10 Best NFT Mobile Games to Play on Android 

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Have you ever longed to play for money instead of just for enjoyment? You’ll find all you need in this post!

In 2023 (Android), a slew of NFT mobile games will generate giant in-game coins and sell them to other gamers. These games cover a wide range of categories, from tactics to speed to board games, so you’ll explore something to enjoy no matter what your preferences are.

Can I play NFT games on mobile?

In the earlier years, we have seen multiple NFT games that can be played both on mobile and desktop. The worldwide NFT craze and the prevalence of mobile gaming have spawned a wholly new gaming style that has grown extremely popular among players. People are widely using their mobile to play NFT games and earn huge profits from them and as an NFT investment.

Top 10 NFT Games Android

Axie Infinity:

This NFT game is one of the most popular reasons for the growing popularity of NFTs. This play-to-earn game is an NFT game designed based on Pokémon mythology and created on the Ethereum blockchain. Millions of attractive fantasy creatures known as Axies are available for gamers to acquire, nurture, combat, and sell as digital pets.

Its main principle is “play to earn,” in which players are rewarded for their time and work. These benefits are provided in an SLP (Smooth Love Potion) token format, which you can collect via gameplay.

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Axie Infinity is among the most well-designed crypto ideas. Everything is deeply researched and implemented, from the customer experience to tokenomics. It has become the most valuable NFT series, with a market worth of $42 million in June 2021 and predicted orders of more than $1 billion for the year.

It runs on several operating systems, comprising Windows, Android, Mac OS X, and iOS. Their objective is to build a virtual economy wherein you can become the owner and operate enterprises and secure, trade, and spend funds without the need to go to the bank.

Farmers World:

Farmers World is a fitting title for a game where you can earn money by playing. To build and reap farms, gamers need a wide range of devices, supplies, and properties. The play-to-earn game, which is built on the WAX blockchain, has expanded rapidly in recent months. Farmers World requires the ownership of a certain NFT. In addition, players can earn incentives by fighting other farmers while waiting for their harvest to mature.

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God Unchained:

Gods Unchained is basically a trading card game wherein gamers continue in epic duels utilizing their fantasy cards. The game focuses on competitive matches, which means players must outperform their rivals by methodically constructing a deck that can fight a variety of techniques. 

Gods Unchained seems to have more than 450K verified current members and has made over $10 million in revenue.

This play-to-earn game is backed by some famous names such as APEX Capital, Coinbase, Continue Capital, and Naspers.

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Silks is a modern NFT sport that combines its metaverse with thoroughbred horse racing in the real world. Each participant in Silks can buy a racehorse, a virtual replica of a real-life horse. It possesses the same characteristics, such as expertise, racing ability, etc. You earn $STT, the in-game coin if your digital horse’s double wins the match in the actual world.

The $STT can then be used to increase your possibility of success even more. Horses, farmland, and barns are part of the Silks’ in-game business. These resources can be split into parts, enabling collective ownership of precious commodities such as top-performing horses.

You may also breed your animals to create new collectible horse NFTs to compete or trade. Moreover, Silks also allows in-game betting, akin to conventional horse betting.

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Silks also pay players for completing deals in the game. Simply staking your chariot to a ranch will earn you verifying perks.

Silks intend to release its first harvest of virtual horses in 2022, following the foals’ footsteps that took birth in 2021. Although about 20,000 thoroughbred horses take birth in the United States every year, these collectible horses will be scarce. Silks will continue to mint horses in the coming to symbolize the yearly crop of new foals.

The Sandbox:

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based metaverse sport akin to Roblox or Minecraft. You’ll find all sorts of sports in The Sandbox, all produced by independent developers. You can either stay in your current game or wander around the metaverse trying out other ones.

The Sandbox is distinctive because it allows you to create your custom games. You own something you make in this sport, unlike any other game in NFT. That indicates you can design your own NFTs or indeed trade your games for $SAND, the play-to-earn in-game token.

The Sandbox, however, features an extensive in-game platform wherein you can invest your $SAND tokens. The marketplace provides collectible NFTs and additional opportunities to design your customized plot in this game metaverse.

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Forest Knight:

Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game with a full-fledged in-game-based economy on token norms. The game features a large area with a variety of places, creatures, and entertaining stuff to discover. Your objective is to progress through the stages, crash ministers, and gain as much experience as possible.

You’ll be able to take participation in PvPs with actual members after you complete the sixth level. As an incentive for completing each assignment, you will receive NFT and helpful things. The game has more than 100 objects, and many more are designed to be launched in the coming days. You also get an opportunity to assemble a team of knights with various powers and battling styles.

You’ll also have the opportunity to develop your town and manage its economy. You must ensure that your people have enough food, gear, and other necessities. Besides, you’ll require sufficient armor and weaponry to defend your town from beasts and demons, so stock up.

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Crypto Kitties:

The first sport created on the Ethereum blockchain was CryptoKitties. People purchase, sell, and mate cats to generate attractive traits that are genuinely ERC-721 tokens that are inseparable and distinct. CryptoKitties can be traded on major NFT exchanges like UPYO. The game was designed on Ethereum and released in November 2017 by Dapper Labs.

Gathering and nurturing virtual cats is a fascinating pastime, trust it or not. The popularity of the game, for instance, generated traffic and made the news on the Ethereum blockchain in 2017. This game can be obtained by purchasing one on the market or mating two Kitties combined. Breeding lets people get access to uncommon abilities.

You can indeed reap the rewards by amassing a cat collection. After you’ve accumulated a collection, you can transport your kitties to KittyVerse to compete in petty arguments. You can also connect with other gamers to solve riddles.

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Coin Hunt World:

Are you willing to put your cash and effort into the best NFT Android games? Why don’t you try Coin Hunt? The game invites you to mark your presence on a quest to create your empires and defend them.

Furthermore, the sport has visual effects waiting for you. The game has just the right fun for those who want more virtual NFT objects and resources. Also, who can avoid the game’s monarchy and imperial vibes and the customized themes?

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Skyweaver is a card game wherein you fight against other players. If you love playing card games, you will enjoy this one. The game features vibrant and beautiful visuals and a large selection of decks to choose from. You can use the strengths and shortcomings of each card in combat. Every victory earns you incentive tokens, which you may sell and barter for more strong cards, precisely like real life.

The fundamentals are relatively simple to understand, despite the fact that the game procedure depends entirely on your strategy and includes some challenging combos. The beginner’s booklet can answer all your problems related to the game. Once you’ve started playing the game, you’ll be able to construct your decks and create devastating combos strategically.

All the cards are now stored on the blockchain, and only you have rights to them. The game offers more than 500 cards to acquire and sell for the time being. Because the cards do not have a rarity tier, the chances of getting a certain one are still the same. There are a few additional enhancements available and goods with varying rarities that determine their cost.

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War of Crypta:

It’s a PvP fantasy game where you fight for prizes with some other players. Because the game relies on NFT technology, all in-game characters can be traded. As per the game’s anons, you begin with the warrior’s basic form and work your way up through all the levels to create his abilities. The more contests you enter, the quicker your warrior’s experience will increase.

For each combat, you get to choose four superheroes. As a result, you must understand that each warrior has a unique set of qualities that must be evaluated. On the other hand, the warriors are all legendary dragons and creatures of some sort. You begin with a baby species and raise it to become a gorgeous monster.

There are several species to select from, and more are on the way. In addition, your superheroes can discover different tricks and techniques – there are already over 200 to choose from. You can also exchange your superheroes for different ones. The game is updated regularly, so there are constantly new problems and competitions to participate in.

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Final Words

Having everything on hand is usually advantageous and exciting. The thrill of generating income on the go while having fun with play-to-earn NFT android games is highly stunning and advantageous for gamers. As a result, now is the moment to begin profiting from such games by experiencing them and selling them in a different marketplace.

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