NFT Discord Servers: Top 10 NFT Discord Communities

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The tremendous popularity of NFTs is bringing individuals from all walks of life together. Famous brands, creative geniuses, ordinary people, and high-profile celebrities are all making or purchasing original digital artworks, fueling the expansion of NFTs. While supporters consider NFT an investment, detractors see it as a tech bubble that will likely bust shortly. However, if you want to learn about NFTs, now is the time.

Although no one can predict how the future of NFT will unfold, one thing is sure: NFT is the most crucial trend in the digital ecosystem and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future. Discord servers have lately become the virtual haunt for crypto fans to discover and discuss the latest non-fungible token ventures and industry trends. The site has evolved into a hub for the crypto, Web3, and NFT communities.

Discord is a forum-style web chat app with thousands of reliable servers that disseminate non-fungible token-related news and information. Some of these channels are aimed primarily at investors, while others are explicitly aimed at artists and developers.

There is a perfect community for everyone in the diverse NFT discord community. Finding the proper Discord channel for your interests might be challenging. This article has compiled a list of the ten excellent non-fungible token Discord servers to follow in 2023.

What does Discord mean?

Discord is a digital communication program that combines the components of social network channels with professional platforms like Slack.

Initially aimed at the gaming community, the platform has video, text, and voice call features that allow users to communicate with one another.

Discord works on almost every popular platform and device, including Windows, iOS, iPad, macOS, Android, Linux, and web browsers. Numerous well-known non-fungible token initiatives have significantly benefited from the advent of Discord servers.

NFT Discord

Discord is used by many people not simply to speak with one another while playing games but also as an organizational and social tool. While most of the servers are about gaming, there are other public Discord channels about anime, cryptocurrencies, self-improvement, and other topics. People can utilize,, and to search for and identify Discord servers that are relevant to their interests.

What exactly are NFT Discord servers?

These are online groups dedicated to the advancement of non-fungible token knowledge. Fostering a community that is involved on a deeper level is one of the problems with any business. The more you can achieve this, the better your brand will be – especially if you want to promote and raise awareness about an NFT project.

Instead of spamming links to your community members, Discord allows you to get personal with them. You can organize discussions, live stream events, bring fresh ideas to life, schedule calls, and market your initiative. You can just foster the community in whatever way you see proper.

You may encourage more people to participate by rewarding your members for being active in various ways. Access to your whitelists, early access to your NFT projects, VIP chats, unique giveaways, incentive programs, and other benefits are examples of rewards you can provide.

You must be able to be close to your customers with your NFT project. Knowing their needs and desires allows you to tailor your services to them in the most fantastic way possible, and the only means to do accomplish this is to give them a channel. Discord has solutions for this and can be a considerable part of your future initiatives as you strive to exceed their expectations.

Top 10 NFT Discord servers


UPYO is the newest marketplace that launched in the Middle East. The company has also introduced a new non-fungible token Discord server that offers users helpful information on non-fungible tokens and upcoming NFT drops. Users can access the discord server to find the top artists on the UPYO platform, the trending NFT collections, and current market trends.

nft discord server

Crypto Dads:

This is a well-known group that is dedicated to crypto and non-fungible tokens. The Discord channel of Crypto Dads is brimming with value, consisting of various trade callers for non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrency. There are channels for the latest non-fungible token ventures and drops and a channel that explains how to profit from non-fungible token purchases and sales. Furthermore, this community is one of the most engaging online and has zero noise.

nft discord servers

NFT Community:

This is a subreddit of the non-fungible token. You should be aware of their discord server if you’ve already visited their NFT subreddit page. If you are a newbie with respect to non-fungible tokens, this is an excellent place to get to know about non-fungible tokens.

The NFT subreddit alone has over 201K members at the time of writing, and its discord server has around 75K. An excellent fact about this Discord server is that you can receive constant updates on what is going on in the NFT ecosystem and endorse your own NFT venture.


Game enthusiasts can happily join this community and follow its Discord, which has over 161k members. This is a full-fledged digital environment with its own DAO that offers users autonomy in digital spaces. This nascent platform is committed to creating the globe’s biggest alternate real estate economy based on blockchain. With the MANA cryptocurrency, people can acquire land parcels in this 3-dimensional digital environment.

Decentraland Discord


This venture consists of a set of 8,888 generative Mekas, many of which are derived from popular Japan Mecha worlds. Every Meka in this set is distinct work of art with its own color palette. This community presently has over 167K users, and anyone joining the group can stay up to date on all that there is in the MekaVerse universe.

MekaVerse discord


This is Gary Vee’s non-fungible token initiative, wherein you can become a part of this group if you possess a VeeFriends token. Additionally, the token holders also get exclusive access to VeeCon, a multi-day event. This venture was launched to create a community that helps users utilize creativity and business passion with the help of non-fungible tokens. As of now, this group has 315K users and hosts numerous channels pertaining to Content corner, information, on topic, community, support, and archive.

VeeFriends discord

Bored Ape Yacht Club:

Today, one of the most well-known and distinct NFT projects is the BAYC project, with 145K members. It is a set of ten thousand distinct Bored Ape non-fungible tokens that also serve as membership cards for the Yacht Club, granting the collectors exclusive benefits such as a digital lounge and bathroom, the virtual hangout place. Furthermore, each non-fungible possesses distinct characteristics like apparel, hat, expression, etc.

Bored Ape Yacht Club discord

Crypto Baristas:

With over twenty thousand Discord community members, this is the world’s foremost non-fungible token-funded cafe. Join this Discord if you’re interested in non-fungible token projects with real-world applications. The community’s first season included 60 caffeine-obsessed personalities whose rights assisted in the conceptualization and launch of this Café.

The shareholders of these tokens will also be able to enjoy caffeinated perks for the rest of their lives in all future cafe arenas and websites. Furthermore, the owners will have control over Barista Bank, which has set aside 15% of the venture’s earnings for subsequent use.

Crypto Baristas discord

Mutant Cat:

This is the foremost decentralized autonomous organization to buy CryptoPunks, Cool Cats, and a few more valuable blue chip non-fungible tokens to allocate to its members. Mutant Cat DAO holders will have exclusive access to NFT drops, claimable non-fungible tokens on a regular basis, and a lot more future utility. This discord group had over 28,000 active members initially and is still growing.

Mutant Cat discord


The Museum is a generative non-fungible token initiative that highlights NFT art’s historical, artistic, and cultural significance. It now has over 13,850 NFT enthusiasts debating NFTs. One of the significant features of this compendium is its ability to morph into another identity corresponding to the calendar day of celebration.


Discord groups expose you to more early information on NFTs than any other social media platform, allowing you to identify the subsequent possible NFT initiatives. Join an NFT collector discord community to learn about the next big non-fungible token initiative if you’re a non-fungible token collector. Spending more time in various discord communities can help you identify the most promising non-fungible token initiatives.


Where can I find NFT communities?

Discord is the place where you can find NFT-related communities/groups. In fact, Discord and Twitter are the NFT and Crypto worlds’ newspapers. If you want to be successful in this sector, you must be familiar with these tools. Users in the Discord communities are enthusiastic about NFTs and blockchain applications. Participating in such clubs allows audience members to stay current on the latest news, digital items, and other topics. An NFT community is made up of active NFT traders, collectors, and sellers.

What is the best NFT community?

UPYO is the best NFT community on Discord. It has a dedicated online following. The UPYO community constantly updates its users on upcoming events, drops, trending collections, news, and more. NFT discord group can also help a project acquire investors. 

Communities offer comprehensive research for investors looking to fund fruitful or financially viable initiatives because they can see who is supporting them and the size of the community. Some of the top non-fungible token communities include VeeFriends, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Alien Frens, CryptoMories, etc.

Why does NFT project use Discord?

Non-fungible token ventures employ Discord as it allows them to engage with non-fungible token investors and establish a community. In other words, Discord is a social network that lets people easily access essential information about non-fungible tokens. The success of non-fungible token sales relies on the NFT communities. 

By connecting with the target audience, new projects can increase the buzz around a project, establish a loyal following, and increase the possibility of profit. Healthy NFT communities encourage the exchange of ideas, questions, and concerns, all of which contribute to project development. These members of the community may obtain tokens that allow them to purchase NFTs.

Is Discord required for NFT?

You can use Discord to learn about the upcoming and ongoing non-fungible token releases. Being a member of a Discord community can assist you in learning about non-fungible tokens. Discord is a wonderful platform for creating your own non-fungible token community for newbies. In fact, strong NFT groups are vital for the success of non-fungible token endeavors. 

The unique mix of exclusivity and community enables non-fungible token initiatives to realize their full potential through social network platforms. Furthermore, every non-fungible token bearer is an implied shareholder and endorser of the venture.

How do I join an NFT Discord community?

Visit and download the Discord app for your device. Set it up on your phone, so you can easily log in to the Windows or Mac app with a QR code. Keep a record of your account ID, as many projects demand you to supply your ID as well as your wallet address when signing up for NFT whitelists. To join an NFT Discord community, utilize the search option on the site. You can also search by genre. Once you’ve found the page, you must click the button to join the community.

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