NFT Games: The 20 Best NFT Games Right Now

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Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are taking over the digital world, enabling the trade of unique digital goods such as photos, memes, video clips, audio files, and even GIFs. The gaming industry has been the quickest adopter of NFT technology. In fact, the non-fungible tokens alter gamers’ thoughts on purchasing online gaming and in-game assets.

With the introduction of NFTs, gamers are now accustomed to purchasing in-game stuff via microtransactions and season passes. Additionally, blockchain games give provision to earn royalties from non-fungible tokens. In other words, players can earn income or rewards by trading non-fungible tokens or completing some game activities. 

What are NFT games?

As the name suggests, NFT games employ non-fungible tokens as their primary element in the game environment. It can be used as a part of player interaction, game accessories, and in a reward system, among other things. Blockchain or NFT games create a virtual gaming environment with the help of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and game mechanics. 

One can say that these games are very much similar to conventional video games. However, the significant difference between these two is how they get rewarded. Gamers get rewards such as coins and other items after completing new levels in video games. But, these rewards are confined to the game, and gamers cannot use them outside. 

However, that is not the case with non-fungible token games, as gamers utilize their rewards in quite a few ways. Usually, a gamer can transfer the rewards to another game or swap them with another gamer.

The basic principles of NFT apply to the game assets gamers own. Therefore, one can easily verify the ownership and rarity of these assets. Moreover, players are guaranteed to earn royalties from secondary sales. Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains are the topmost networks where one can find non-fungible token games.

Furthermore, NFT-powered games like Splinterlands and Axie Infinity are already ahead of the curve by extending the utility of NFTs into the metaverse

Can you make money from NFT games?

Yes, one can make money by playing non-fungible token games. However, the revenue one earns depends on the market of the game. Gamers usually get tokens or non-fungible tokens as gratuities. The more one plays, the more one earns rewards. 

Here are some ways to earn money through NFT games:

In-game tokens:

Blockchain games follow a P2E model that offers tokens rewards that potentially offer monetary benefits to the users. An example of such a P2E game is Axie Infinity, in which players receive tokens known as little love portions. The average Axie Infinity user earns almost $500 per month from gaming alone. One little love potion is currently valued at approximately $0.032.

In-game NFTs:

In-game non-fungible tokens are one more option to earn revenue while playing a game whose value is decided based on its utility, rarity, etc. For example, an Axie NFT obtained in the game sells for an average of $270 in the market. The demand for these NFT products in games has steadily risen as more people join and play the game. 

Since these NFTs are rare and finite in number, their value has increased drastically. This simply implies that they can be traded for actual money or used to establish a business around their unique collections.

Merch sales:

Many NFT players develop their brand in the gaming community, interact with their followers, and sell items and merchandise to their followers. This merchandise can range from physical merch to NFTs.

Community lead:

The NFT gaming community is flourishing in the crypto arena. One of the quickest ways to make money in the field is to gain influence and establish relationships with companies that are present in the space. Building communities is a highly focused method of advertising and reaching the correct audience for their products.

Gaming influencers:

One of the OG methods for gamers to get rich was to become gaming influencers. Platforms like Twitch has given rise to many gaming superstars. The same can be applied to non-fungible token games. Top gamers profit by teaching their large followers how to achieve high game levels. This is also a chance to serve as a brand advocate for present and forthcoming games. The crypto and NFT industry is driven by influencers, which has created numerous opportunities for people in the gaming space, including those who stream their gameplay live.

Consulting roles:

Due to their massive influence, top gamers can share their experiences and provide input to gaming firms. Their feedback helps multi-billion dollar companies improve their products and offer the best version of the game. Game consulting has become a significant and terrific way to make money for crypto game players.

Are there free NFT games?

Most NFT games are paid; however, a few do not require upfront capital. NFT games are built on blockchains and fueled by digital asset economies, in which players fight for or earn in-game assets. These assets include NFTs, tokens, skins, guns and weapons, graphics, etc. 

While NFT games have only been active for a short while, many new players may be looking for free options to help them stand out. In fact, there is a surging demand for free games. Here are some free play-to-earn games that you can check out:  

  • Gods Unchained
  • Guild of Guardians
  • CryptoKitties
  • CryptoCelebrities
  • Chain Monster
  • Ethermon
  • War Rider
  • Splinterlands
  • Decentraland
  • Ethergoo

20 Best NFT games You Should Know About

Axie Infinity:

This is one of the well-known games that are very much sought after by non-fungible token game lovers. It comprises Axies, which are the native creatures of the game. Gamers usually fight with other gamers, and the one who wins the battle is awarded SLP, Smooth Love Potion, the game’s native ERC-20 currency. 

One may trade SLPs in the market or use them to produce more Axies. Furthermore, one can encash the reward on some platforms such as Uniswap v2. With so many features and content, this game is easily popular in the market today.

Axie Infinity Game

Alien Worlds:

Built on the WAX blockchain, this game features a total of six worlds where gamers play to acquire Trilium (TLM), the game’s cross-chain currency. In a DeFi metaverse, mining on Alien Worlds permits gamers to purchase or get non-fungible tokens and TLM. Usually, the NFTs can range from land to tools to weapons to avatars, each with its own set of values, characteristics, and abilities. 

alien worlds


This is a tradeable card game that is compatible with Android and iOS. The game follows a play-as-you-earn mechanism. Gamers can play this game by building virtual card decks that depict various warriors with distinct attributes. This is a wonderful game to try if you are new to non-fungible token games. Players have the option to sell, buy, or trade cards.

splinterland Game


This is a metaverse platform where users construct land plots, connect with various people, and explore virtual land. The platform is well-known for having a great community that offers animations and other in-game products on its marketplace. One can perform various activities, such as gaming and visiting properties, museums, parks, and others. 

Decentraland Game

Furthermore, you also have the option to gamble at their casino. Overall, you can find 90,000 plots that can be bought, sold, or possessed. 

League of Kingdoms:

This is a multiplayer online strategy game where gamers battle in the Middle Age setup. One can trade land, food, minerals, and in-game money that are stored as non-fungible tokens. The game is available in-browser and as a mobile application that can be played to earn good side income.

League of Kingdoms

Gods Unchained:

This is another leading blockchain game that can easily help you get started with non-fungible token gaming. One can participate in PVP-style fights in this card-based strategy game with the game’s opponents. As a user, you can acquire the cards by buying them directly from the game or by winning the matches.

It must be noted that this game favors skill over luck. The game has a ranking system to make sure fairness to each player. You can buy, sell, or trade this game’s cards (ERC-721) as you wish. 

gods unchained


This is a popular fantasy football game where gamers gather virtual cards to build a soccer game team. Each of these cards illustrates a football player (real-world player), and the actual performance of the player in the real world decides its statistics. It must be noted that the value of your team grows as and when you win the matches and advance forward. This is a perfect game for anyone with good football knowledge, as the real football game directly impacts it.

sorare Game

Zed Run:

This is a blockchain-based horse racing game where gamers can possess, raise, and breed digital horses. The creators of this game refer to these virtual horses as “breathing NFTs,” each having a unique breed, bloodline, and other DNA characteristics. You can play this game on mobile and also on a browser. However, you must remember that a small investment is needed to get started with the game.

The Sandbox:

This metaverse platform is similar to that of Decentraland, where users can trade, create, and buy non-fungible token assets. Users can employ the in-game tools to sell their works on the marketplace. In addition to the native SAND ERC-20 token used as payment, NFT parcels of land can be purchased, traded, and sold in the game.

Sandbox Game


The auto-chess gameplay concept of DOTA and League of Legends inspires this game. Gamers usually navigate this game’s landscape, fighting and gathering the Illuvium animals. After acquiring Illuvial to your collection, you can utilize them in fighting your opponents while simultaneously finishing the challenges or advancing through various levels. The player on the marketplace can trade the illuvium assets.

Illuvium Game

Nine Chronicles:

Nine Chronicles is a role-playing game in which you play an adventurer who goes plundering, fighting, exploring, and fighting monsters. Nine Chronicles is one of the most polished NFT games on the market right now, with gorgeous side-scrolling graphics and the ability to influence the game’s focus with governance tokens. This completely decentralized NFT game lets the players earn revenue through game playing and developing in-game assets.

Nine Chronicles Game

Crypto Raiders:

Crypto Raiders, which is set to release in the fall of 2021, has 16-bit graphics reminiscent of Zelda and appears to be one of the most intriguing NFT titles on the horizon. The game is inspired by rogue-likes, where perma-death is a constant threat, raising the stakes significantly. Players will choose one of 7,5000 raiders to enter a dungeon and (hopefully) win some NFT prizes. 

Crypto Raiders Game

The fear of irreversible death is balanced by the possibility of earning some substantial payouts in Crypto Raiders, making it one to keep an eye on.

Battle Racers:

Battle Racers is a blockchain racer that, like Mario Kart, uses NFTs of weaponry and parts to allow players to design the best racing car. Aside from the fast-paced action, the ability to combine these elements is where strategy comes into play, allowing players to prioritize handling over speed, for example. Cars that have been customized can then be sold on markets like OpenSea for a quick profit. Battle Racers is a virtual game available in Decentraland as well as in-browser.

Battle Racers Game

Lost Relics:

This is an action RPG in the vein of Diablo and Warcraft. Dungeons are explored, monsters are killed, quests are completed, and NFT loot is earned. Players can obtain virtual items such as rare weapons and armor via the Enjin network by exploring and completing missions. These can be used to enter more challenging dungeons and obtain rarer loot, or they can be sold for a profit on the market.

Lost Relics Game

Crypto Fights:

Crypto Fights, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, uses the same attribute mechanisms as its tabletop counterpart, with characters varying in strength, dexterity, intelligence, and other attributes. In-game tournaments allow players to complete objectives and compete against other players for real money. Playing the game grants you advantages such as character advancement, more powerful weapons, and other valuable items. Crypto Fights is now available as both a PC game and a mobile app.

Crypto Fights Game


Osiris is a “living breathing 2D decentralized metaverse” that accepts Opal (OPAL) as payment. Participants in Osiris select a “Cosmis Kid” avatar, which exists as ERC-721 tokens (10,000 currently available), and can inhibit the virtual environment known as the Nexus, exploring and playing games such as Mini-Golf, Hopper, and Star Saber. The winners of these games receive monetary tokens. Users of Osiris can also own property that can be rented out or used for various purposes, generating passive income.

Osiris Game


Another soccer management sim, Rabona, places players in team manager and head coach roles, attempting to steer their team to victory. The goal is to discover untapped talent and grow your business, thereby increasing your income. The gameplay entails putting together a strong team, competing against others, and managing the stadium. Each season, Hive Rewards are given to the most successful teams.

Rabona Game

Upcoming Games You Should Look Out For in 2023

Lost Worlds:

This is one of the hottest non-fungible token games that you need to keep an eye on. The game is based on physical world sites. The game has got brand new non-fungible tokens that represent real-world locations. The users of this game can gather and mint the actual physical locations as a non-fungible token. 

In other words, this game prefers to associate real-world locations with virtual assets and interactions. Thus, this is a perfect platform for virtual nomads and travelers who would enjoy collecting non-fungible token assets worldwide. 

Lost Worlds Game

The platform receives any type of artwork, game, or location-based treasure hunt as submissions from the artists. Lost Worlds is still in its launch phase and working on its metaverse space which will be linked to physical locations.


This unique NFT snake game incentivizes gamers to fight in arenas. Players are required to purchase if they want to interact with the game. Furthermore, gamers have the provision to get tokens that can be swapped for fiat currency. The game has a space called Battle Royale Arena where they can fight against other snakes.

Moshnake Game

The game is developed on the Binance Chain; thus, the tokens are BEP tokens. You can find utility tokens (Moshnake (MSH) and Venom (VEN)) and non-fungible tokens on the platform. Venom tokens are the in-game tokens that are employed to make various in-game purchases. Furthermore, it can also be used as a reward, transaction fee, and governance token.


This metaverse game has similarities with Sandbox, where robots are the primary entities. The objective of this game is to offer a community-centric venture to the people. Players can own and control the robots in this game while simultaneously rebuilding the virtual world. Furthermore, they can create robot companions, handle their virtual plots, and procure resources.

RobotEra Game

The gamers have the provision to build, navigate, and develop non-fungible token assets and trade them in the community. Additionally, players can communicate with other players and share their digital world experience through “shared multiverse” features.


CaesarVerse is another top NFT game to keep an eye on in 2023 for various reasons. In comparison to other NFT games, CaesarVerse has a slightly different focus. One significant difference is that it is solely educational in nature, as opposed to financial. While NFTs and in-game rewards are essential, they are not the primary motivation for its development.

CaesarVerse Game

Caesarverse focuses on the Roman era and creates an immersive environment in which players can learn about life during this time. They may interact with historical figures and visit real-world locations and events. In other words, it’s a Roman-themed Metaverse.

Aside from the educational aspects, players can engage in gladiatorial combat within an arena and will be able to engage in cooperative legionary combat once the game is fully released. At a later date, real-time strategy elements will be added to provide rewarding, strategic, and challenging gameplay. The experience could be made more engaging by the inclusion of VR headsets.

Lucky Block

This blockchain-based game is the newest entrant to the non-fungible token gaming space. Firstly Lucky Block is a token that is employed to play virtual lottery games. Compared to traditional lottery games, Lucky Block offers equal chances to all players, making it pretty revolutionary.

CaesarVerse Game

Users can purchase tickets through the Lucky Block app for the daily prize draws. The jackpot pool is financed from ticket revenue and LBLOCK – the native token of Lucky Block.


This is a well-known P2E virtual thoroughbred horse racing game with unique gaming dynamics that merges the real world with the metaverse. This derivative gaming platform allows players to own and trade NFTs modeled after the thoroughbred horse racing industry. 

Comprehensive datasets containing information on bloodlines, race records, and development history are scanned to ensure that each Silks Horse possesses the same traits as its real-world counterpart. Gamers must feed, train, and shelter them using the resources available in the ecosystem. 


The in-game NFTs in the Silks metaverse include Silks Avatars, Silks Land, and Silks Stables. Gamers can earn money by playing, staking, mining, and contributing to the Silks ecosystem. Furthermore, they are rewarded whenever the Silks Horse’s real-world counterpart wins races or has offspring.


This is a P2E card battle game that is currently dominating the Game-Fi space. One of the best features of this game is that this game does not require the player to have crypto knowledge. The game has two modes of play – Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Play mode. Furthermore, the game has a story mode that sets it apart from other play-to-earn games.

Calvaria Game

As a player, whatever you earn, including upgrades, decks, and cards in this game, remains with you forever. 


As you can see, there are numerous options for NFT games, and there is something for everyone†“whether you enjoy building things like Minecraft or hunting and capturing unusual monsters like in Pokemon. Additionally, while many of the games we have listed above are already well-established, others are due to be fully released within 2022.

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