, numerous musicians and other bands joined the trend, and today, we can see hundreds of music NFTs available on various Music NFT platforms.

What is Music NFT?

Music NFT is another popular type of NFT or non-fungible token that are related to music. It is usually stored on a blockchain and is one of the trending digital assets that people own. In other words, this is one of the NFT categories that encompass music-based virtual assets. The non-fungible music tokens include musical albums, videos, and so on. Kings of Leon is the first band who released their album as a non-fungible token.

Here are some of the sub-categories in NFT music:

Virtual Music Event Tickets

It is no surprise that today the usage of the metaverse is increasing owing to the rise of virtual events. The events today are not just limited to virtual office meetings or conference but also includes music concerts. As a result, these virtual events provide a way to attend the events online, which can be validated through virtual music event tickets or passes.

Music Albums

Music NFTs encompass albums and individual songs, attracting a significant number of supporters and buyers in the NFT marketplace. Artists have recognized the potential of this medium to connect with their followers and generate sales, leading to the creation and sale of music-related NFTs.

Music Video Clips

Capturing memorable moments from extraordinary live concerts, event organizers are now offering video snippets as NFTs. These limited-edition video clips provide viewers with the opportunity to purchase and preserve a piece of these captivating performances.

Digital Album Artwork

Alongside musical endeavors, artwork plays a crucial role in promotion and revenue generation. Musicians are leveraging the NFT space to create and sell digital posters, and album covers as unique and collectible digital assets.

In the realm of music NFTs, fans can engage with their favorite artists, acquire exclusive content, and support the creators in innovative ways, expanding the possibilities of music appreciation and ownership in the digital age.

How could artists get benefits from music NFTs?

Artists can gain significant benefits from music non-fungible tokens as listed below:


Prominent NFT marketplaces provide artists with the ability to specify a royalty percentage for their music NFTs. This innovative feature allows creators to earn a passive income with each subsequent sale of their NFTs.


Music NFTs grant artists complete ownership and control over their creative works. By listing their NFTs on multiple marketplaces, artists have greater flexibility in pricing their digital assets and maximizing their earnings.

Elimination of Intermediaries:

Unlike the traditional music industry, which often involves hefty fees and intermediaries, the decentralized nature of NFTs removes unnecessary middlemen between artists and buyers. This direct artist-to-purchaser interaction allows for greater transparency and financial empowerment.

Community Engagement:

Community support plays a vital role in the success of music NFTs. Artists now have the opportunity to showcase their talents to a vast online audience, fostering a dedicated fan base. Cultivating an engaged community can greatly benefit emerging artists and bands, opening doors for virtual events where tickets are sold in the form of music NFTs.

By embracing the world of music NFTs, artists can enjoy greater financial rewards, creative control, and direct engagement with their audience, revolutionizing the way music is created, shared, and monetized in the digital landscape.

20 Best Music NFT Marketplaces

Now that you know what are the benefits of music non-fungible tokens, let us share some of the noteworthy NFT music marketplaces that you can check out:


This is one of the secure NFT marketplaces for music where you can easily purchase NFT music. The site has skilled creators who are very much talented and create excellent music with non-fungible tokens. UPYO is one of the top music NFT marketplaces in the Middle East region, growing exponentially.

Furthermore, the platform is beginner-friendly, so you can easily put up your tokens for sale or buy them without much hassle. Additionally, the site offers the lazy minting option if you want to mint NFTs for free. You can view the collection using the filters option and buy the selected ones. There are various types of musical NFTs, such as albums, musical videos, and much more.

UPYO Music NFT Marketplace


This is another best music NFT platform that is a user-friendly platform where each master track has multiple “variants” or versions that lets other artists create distinct music NFTs. For instance, a music track can be divided into separate layers known as “stems.” Each of which can be individually owned as an NFT.

Moreover, by owning a stem, you can choose the specific variant that will be active within the master track, granting you control and customization over the music experience. The site has multiple features, such as the “Recordings” feature that allows music artists to make limited editions of the master track.



This site was created by Ditto Music and was built on the Algorand blockchain network. The platform helps creators and fans interact with each other. Creators can earn royalties for their specific music or song non-fungible tokens. Furthermore, this platform also acts as a good tool for music promotions.



This is another renowned NFT marketplace for music where music creators and enthusiasts interact with their favorite tunes. The site integrates blockchain technology and music streaming services to offer a comprehensive ecosystem for artists, labels, and fans alike. Independent artists or newbies with no background or support can easily use this platform to promote their creations.

The NFT generator is available on PlayTreks and is used to create custom music NFTs by the artists. They can effortlessly distribute their music, monitor real-time streaming data, and earn fair royalties. On the other hand, fans gain access to exclusive content, personalized recommendations, and the opportunity to support their favorite musicians directly.



This is a unique NFT ecosystem for music enthusiasts and creators that is developed with the help of non-fungible token technology. Dapper Labs, in collaboration with TuneGO, created this platform using a proof-of-stake (Pos) mechanism to help musicians. The artist can tokenize their music, transforming it into rare and collectible NFTs that can be bought and sold across this marketplace.

Moreover, the tokens can also be distributed across the site’s streaming platform. The site is beneficial for anyone who wants to own creative rights over their creations. This is a dedicated platform for music artists; however, you can also find online games and other NFTs here.


One Of:

Built on Polygon and Tezos blockchain network that focuses on music non-fungible tokens and sports tokens. You can find many NFT drops from creators such as Franc Moody, Elujay, and Mack Keane.

This is a beginner-friendly platform, and anyone with limited knowledge of minting can easily use this platform. Furthermore, the site has zero gas fees making it popular among fans and buyers who want to purchase non-fungible music tokens.

One Of


Based on the Polygon blockchain, this platform is ideal for new musicians who want to distribute their work. Furthermore, one can mint the non-fungible tokens on this site for free, so it helps artists who want don’t want to pay the mint fees.

Onlymusix also fosters a vibrant community, connecting artists and fans in an interactive and collaborative environment. Artists can engage directly with their audience through live chats, exclusive content, and virtual events, creating a closer and more personalized connection with their fan base.



This is another best places to sell music NFT and monetize your creations. The platform calls itself a “universal media registry protocol” that gives the utmost freedom to artists to express their creativity. As an artist, you can embed your royalty terms on this platform and earn money whenever your work gets resold.



Mintbase provides a user-friendly platform for creators to tokenize their digital assets and connect directly with their audience through the sale and management of NFTs. The site is great for music artists who want to create their smart contracts and want an eco-friendly and scalable framework. One can mint their music NFTs or concert NFTs without any hassles on this site.



This music NFT platform is for artists who want to create eco-friendly non-fungible tokens. Serenade offers more than just NFTs from musicians; it also features music festivals like the Brit Awards. Notable artists currently on Serenade include The Kooks, Ladyhawke, Dead Pony, and Young M.A.

Being an artist on Serenade allows one to build dedicated fan communities and leverage technology to provide them with a unique experience. Moreover, minting NFTs on this site doesn’t cost you anything. Simply put, there is no gas fee to mint NFTs. Serenade also extends beyond music, enabling you to create other types of NFTs, such as custom music-related artwork and redemptions, which combine digital assets with physical merchandise.



Empowering developers with a range of Web3 tools, this site offers a comprehensive solution for minting unique and interconnected non-fungible tokens. With a special focus on artists, musicians will find this site to be a tailor-made platform that addresses their needs. Moreover, artists can explore multiple blockchain options for minting, including popular choices like Ethereum and Flow.

This site streamlines the process for collectors to acquire or bid on NFTs, ensuring a seamless experience. In addition to collecting NFTs, fans can directly support their favorite artists and access exclusive content directly from them. Additionally, Blockparty offers a range of incentives, such as giveaways and rewards, to engage and reward the community. Fans can also show their direct support by purchasing resale royalties, further enhancing the artist’s journey and growth.



This marketplace can be viewed as a digital record store with a strong music community that also functions as a streaming platform. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, this platform only hosts one-of-one digital recordings. It is worth noting, however, that artists on Catalog can receive 100% of original sales and resale fees. Catalog also allows musicians to distribute their songs on other platforms.


Mint Songs:

Mint Songs is a dedicated music NFT platform that provides genuine digital asset ownership, which implies that you own every song you acquire on the site. Aside from ownership benefits, the site allows fans to directly support the artists they admire. Moreover, you also have the option to listen to the songs if you are unable to purchase them.

The site has its own NFT minter, allowing musicians to easily create and market music non-fungible tokens on the same platform. Furthermore, no minting charges are making it easier for musicians to create music non-fungible tokens. Additionally, the site will partner with Aerial.is as compensation for the carbon emissions caused by the production of NFTs.

Mint Songs

NFT Showroom:

This marketplace is created on the Hive blockchain, which is a globally accessible blockchain that is available for free. The site displays limited edition NFTs, particularly NFTs related to music. While customers can buy, sell, and trade NFTs on the platform, developers cannot yet mint NFTs on the NFT Showroom. This platform is fantastic since it allows artists to make their creations available for commercial use.

NFT Showroom


This marketplace was launched in 2021 by 3LAU and JD Ross and is dedicated entirely to music NFTs. They handpick each artist and the piece of work that must be included on the platform with their team.

As an artist, you retain ownership and control over your music when you create music NFTs on this site. Furthermore, the platform allows artists to share ownership of their works with their followers and collectors, making it different from other music NFT sites. This means that if you’re a Royal collector, you’ll get a cut of the sale.



An innovative music-centric NFT marketplace, this site goes beyond traditional platforms by offering features such as coin minting, streaming capabilities, and a unique space for artists to connect with their fans. With a focus on direct artist support, fans have the opportunity to directly contribute to their favorite musicians’ success. Additionally, artists can host engaging listening parties to showcase their latest tracks, creating a memorable experience for their audience.

One standout feature of Sound.xyz is the ability for artists to release new music as NFTs, with each edition assigned a distinct number. This allows listeners to show early support and adds value to these early editions and enables fans to comment and engage with the music they support, fostering a vibrant community around the artists and their work.

Notably, the platform introduces artist-owned contracts, granting creators full ownership and control over their musical creations. Additionally, the site encourages collaboration, providing a platform for artists, whether solo or in groups, to join forces and release their music NFTs together.



This NFT music platform offers fans a direct and convenient way to engage with their favorite artists by purchasing their beloved songs and music-related merchandise. Going beyond traditional offerings, the site delivers exciting surprises to supporters who acquire these music works. From digital treasures to uncensored music videos and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, fans are treated to a variety of exceptional bonuses. Notably, creators stand to benefit greatly from the resale activities of collectors, adding value to their creations.


The Musician Marketplace:

While primarily serving as an on-demand music composition platform, The Musician Marketplace also features a dedicated music NFT marketplace. This platform tokenizes musical works on its ERC-721 blockchain. Unlike some marketplaces, it does not charge commissions on each sale. However, producers are responsible for covering gas expenses and a monthly subscription fee, ensuring that the marketplace remains accessible and economically sustainable for creators.

The Musician Marketplace


This is a music marketplace for NFT music where you can share and stream your music creations. As an artist, you can use this site to interact with your fans and followers, sell your work using the AUDIO token, and also share updates regarding your work. Deadmau5, 3LAU, and The Stafford Brothers are among the artists on the platform. Furthermore, the users can also connect their Ethereum and Solana music non-fungible tokens to their Audius profile.



This is a music-based NFT platform that features rare and authentic digital creations by some of the world’s most renowned artists. The site has music NFTs in addition to digital art and other categories. Sample and beat packs are among the music tracks that are accessible to the users.



NFTs are transforming the face of music around the world by using innovative technology to address gaps in the traditional music sector. It helps emerging artists launch their creations easily without going through numerous rigorous processes of the traditional music industry. Furthermore, music NFT platforms boost the bond between artists and their fans to a great extent. Similar to other sectors, one can conclude that non-fungible tokens are benefitting the music sector greatly and are expected to bring more innovation.

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