NFT Music Guide: Reformulate The Future Of the Music Industry

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Music NFTs are altering how musicians communicate with their audience. Music NFT is a one-of-a-kind token that grants possession of a recording of audio. If you are fervent about music and desire to gain more knowledge about the notion of music NFTs, this tutorial is for you. 

This article will discuss in detail music NFT, how you can buy and sell music NFT, and many more. So, read on to know more.

What is Music NFT?

A Music NFT is a certificate of possession for a one-of-a-kind audio or melodic line that may be purchased or sold. NFTs use blockchain technology to give incontrovertible evidence of ownership and come with a license of validity that can be confirmed at any moment. NFTs, like crypto tokens, are kept on a public ledger, making them difficult to counterfeit. Musicians can claim actual possession of their music using NFTs without having to split revenues with middlemen such as music labels or attorneys.

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There are no restrictions on who can compose NFT music. Depending on their interests, artists can employ it in various mediums. The program, powered by Ethereum blockchain technology, employs an open API norm. Apart from music tokens and certification, they can be used for other purposes in the musician’s name.

Various Forms of Music NFTs

In the music industry, there are multiple types of NFTs. Let’s look at how NFTs have altered the usual method you may listen to music.

Full Songs and Albums:

Have you ever longed to acquire the first vinyl pressing of your favorite song or soundtrack? No worries, as you can do now. Musicians are increasingly adopting NFTs to interact with their fans by delivering unique songs and recordings.

Tickets for Gigs:

The increasing influence of NFTs has resulted in additional physical use cases, such as exclusive exposure to in-person bonuses, luxury products, and now even concert tickets. An NFT ticket has the added benefit of reducing ticket fraud because it can never be misplaced!

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Digital Artwork:

Artwork is essential to a musician’s creativity and, to a lesser extent, cash. Limited edition record covers, flyers, and unique backstage shots from events are examples of digital art and photographs.

Video clips from the favorite performances:

Much like the NBA Topshot NFT short videos, you may now record a particular moment during an event by buying it as an NFT and perhaps electronically exhibiting it in your house.

How are musicians using NFT?

Non-fungible tokens give the power back to the hands of the singers. As a result, musicians are using NFTs to reach out to their target audience on a broader scale and open new doors of worth creation for their prospective group of fans. 

NFT for musicians help them reward their supporters for giving full support to their innovation and contributing to the fanbase’s growth. As the network expands, the worth of musicians’ NFTs or even other crypto-enabled tokens may rise, harmonizing incentives between composers and fans.

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The Deathbats collection was initially minted for $150 per non-fungible token. By trading 10,000 supply collections, Avenged Sevenfold also raised $1.5 million via direct sale. The collection’s worth may climb with time as the singer’s community expands and the usefulness of the NFTs is increased by introducing extra perks for owners, enabling early owners to capitalize on the group’s developing fame.

How To Create NFT Music?

You’ve configured your digital wallet and linked it to your UPYO account. You are now eager to make music NFTs. And, once again, it’s a simple procedure. Let’s have a look:

Develop a Collection:

To start with, build a playlist for the audio you plan to mint as NFTs. Either you can create one collection comprising a catalog of all your recordings or develop numerous collections.  

In order to make your music collection on UPYO website, you need to go to the webpage and click on the ‘Create’ icon. After that, you will be redirected to the Collection page, wherein you’ll get two options. You can either select the ‘single’ option if you wish your collectible to be authentic or select ‘multiple’ if you wish to sell a single collectible several times. However, you’ll be required to pay a one-time gas fee for developing the collection. 

Upload the Recording:

Now it’s time to upload all your recordings on the UPYO platform. After that, upload cover art and include a title for your song. It’s advisable to use the artist’s name and the song’s name to create a title so that you understand a song with a similar name sung by different artists.

Include an External Link:

If you own a website, you can add the link to that website to your NFT music collection. This will help you promote your music on a larger scale.

Write a Description and Choose the Collection:

Write a catchy description for your musicNFT that grabs the investor’s attention. This may include lyrics, liner notes, production credits, background stories, etc. Once done, choose the collection you have created to store your music NFT.

Design Some Properties:

You can curate distinct properties for items such as topic, genre, attitude, tempo, etc. 

Adding characteristics to a song helps consumers locate precisely what they’re searching for. You may also include “levels” and “stats,” although they are more appropriate for video game and athletics NFTs.

Choose A Blockchain:

Now mint your music NFTs on your preferred blockchain such as Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos, etc. Though the preferable blockchain among investors is Ethereum, it charges high gas fees in comparison to other blockchains. However, if you choose Polygon for minting your NFTs, you may require to pay very minimal gas fees. 

How to Sell NFT Music?

Gain Knowledge About NFT and How They Operate:

Music NFTs creators can succeed in the NFT marketplace by doing initial research and understanding NFTs in detail. They should analyze how the crypto asset market works, its volatility, and which crypto assets are video games, GIFs, and songs that would give you an excellent price.

Analyze what type of crypto asset would help you showcase your creativity while helping you get the maximum market value. The more knowledge you possess about the NFT marketplace, the more the chances of selling your music NFT for profit.

how to sell nft music

Keep in mind that every NFT is not Beeple’s masterpiece. In truth, most inventors have a tough time recruiting investors. Until you have anything of value, you will not be able to grab investors’ attention or get an economical price for your outstanding efforts. 

Curate a Digital Asset:

Now it’s time to curate or explore the piece of music that you can convert into NFT. The best thing is that you don’t require to create an entirely new composition. If you already own a digital creation that you would love to share across the world, you can directly start selling your NFT.

However, remember that there are limited rules when it comes to selling an NFT. Till the time you are the original creator, you can sell the music NFT. Most platforms support traditional file types such as PNG, JPEGs, MP3, and others.

Your music NFT will be more valuable if it is unusual and one-of-a-kind. You must guarantee that you own the intellectual property rights to the composition you intend to transform into an NFT. Failure to prove your ownership might find you in hot water.

Choose the NFT Marketplace:

Nowadays, there are several NFT marketplaces that are coming into existence, but all are not the same. Some NFT marketplace allows you to mint your cryptocurrency for free, while many charges for every minting on their platform. Hence, it’s essential to explore and gain detailed knowledge about the marketplace that you are choosing to meet your needs. Consider these factors before finalizing any platform:

Verification Process of the Artists: 

With the growing popularity of NFT, the total number of scammers is also increasing. This is why selecting such a platform that includes a proper verification process for artists is essential. There are many artists who have got trapped by such scammers who mint their music and sell it for massive amounts. This is because you can token anything on the blockchain, convert videos, pictures, music, or any other crypto assets, and trade them without the owner’s consent. 

Token Standard:

Token standards are different for different platforms. Some of the most popular token standards include ERC-1155, ERC-721, ERC-998, BEP-115, and BEP-721. All the tokens can be said to be collectible because of the originality of their properties. Hence, check all the available tokens and select the one that meets your needs.

Price Discovery:

Price discovery is yet another feature that any NFT marketplace should possess. This function allows users to determine the best selling price for an NFT to grab the customer’s attention. A feature like this also allows for improved judgment when it comes to investing money in crypto assets.


Fractionalization enables you to purchase a part of the NFT instead of purchasing the whole NFT. Despite the fact that this dilutes the proprietorship, this grows the investors in an NFT and makes it more accessible to the familiar crowd. Moreover, it gives you the right to purchase or sell a part of the NFT.

Wallet Compatibility:

Before finalizing any NFT platform, it is essential to check whether it supports your digital wallet. It is advisable to select a marketplace that supports several wallets. Integrating your wallet with the marketplace is a vital step. Thus, it’s crucial to select a marketplace with a user-friendly interface and hassle-free integration that guarantees an exceptional customer experience.

Purchase Cryptocurrency:

Whether you wish to create or trade a non-fungible token, you’ll require cryptocurrency. Every NFT platform requires you to pay upfront for minting an NFT, which is basically a method to convert your masterpiece into an NFT you can sell.

Hence, you may require cryptocurrency to make the payment. This means that before you make money by selling your music NFT, you’ll be required to purchase some cryptocurrency to cover the fees.

Ether is the most used crypto as it’s the native currency of the blockchain platform Ethereum wherein NFTs were launched. However, there are many platforms that accept various other payment formats. Moreover, some crypto is good for the environment when used for curating NFTs.

If you already have some ETH, ensure to keep it in your digital wallet, which you’ll need to connect to the NFT platform to do all the transactions. If you don’t have currency in your wallet, there are multiple exchanges from which you can purchase the currency of your choice.

Curate a Digital Wallet:

Now that you own cryptocurrency, it’s time to create your digital wallet to store these currencies for transactions. Your digital wallet serves as a bank account for all your crypto tokens. Some of the most popular digital wallets that you can choose from are MetaMask, AlphaWallet, Coinbase, Math Wallet, etc. 

MetaMask is the most popular cryptocurrency wallet. The MetaMask wallet is present as a browser extension and an app. It’s a simple procedure to get it up and running. You may download MetaMask by going to the MetaMask website and clicking on the “Download” button.

When it’s finished downloading, you’ll be prompted to confirm if you wish to “Create a Wallet and Seed Phrase.” The moment you click “Yes,” you’ll be asked to accept the terms and conditions and create a password. Following that, you will be given a “Seed Phrase,” a one-of-a-kind 12-word backup phrase that you must write down.

If you forget your password, you can log in to your account using the seed phrase. Alternatively, anybody with access to this seed phrase can seize your funds. Remember to save the seed phrase somewhere secure. Your MetaMask wallet will be operational once all security measures have been completed.

Add Cryptocurrency to your Wallet:

Once you are done setting up your digital wallet, it’s time to transfer to it. Ether is the most used cryptocurrency by investors. However, based on your NFT marketplace, you can select any crypto that is compatible with your platform.

Some wallets, such as Metamask, provide you an ultimate opportunity to purchase crypto via their marketplace. Buying straight from MetaMask, on the other hand, has more significant costs than purchasing from other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Connect your Wallet to the NFT Marketplace:

Various digital wallets operate the same way. Regardless of which option you select, you’ll require to link it to the NFT platform via which you’ll sell the NFT. We’re utilizing UPYO as an example, and there are many more NFT platforms to pick from, and the procedure will be broadly similar.

Upload your masterpiece on the platform:

You are now ready to purchase or sell any NFT items on the marketplace since you have crypto in your wallet. Whichever platform you pick, a “Create” button will appear at the top of the page. When you click the button, you will be given a choice to create a single digital file or sell the same item on the marketplace.

This is also where you can decide if you want to mint NFTs as one-of-a-kind items or end up making a more extensive collection. Many newcomers want to mint their coins as one-of-one items, which is similar to selling original artwork or drawing in person.

Select the Price:

It is now time to decide on pricing for your NFT music. In this sense, the NFT platforms provide three options. You may select ‘Fixed price’ to quickly trade your painting for a single fixed price that you must specify. If you choose ‘Unlimited Auction,’ you enable anyone to bid on the job until you are satisfied. After you’ve determined that the price is fair, you can trade to the highest bidder. The third choice is ‘Timed Sale,’ which allows you to specify how long the auction should go.

However, it’s crucial to remember that if you want to make your NFT music pricing too little or at a bare minimum, it may not be successful. Your earnings will be eaten away by the exorbitant fees. As a result, fixing your art value a little higher is preferable, starting at 1 ETH, which is now USD 3165.31. Then you may give your NFT music a week to be bid on.

Finding the proper pricing for your NFT is a delicate balancing act. You may now sell the NFT once you’ve determined the price. To proceed with your sale, click the “Sell” option. At this time, the marketplace will compute the amount of gas you owe. Each marketplace’s gas money is unique.

Furthermore, it is not a fixed pace; instead, it varies based on the present status of the blockchain. The gas price for Ethereum is often greater on weekdays than on weekends. Hence, you require to be aware of the fluctuating worth of your crypto.

Handle your NFT listing:

The listing procedure is completed by uploading the digital asset, creating a description, choosing the cost, and depositing the gas money. Your NFT items are now for sale on the platform. You may advertise your music on social media and on your website. This will assist you in grabbing the attention of more consumers.

When it comes to maintaining your items, keep in mind that any modifications you make to the NFT (whether you cancel the item from a sale or remove it from the site) will result in an extra price. In addition, if your NFT is traded, you must pay a commission charge to the platform for the linked transaction. You can continue to generate new listings and add those to your collection.

Where to buy NFT music?

Set up a Wallet:

There are other cryptocurrency wallets to select from, but MetaMask is by far the most widely used. MetaMask is also the most fantastic alternative for newcomers, with seamless integration on UPYO—the largest NFT marketplace in Saudi Arabia and a gallery to view your digital valuables.

Though there are other wallet options, make sure that you choose one compatible with the Ethereum blockchain, as most NFTs are traded using that blockchain. Creating a digital wallet is a simple process. The majority of wallet providers feature a browser extension, a mobile app, or both. You may access the application by selecting the “Create a Wallet” tab. When you press the button, the program will prompt you to enter and validate basic information such as your name, email address, mobile number, and password.

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After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the wallet software will give you a “Seed Phrase.” The seeding phase is a backup phase that will assist you in regaining access to the network if you lose your password. It is critical to safeguard your seed phrase since missing it will prohibit you from viewing your account and cash. Your wallet will be operational once you have completed all of the steps.

Transfer Funds to your Digital Wallet:

Your digital wallet is now ready to accept cryptocurrency tokens. You may purchase cryptocurrencies via a cryptocurrency exchange and then move the money to your virtual wallet. You may also purchase tokens straight from the wallet. The transaction costs, however, will be more significant in this scenario.

When sending money to your virtual wallet, the cryptocurrency exchange will prompt you to enter your wallet address. The wallet address is a one-of-a-kind alphanumeric word, much like a bank account number. You may transfer the unit to your digital wallet by clicking the “Send” button. When the tokens appear in your wallet, you are set to do transactions.

Select an NFT Marketplace:

When you are ready to purchase the NFT, the following step is to select a marketplace. There are multiple markets to pick from where you may buy various items and art.

Every platform will provide a “Connect Wallet” button. Acknowledge the following instructions by clicking on the tab. After connecting the wallet to the marketplace, you may begin buying and selling NFTs on the site.

Finalize an NFT Music to Invest In:

Now that you have selected the marketplace, it’s time to explore the NFTs and choose the one you wish to purchase. When purchasing NFTs, there are several factors to take into account. Every digital asset is one-of-a-kind. 

Perhaps you’re seeking a specific kind of music NFT or an NFT audio created by a famous singer. Maybe you’ve come across some of the most popular bands NFT and want to be a part of a growing community. No matter what you’re searching for, you can find something related to your search on these NFT platforms.

However, keep in mind that well-known NFTs trade rapidly, so ensure your wallet is linked and filled before the NFTs become live. It’s vital to note that purchasing an NFT does not imply that you’ve acquired the copyright only if it’s part of an explicit agreement between the purchaser and the inventor. The limits on the NFT you bought may change depending on the platform.

Pay the Selling Price and Buy Music NFT:

When you’ve discovered what you’re looking for, you can put in an offer or purchase NFT right now. While few have the ability to bid, even fewer are direct purchases. The ones with the place bid feature require the user to make a purchase offer to the actual owner of the NFT.

If you come across such an NFT, be sure to examine the number of bids that have previously been made for that NFT, as this will give you a good notion of how much funds to bid on the similar.

Finish the Transactions:

If the amount you bid for the NFT music is greater or equal to the reserve amount when the auction ends, the NFT marketplace will automatically make the payment. However, in some situations, the seller can accept your auction amount anytime, irrespective of the fact that the auction is about to expire. Once the transaction is finished, you get complete ownership of the music NFT. You can either keep the NFT till it gets sold for profit or keeps it as your unique collection. 


Music is an artwork, and NFTs are reinventing cultural and heritage expression. Investing in NFT for music is not merely a matter of numbers. But it necessitates an examination of the cultural ethos, individual’s personal hobbies, and celebrity culture.

It’s hassle-free to invest in music NFTs. All you require is to look for a trend, piece, or creator that appeals to you and then decide what type of market and finances are appropriate for your risk tolerance. However, keep in mind that teamwork and society always triumph when it comes to Web3 decentralization.

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