PFP NFT: Top 10 PFP Projects

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Generative art avatar initiatives witnessed an incredible boom in 2021 in the non-fungible token space. One reason for this craze can be attributed to metaverse expansion, which led people to seek out distinctive avatars and use them to represent themselves in virtual space. This trend has helped catapult PFP NFT collections to the forefront.

With such a following, the generative art sector or the PFP sector is anticipated to grow further in 2023. If you are looking for promising PFP NFT ventures, continue reading as we have compiled some prominent ventures that you must keep in mind.

Before looking into the projects, let’s cover some basics.

What does PFP stand for?

PFP basically stands for “Picture for Profile” or “Picture for Proof,” in short, it is a profile photo that people can use on social media channels.

What exactly is PFP non-fungible token?

As mentioned above, PFP or Picture for Proof is digital artwork or generative art tokens employed in social media networks as profile images. Most PFPs are shoulder-length characters that feature humanoid, animalistic, or robotic traits. They are precisely at a point where collectible and generative art intersect.

They are categorized as collectibles because they are produced in large quantities and differ in rareness. At the same time, they are also considered generative art because they are made using some distinctive features (such as body type, facial expression, shape, background, etc.) in random combinations. Doodles and BAYC are two of the popular non-fungible token collection where you can find PFPs.

To use these avatars, you must link your non-fungible tokens to a crypto wallet and employ the non-fungible token as our profile image for Twitter. While Twitter has already made this possible, other social platforms are also striving for the same.

How and when did NFT PFP start?

Larva Labs is touted to be the first to bring PFP to the limelight with their famous CryptoPunks venture. Watkinson and Hall are the masterminds behind this idea; they randomly designed thousands of pixelated images that were punky-styled (Punks).

The Punks appeared to have different visual characteristics that made each of them distinct and easily recognizable. This venture was created on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20 token standards, albeit with slight modifications. Since then, this initiative and similar other ventures have assisted in making way for a new non-fungible token standard dubbed ERC-721.

The ERC-721 is coded to suit functionalities that distinguish NFTs from other types of crypto tokens. CryptoPunks attained unprecedented prominence in the NFT world, and its community grew to include both regular folk and celebs. Many CryptoPunk holders began using their Punks as profile images, setting the foundation for the PFP NFT craze. The collection has spawned a slew of additional initiatives inspired by it. Know more about NFT avatars.

How do I get my NFT PFP on Twitter?

Follow the steps below to add your NFT as a profile image:

  1. Sign in to your Twitter account.
  2. Go to your profile page.
  3. Click on the “Edit Profile” button.
  4. Click on the profile photo icon and select the “Choose NFT” button.
  5. Select the appropriate crypto wallet from the list of compatible wallets.
  6. After selecting the wallet option, you will be redirected to your wallet address and prompted to connect your wallet to Twitter.
  7. Once connected, Twitter will ask you to sign a transaction for verification purposes.
  8. After verification, you will be able to see your NFT gallery.
  9. Choose an NFT and resize it to the correct dimensions.
  10. Click “Done” to add the NFT as your profile picture.

Top 10 NFT PFP Projects


This is one of the most successful Picture for Proof non-fungible token ventures that pioneered the concept of generative art and trait mixtures to date. The 10,000 avatars showcasing apes, zombies, humans, and aliens during its launch were minted for free. This idea is still employed in most other PFP ventures today.

Crypto punks PFP

Bored Ape Yacht Club

This is the second most successful PFP NFT venture that made its debut in 2021. And in spite of a poor start, the venture’s value skyrocketed over the next few months. Currently, the initial supporters who grabbed the Ape non-fungible tokens are sitting on a gold mine. Numerous Bored Apes, such as #2087, #3749, #8585, and more, have been sold for millions of dollars.

The BAYC community is widely considered the best part of the entire non-fungible token collection. Ape holders have VIP access to a digital graffiti space known as “The Bathroom.” Moreover, owners enjoy perks such as airdrops, giveaways, and other incentives. The BAYC team has extended the collection to include Mutant Apes and Kennel Club dogs.

Bored Ape Yacht Club


The Meebits project includes nine thousand pixelated non-fungible token assets. These are a type of 3-Dimensional pixelated artwork. The collection was built on the Ethereum blockchain by Larva Labs, which used ERC-721 tokens for smart contract consensus.

Meebits PFP


The Doodles collection was created by a team of developers with extensive experience in the NFT industry. The collection of ten thousand avatars has quickly become one of the most well-known ventures. Soon after its debut in 2021, this venture quickly became a powerful initiative within and outside the non-fungible token community.

Although the Doodle developers’ decision to corporatize the Discord server before its debut sparked some outrage, community sentiment is improving as many big celebs have embraced the venture.

Doodles PFP

Clone X

RTFKT, a metaverse fashion brand, and Takashi Murakami, a well-known digital artist, collaborated on Clone X. With statements about multiple Nike connections, this PFP collection of 20,000 unique NFTs has kept the collective non-fungible token community on its toes.

After the initial Clone X profile picture collection auctioned out in November 2021, the venture has grown to include a number of divisional initiatives, including Space Pods and MNLTHs.

Clone X PFP


Launched at the beginning of 2022 with ten thousand non-fungible tokens, this venture has an anime theme. The initiative aims to build the largest metaverse brand owned by the community.

Azuki PFP

Cool Cats

This collection of 9,999 “stylistically curated” non-fungible tokens was launched in 2021. The venture has received wide recognition in the non-fungible token community as a fun and inclusive initiative. Cool Cats PFPs were initially offered for 0.06 ETH each, which was around $150 at the time. However, the price of the NFTs immediately increased to 0.66 ETH (about $1,000) thanks to NFT celebrity endorsements.

Cool Cats PFP

World of Women

The World of Women (WoW) venture is a set of ten thousand generative non-fungible tokens and one of the few efforts that put a human spin on the avatar craze. When a portion of the early sale proceeds was dedicated to charity and another portion wisely spent on crypto art, the venture got hand-picked among the non-fungible token community.

World Of Women PFP


This is a collection of ten thousand non-fungible tokens by Kevin Rose, a well-known American internet entrepreneur. Just a few days after its 2022 debut, the venture generated upwards of 100,000 ETH in secondary sales volume. Moonbirds is one of the chart-topping non-fungible token collections of all time.

Moonbirds PFP

0N1 Force

This set of 7,777 generative side-profile avatars sold up in five minutes during its debut. Following its sale, the resale of these tokens skyrocketed in the following days.

0N1 Force PFP


The primary reason for PFP NFTs’ success is their community-based nature. One gain voting rights in the community by displaying the NFTs as your social media profile image. At the same time, PFP non-fungible token ventures encourage active participation in the project’s decision-making process.

Most PFP non-fungible tokens have a detailed roadmap that helps investors understand what to expect from the project. Moreover, the usability benefits of these crypto PFP tokens, especially for the metaverse, add to their charm. A growing number of PFP ventures are incorporating real-world utilities such as food, game coupons, or tangible toys into their NFTs.

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