NFT Marketing Guide With Popular Examples

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Without a doubt, non-fungible tokens are the top trending crypto assets on the market. The NFT space is growing at a staggering rate, proving its skeptics wrong in more ways than one. With the growing application of NFTs in different industries, it’s unlikely that the NFT craze will die anytime soon. Due to the rising competition in the industry, NFT marketing tactics have become a necessity for anyone who wants to launch their non-fungible tokens successfully.

Launching an NFT collection is similar to building a brand. You need to promote and create hype for your brand to attract the attention of the right people. It takes diligent planning, organization, and implementation to achieve good marketing results. We will discuss the different approaches to running a fruitful NFT advertising campaign.

NFTs Marketing

NFT marketing – What does it mean?

Non-fungible Token marketing is the process of developing, advertising and delivering an NFT venture and its related services to the target market sites. Marketing, in general, has become a necessary component for success in a competitive environment. So, naturally optimized and well-planned promotion plans are critical to the overall success of any NFT-based business.

As the NFT space continues to grow rapidly, it has become increasingly challenging to sell NFTs for a profit. With billions of dollars being put into this market, it’s imperative for creators to offer value to their investors to gain a competitive advantage. A robust NFT business plan enables creators and businesses to enhance awareness of their projects and improve customer engagement.

Most of the successful NFT launches can be attributed to their strong presence on social media channels and a dedicated NFT community. Hence, it’s essential to recognize the power of community-driven objectives in developing a successful NFT story. NFT sales marketing is one method for producers to create buzz and build a community around their products.

To receive a good return on investment, one needs to be mindful of the project’s branding. NFT businesses have to think about how they can create demand in the market for their tokens while ensuring that buyers see value in their work. An effective NFT advertising plan is critical in assisting designers in selling their offerings in a way that makes them enticing buyers.

Why should you use NFT marketing plan for your NFT venture?

One must use non-fungible token marketing methods to publicize their tokens to attract prospects interested in acquiring the crypto art. This method helps you advertise NFTs on relevant platforms, groups, and social media channels.

Furthermore, it also helps your non-fungible token collection to engage with the audience and ensures they get timely updates.

Here are some of the prominent factors why it’s important to concentrate on the NFT promotional campaign:

Increase brand awareness:

Creating awareness about your non-function token collection enables you to present them to your potential customers. It advertises your commodity and informs them about your NFT endeavor.

Increase the audience reach:

NFT promotional activities are crucial to project your non-fungible token creations to numerous investors across the globe and broaden your ambit.

Recognize purchasing habits of the target audience:

Promotions are an excellent approach to advertising your NFT creations. Furthermore, you can gain knowledge of buyer behavior and understand customer requirements and dislikes. You can use this approach to communicate with your target customers, obtain fresh thoughts, and discover what improvements to make to your current NFT initiatives to produce higher revenue.

Amplify profit:

NFT advertising greatly contributes to increasing your income by letting you connect with prospective consumers and intimate them about your ventures.

Create an active and thriving community:

Marketing strategies allow you to communicate with your audience and stay in touch. To create discussions and strong communities for your brand, communicate with your target audience on a medium they choose. Furthermore, developing genuine relationships with interested buyers converts them into loyal customers, which is how businesses survive in large and competitive industries. This is considered to be one of the best ways to invest in NFT.

How to market an NFT Project?

Like traditional marketing, non-fungible token marketing involves a combination of strategies that help you reach the right audience most efficiently. Let’s break down the marketing process:

  • Decide on the type of non-fungible token you want to create and market.
  • Set up goals and objectives for your NFT project.
  • Research and evaluate your target audience.
  • Create a narrative for your venture that focuses on a long-term plan.
  • Promote your NFT collection across multiple platforms for maximum visibility.
  • Create an non-fungible token community on channels like Twitter and Discord.
  • Provide value to your NFT community through insightful interaction.

Examples of NFT marketing strategies

Customers now have an abundance of options for spending their money due to the rise of non-fungible token products. Buyers can be selective about what they want to buy, making it harder for companies to market their NFTs. On the other hand, marketers have grasped this opportunity and are attempting to bridge the gap between customers and sellers using Web3 technology and their previous experience with traditional marketing approaches.

Here are a few examples of NFT marketing approaches that you can deploy to acquire positive engagement:

Use social media networking sites:

Numerous platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Discord can be helpful to market your tokens to potential customers. The first step to this approach is creating a unique profile that is relevant to your venture. Also, remember to include relevant links on your profile and posts.

Additionally, don’t forget to add hashtags associated with non-fungible tokens to catch the attention of your audience as this increases your chance of getting noticed.

NFT Marketing Campaign

Some trending hashtags that you must include in your social media posts are:

  • #nft
  • #nftart
  • #nftcommunity
  • #nftartist
  • #nfts
  • #nftcollector
  • #nftvideo
  • #digitalart
  • #cryptoart
  • #cryptoartist

Listing your NFT in the right marketplace:

The right platform (website and/or mobile app) is where NFTs such as trading cards, games, metaverse lands, and artworks get noticed and traded. Finding suitable prospects becomes easier when you publish your digital artwork in the right marketplace.

Choosing the right platform is crucial. You can either choose marketplaces that trade in all types of NFTs or opt for specialized platforms like NBA Top Shot. There are numerous NFT platforms available, including UPYO, OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare.


Add your launch to an NFT drop calendar:

An NFT drop is when creators announce the launch of their non-fungible token projects. In a nutshell, it refers to the day and time period at which a buyer may purchase a non-fungible token. For instance, consider sites such as the NFT Calendar that focus on NFT drops and broadcast their dates. For more about NFT drops

NFT Marketing Strategy

To get your non-fungible tokens added to the drop calendar, you must usually submit basic information about it. This includes:

  • Title of your collection.
  • Information about the creator.
  • NFT description.
  • The market platform where your NFT will be dropped.
  • Your digital artwork’s URL.

Establish an NFT roadmap:

Having a roadmap simply means you have a proper plan to accomplish a specific goal. It marks some crucial objectives that you attain in your NFT journey. Furthermore, having a blueprint will make your venture look authentic.

Build an NFT community:

A strong community is required to establish a brand. However, fostering an online community for your brand is a difficult task. This activity requires you to interact with your customers to explain what you provide them.

Then again, remember that your group PR community isn’t supposed to be in charge of promoting your brand, maintaining sales, or publicizing your NFT endeavor. You serve your community rather than the other way around. Understanding this facet can help you govern the performance and longevity of your brand.

Influencer marketing:

Influencers, whether they are micro or macro-influencers, have the ability to sway the buying decisions of their followers. They can become a valuable part of your marketing campaign, helping you to achieve more acquisitions and improve public awareness.

Influencers have immense clout and a well-established audience. Thus, they assist you in gaining confidence and establishing your credibility. As a result, this saves time and money that would have been spent on establishing trust with new audiences. This increases productivity and saves time that otherwise would be focused on establishing a strong relationship with prospective consumers.

Guest blogging:

Also known as ‘Guest posting,’ this is one more trending approach where you reach out to relevant websites. To begin, search those sites where you can contribute as a guest. Send them an email explaining your offerings for their site. The objective here is to provide these websites with content for free, such as articles, in return for endorsing your NFT venture.

Keep in mind that this approach will also open the road for new collaborations with fellow contributors. Ensure that your contributions serve as a guide to your work and help you sell your products.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is another successful way for promoting your NFT initiative and keeping your followers up to date on all things NFTs. This also assists NFT holders in accomplishing the following goals:

  • Notify their target markets about new product launches.
  • Collect user input.
  • Send them news about new items.

It is relatively straightforward to launch an email marketing campaign. Follow these steps to set up your email marketing campaign:

  • Identify the target audience.
  • Gather their email addresses.
  • Use an email-sending network to send emails.
  • Write high-quality email content.
  • Add a call-to-action button (CTA) in the email design.
  • Send the emails.

Regularly posting e-newsletters to your intended audience might assist them to become involved in your business. It can persuade them to explore your project and even buy your NFTs.

Host AMA Sessions:

AMA sessions on your NFTs can provide exposure while also guiding the audience in understanding the idea behind your project. You can also outline what the roadmap of your project looks like during these sessions. Platforms like Telegram, Reddit, and YouTube are prominent sites for holding AMA sessions and gaining more followers.

Keep these pro tips in mind when conducting an efficient AMA session for NFT promotion:

  • Notify the time and date of the session beforehand.
  • Enable community members to post questions in advance, so that you can meticulously plan your replies.
  • Compile 10+ intriguing issues that you wish to first tackle in your session.
  • Ensure your AMA session is about 30-40 minutes.
  • Reserve at least 10 – 15 minutes in the end of the session for doubts or questions.
  • Award and appreciate your viewers for taking part in your session.

Make a website to promote your NFT brand:

Web presence allows people searching for the most recent NFT projects to easily find your project on the internet. Your webpage will function as a landing page for prospective investors and also as a site for visitors to know more about your ventures and offerings.

Additionally, a website can also help you optimize your search engine results. If the website ranks at the top of SERPs, it becomes easier for users to find and access your NFT project.

Affiliate marketing:

A low-cost affiliate marketing strategy can help you promote your digital assets. You can reward your affiliates with a percentage of the profits if they drive sales under this strategy.

Register your NFT in popular newsletters:

There are various platforms related to blockchain that deliver newsletters regularly to their subscribers. Search and shortlist such platforms and ask them to insert your products into their list. For instance, NFT Calendar intimates its audience about new launches.

This works best when you don’t have an email list. There are well-known newsletters such as NFT Hunters which can assist in this regard.

There are other more prominent NFT platforms that you can contact such as:

  • NonFungible.
  • NFT Lately.
  • Forefront Newsletter.
  • Rarible Newsletter.

Through their newsletters, these sites offer valuable insights and NFT industry news. Thus, including your NFTs in such famous newsletters is advantageous considering they track and analyze the current market developments.

Target blockchain markets networks:

Approaching the intended audience with your NFT marketing messages is one of the strategies that might help you succeed. Since, popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have restrictions, you can consider crypto networks as an alternative. These sites are cheap and target the right people easily.

Thus, if you have any breakthrough in your sales, place your advertisements on these sites. However, understand a platform before selecting it. Consider its essential features and audience size. Here are some Blockchain Ad Network examples to consider:

  • Coingecko
  • Bitmedia
  • Coinzilla
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Lunarcrush

Press releases:

Submitting press statements on well-known channels can help your project get validity. Press releases can help you explain the value of your non-fungible tokens and the benefits of procuring them. You can hire NFT marketing firms to help you create effective press releases.

Depending on your goals, you can sell your NFT collectibles through major PR networks and NFT-related periodicals. Articles and interviews about your NFT products can help spread the word about your NFT initiative, leading to increased participation. Here are a few significant sites where your NFT PR can be published:

  • Cointelegraph
  • Forbes
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Bloomberg
  • Minstable
  • The Guardian
  • The Art Newspaper
  • Entrepreneur

Alternatively, you may contact a public relations firm to distribute your press statements to a large number of media at once. It is best to approach NFT-related PR firms as they specialize in the crypto industry and have good knowledge in producing helpful promotional content.

NFT Airdrops:

Airdrops are a crucial part of NFT promotion and marketing. As the competition in the NFT environment heats up, developers must devise novel strategies to promote their products. This is here that airdrops can help. You can create and distribute special promo codes to invite clients to buy your NFTs at a discount. This strategy can enhance sales and promote interest in your virtual artworks.

Use video marketing:

This is a great approach to attracting people who are interested in your NFT initiative. Produce high-quality videos that inform your audience about your non-fungible token projects and persuade them to participate or invest in them. Remember that NFTs are still in their infancy, and many people are ignorant of their value and benefits.

You can create a video that informs newcomers who have minimal knowledge of the NFT specialty. You can explain how your NFT is unique in the video, as well as the benefits purchasers will receive if they buy it.

You can produce different videos according to your goals, such as:

  • Awareness-generating promotional video clips for your non-fingible token art.
  • Technical movies demonstrating the architecture of NFTs.
  • Videos that educate about the relevance of NFTs.
  • Engaging movies that spark interaction in your NFT group and result in getting new followers.

Engage the services of an experienced NFT marketing agency:

Promotions are a significant difficulty for top NFT musicians. Marketing is an essential component of any project and necessitates the aid of individuals with suitable skills. This is where a marketing company may help.

An NFT-based advertising company has the technology and people to promote your NFTs in a variety of places, including an NFT marketplace. The following are some key benefits that a marketing firm may bring to your project:

  • Analyzes, identifies, and contacts the market with a suitable NFT marketing plan.
  • It is less expensive than hiring in-house developers to execute 24/7 marketing efforts to target the appropriate populations.
  • Customize your NFT marketing services to meet the precise goals of your project.

In order to market your NFT creation, NFT advertising firms employ the below-given strategies:

  • Search engine marketing
  • Marketing through celebrities, influencers, well-known personalities, etc.,
  • Twitter administration
  • Management of public relations
  • Blog administration
  • Paid advertising
  • Community development

NFT ad companies usually develop a unique marketing plan that is just made for your venture. They employ cutting-edge and innovative techniques to enhance your ROI. Always conduct thorough research before selecting an NFT promotion company for your project. For example, look at their NFT expertise and case studies to see if they are a good fit for your project.

Prepare a giveaway:

When organizing an upcoming nft event, it is vital to promote it with NFT gifts. The giveaway technique has increased in popularity within NFT circles due to its potential to lure people to your NFT event. You can give away either digital or tangible collectibles. Participants must execute a few simple tasks to take advantage of this NFT marketing strategy, such as following the artist on Facebook, Instagram accounts, or Twitter.

Users should also tag their contacts in the comment sections on Twitter and Instagram, and share and repost the post. This NFT advertising strategy markets your NFT initiative by making your followers happy and motivating them to spread the word.

NFTs Marketing

Use online forums to market your NFTs:

Once you’ve published your digital artwork on several NFT markets, it’s critical to keep your audience interested. And crypto forums can assist you in getting started. There are several online forums where you can engage and publicize your concept. There are BitcoinTalk, CryptoTalk, and other crypto-focused forums. Participating actively in these discussions as part of your NFT marketing strategy will help you create some traffic to your NFT art website.

Setup strategic partnerships:

Partnership with other allied NFT projects that are comparable allows for cross-marketing and rewards the involved stakeholders. However, do not confine your partnership to non-fungible tokens; instead, broaden your scope. For instance, you can partner with well-known companies such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, Givenchy, and CryptoPunks on marketplaces. This helps you get new fans/followers outside NFT space.

Top-notch NFT promotional campaigns

Below are some of the excellent examples to get you started:

Coca-Cola: Loot Box

“Friendship Loot Box” NFT is an excellent example of effective marketing. This non-fungible token offers an exceptional feel by making use of metaverse technology along with actual loot hampers based on “video game loot boxes.”

NFT Marketing Strategy

The friendship box has the following components:

  • For the Decentraland metaverse, they provided “Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable” for participants to wear.
  • The “Coca-Cola Sound Visualizer” with everyday noises linked with the beverage.
  • Classic artwork-based “Coca-Cola Friendship Card” from the 1940s.
  • A virtual recreation of the company’s retro vending machine named “Coca-Cola Vintage Cooler NFT” from 1956.

Taco Bell:

To celebrate the renowned dish, the firm produced a bunch of taco-based non-fungible tokens on Rarible. The 25th edition, named “Transformative Taco,” was sold out in a very short span of time. The four designs were animated GIFs leaving one in a different format. Moreover, they also utilized social networking platforms like Twitter, to reveal that they were trading their latest created GIFs and photographs on Rarible.

Taco Bell combined the digital and physical by awarding an e-gift card amounting $500 to the actual “Transformative Taco” owner. The entire sum was donated to education and career development for the next generation.


One of the better instances of NFT marketing is Asics. This was the first sportswear company to release its own non-fungible token. They came up with an outstanding collection of “Sunrise Red” on July 2021. This assortment comprised the limited-stock virtual sneakers and “Gold Edition” of special goods accessible only on the company’s website.

Final Words

The core tenet of the NFT platform advertising plan is to avoid promoting your brand in the same way as your competitors. With so many NFT-based protocols on the market, it is critical to develop strong foundations and differentiate your project.

Only by employing excellent marketing strategies can your project stand out. Unfortunately, marketing will be the most difficult aspect of your project. As a result, you must carefully plan how to popularise your NFTs within the intended audiences.

Your marketing strategy should incorporate several components. Some vital techniques to explore include listing your offering on marketplaces, sharing your digital collectibles on social media sites, building and fostering a community, utilizing metaverse spaces, and creating a website.

With NFT marketing strategies, you may efficiently reach out to more people while displaying your project’s social and artistic side. Because NFT is still a new concept, you can employ NFT marketing efforts to effectively boost your exposure and income.

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