Best NFT Crypto Coins to Invest in Right Now

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The NFT space is proliferating, and many consider it a fruitful investment with high returns. Naturally, you might be curious about how to invest safely in the NFT market. If you wish to include crypto coins in your investment portfolio, you must be aware of the market’s best non-fungible token crypto coins.

There are hundreds of NFT cryptocurrencies for sale on the market, with thousands of new projects being established regularly. Their popularity has led to them being listed on practically every major cryptocurrency exchange.

Even though the non-fungible token cryptocurrency sector is still in its infancy, some cryptocurrencies are already dominating the crypto industry.

Moreover, the 45 billion dollar NFT industry is showing enormous promise. Thus, this is the best time to invest in it. While crypto coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin have dominated the cryptocurrency market since their inception, new NFT crypto tokens on the scene are also giving them tough competition. This article sheds light on the best non-fungible token crypto coins you can buy now.

What are NFT crypto coins?

These coins are essentially any virtual currency tokens used to aid the non-fungible token ecosystems. Consider Axie Infinity, a blockchain-based virtual game that uses AXS, its native currency, to aid in voting and mining in order to sustain the game’s ecosystem. The native token used in this game is called the NFT crypto coin of Axie Infinity.

The non-fungible crypto coins differ from non-fungible tokens, where the difference lies in their fungibility. Non-fungible tokens display ownership rights associated with unique digital or real-world assets; however, NFT coins are fungible currencies. In short, these coins may be sold or swapped for another non-fungible token coin of the same value.

Some examples of non-fungible token crypto coins include SAND, AXS, and SLP. These crypto coins are used to render essential services to decentralized apps, from being an in-game currency to governing tokens. These coins can be exchanged or invested, much like any other type of currency.

The difference between NFTs and cryptocurrencies


  • Non-fungible tokens symbolize tokenized tangible assets on the blockchain.
  • They are non-fungible.
  • Every NFT is unique and distinct.
  • They can be bought with cryptocurrency.
  • NFTs can be minted.
  • They are traded on sites known as NFT marketplaces.


  • Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, i.e., they have no physical existence.
  • They are fungible.
  • Cryptocurrencies are not distinct and can be swapped for currency with the same value.
  • One can buy cryptocurrencies with fiat money.
  • They cannot be minted; instead, they are mined.
  • They are available for purchase on sites known as crypto exchanges.

Find out more differences between NFT and Crypto

What will be the best NFT crypto coins to invest in?

When it comes to NFT crypto coins, the tag of best NFT crypto coins is subject to market fluctuations. While some tokens like MANA and SAND have consistently risen, new and better crypto tokens are hitting the market every day.

Furthermore, the crypto sector is subject to ups and down; the best crypto coins to put money in can keep changing based on the current situation. However, a few have witnessed substantial growth and will likely continue to provide higher returns compared to other crypto coins. These include Tezos (XTZ), Enjin Coin (ENJ), Axie Infinity (AXS), etc.

It’s crucial to remember that cryptocurrency is volatile, and what’s doing well today can tank tomorrow. That’s why smart investors would only invest what they can afford to lose.

Top NFT crypto coins for higher returns

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly enhanced the value of NFT cryptocurrencies among cryptocurrency investors and the gaming sector. The allure of non-fungible tokens attracts aspiring and expert crypto investors looking to make sound investment decisions.

Here are ten excellent non-fungible token crypto coins that you may want to buy in 2022 for higher returns:

Decentraland (MANA):

This is a trendy metaverse venture that has frequently made headlines. The boom in the non-fungible sector led to massive gains for MANA, the site’s native token. Moreover, the token became one of the most valuable non-fungible coins with regard to market capitalization.This is an Ethereum-based metaverse that offers virtual land parcels to its users. 

The land can rent or sell these plots for considerable profits on the Decentraland marketplace. Moreover, they can host gatherings, parties, and exhibitions on their virtual land if they wish to.


However, NFTs aren’t the only thing available on the Decentraland platform. Its main feature is the ability to use MANA to buy virtual land, build virtual games, and procure digital assets such as wearables, avatars, and so on.

Sandbox (SAND):

This crypto metaverse venture has performed admirably since its launch. As of 2022, the Sandbox is the largest metaverse in terms of transaction volume, with 65,000 transactions totaling $350 million. Throughout 2021, the platform’s native coin, SAND, allows users to own, construct, and monetize their game experiences.

Sandbox Coin

Players can earn this crypto coin through gameplay and then utilize the coin to purchase equipment or custom design their avatars in addition to staking the SAND tokens. The Sandbox metaverse leans mainly on the development and trading of non-fungible tokens. NFTs can be created by players utilizing SAND metaverse tokens. An encouraging aspect is that the project has a finite coin supply of 3 billion tokens, of which 1.24 billion are already in circulation.

Axie Infinity (AXS):

This is a well-known game that involves Axies (the in-game creatures). Gamers usually collect these creatures (as pets). The interplay between traditional internet gaming and blockchain that this game has created sets it apart from other video games. The game lets the gamers who reach higher levels manage their virtual prizes.

The game uses two cryptocurrencies: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Small Love Potion (SLP). AXS is the governance token that can help you earn incentives by token staking, playing, or voting in critical governance votes. The Axie NFT marketplace will accept AXS as currency.

Axie Infinity Coin

The SLP is the second token that is given to the players for playing the game (spending time in the game). It can be acquired by defeating competitor Axies or finishing the in-game goals.

THETA Network (THETA):

Theta is a blockchain-based network that enables the creation of vertical decentralized programs (dApps). The network is a prominent name for providing decentralized peer-to-peer video delivery and open-source protocol.

Similar to Axie Infinity, this network also has two native cryptocurrencies: THETA coins (for voting on protocol updates) and TFUEL (for transaction execution). Users who stake THETA tokens gain the right to process transactions on this network.

THETA Network Coin

The network users can make use of the official app of the THETA network to either store or stake their THETA tokens. The platform has a micropayment mechanism for streaming video, which enables the content creators and viewers to transmit and obtain THETA through the authentic wallet.

The network has shown impressive growth in the past few months, and as per predictions, it will continue an upward trend to reach $5.72 by the end of 2022.

Tezos (XTZ):

Tezos is an open-source blockchain network that removes significant barriers to blockchain adoption for digital goods and services. The allure of this network stems from its self-upgradable software, which was one of the first in the blockchain ecosystem.

According to the Tezos developers, the network’s strength is its future-proof architecture, which enables effortless scalability. It means the protocol can be scaled without requiring a network hard fork. The blockchain network also provides a more stable medium for dApp development. Tezos’ strength is its future-proof architecture, which enables easy scalability.

XTZ, the native coin of the platform, can be used to interact with decentralized apps, pay fees, and act as a governance token. Tez owners have the ability to vote on protocol changes submitted by Tezos developers.

Enjin (ENJ):

This project aims to offer blockchain gaming solutions making it easy for anyone to transfer, create, and market with blockchain. ENJ, the native coin, is a virtual store of value that is used to support the worth of non-fungible tokens on the blockchain.

The coin is a popular NFT cryptocurrency. Enjin is based on the Ethereum blockchain network and has a market cap of $392.578 million. The coin has real-world applications, mainly in the gaming industry. This NFT coin enables the tokenization and subsequent transfer of in-game assets across multiple platforms, in addition to revolutionizing the gaming industry by fostering a player-driven economy. 

Enjin (ENJ) Coin

To avoid paying the high gas fees associated with the ETH network, this Ethereum-based network is currently planning to expand into the heterogeneous Polkadot network.

Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX):

This is a blockchain, and protocol token is explicitly created to make e-commerce transactions faster, more accessible, and safer. The WAX Blockchain is backward compatible with EOS and uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as its consensus method.

The WAX network leverages its blockchain to certify and authenticate digital commodities. WAX has quickly become a popular NFT exchange, with the entire collection quickly selling out. WAX is also known as the most environmentally friendly blockchain in the NFT market for video games and collectibles. Crypto investors conduct over 23 million daily transactions on the WAX platform to shop, gather, and create value in their crypto wallets.

Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) Coin

The total supply of the coins is 3.89 billion, with 2.1 billion WAXP coins currently in circulation. As a result, the network has a current market value of $183 million.

Chiliz (CHZ):

This is a prominent blockchain FinTech provider for sports and entertainment in the non-fungible token sector. Socios, a blockchain-based sports entertainment site, lets consumers engage in the administration of their preferred sports businesses. This network also distributes Fan tokens to generate additional revenue streams, which can be purchased through CHZ tokens.

Chiliz (CHZ) Coin

The CHZ token is a BEP2 token on the Binance Smart Chain and an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can purchase CHZ tokens at, the platform’s exchange, as well as other verified cryptocurrency exchanges.

Flow (FLOW):

This high-performance blockchain was developed to scale for many users interacting with non-fungible tokens, such as in-game items. Dapper Labs, the company behind the NBA Top Shots and CryptoKitties blockchain games, designed the platform.

Flow (FLOW) Coin

Flow blockchain engineers designed the FLOW token to become the standard digital currency for a new generation of crypto games, applications, and NFTs. The crypto coin has a circulation of 1 billion coins and a total supply of 1.37 billion. FLOW possesses multiple attributes that make it a possible victor among numerous cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Enough distribution at the CoinList community sale
  • Use cases that go beyond governance and stakeholder management
  • As network usage grows, tokenomics becomes deflationary.

Flow employs a proof-of-stake consensus technique in conjunction with a multi-node architecture. These two traits, when combined, provide validators with plenty to perform. To become a flow validator, one must first stake a certain quantity of FLOW tokens. Users can only begin their validator position after betting FLOW tokens and collecting FLOW staking incentives.

Gala (GALA):

This blockchain-based P2E gaming platform allows players to obtain GALA tokens by completing in-game tasks and game-reaching milestones. Players can also earn crypto by creating and trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game or through non-game-based exchanges.

Gala (GALA) Coin

Players aim to become proactive partners with the development team and share in the revenue generated. 

How to buy NFT crypto coins?

There are numerous crypto exchanges available today. You can use any of these exchange platforms to buy your preferred NFT coins. The buying process on these exchanges is similar, with a few exceptions here and there.

  • Visit the NFT site of your choice and create a free personal account.
  • The following step is to create an account by clicking the ‘Create Personal Account’ option.
  • Enter the necessary information and click ‘Next’ to begin.
  • The following step is account verification. To do so, submit a copy of an official ID proof online and complete the face verification process.
  • Make a minimum deposit of $10 via bank wire transfer, debit card, or P2P.
  • Once your deposit has been validated, enter the ticker symbol for the NFT token and select the relevant pair to purchase.
  • Enter how many of the crypto coins you want to buy and click ‘Buy’ to finish the process.
  • Check your crypto wallet to verify if the coins have been deposited into your account.

Final words

The NFT movement is new and serves as an early example of cryptos’ ability to make the digital economy work for more people. Creating and selling digital assets may make a lot of sense for creators. Purchasing any NFT crypto token for its collector value, on the other hand, is a speculative investment. The value of the work is unknown and will fluctuate depending on demand.

There is no proper set of rules for deciding which NFT crypto coins will increase in value and which will fall in value. On the other hand, early detection of a new NFT trend can pay off handsomely later. So the best advice when it comes to investing in these coins is to always keep an eye out for market trends.

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