NFT Promotion: How To Promote NFTs Effectively?

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Do you know that 1000s of NFT sales happen daily, amounting to millions of crypto transactions? If you’re an ambitious NFT creator, you’ll realize that making an NFT is far easier than promoting it. We better understand this issue and thus developed this article explaining how and where to promote the NFT once it is created.

NFT Promotion

How to get your NFT seen?

Promotions are one of the most acceptable ways to get an NFT noticed; marketing it on social media, in particular, helps them stand out among the general population. Non-fungible tokens can be advertised through NFT-related sites, forums, and also social networking sites. Moreover, NFT platforms are an excellent way to broadcast NFTs and get them sold at a desirable price.

To get your NFTs noticed by potential buyers, you have to do proper research about:

  • NFT platforms (there are many platforms such as UPYO, which can be a good starting point)
  • Potential buyer behavior
  • Social media platforms and other NFT communities

Have a look at some tips and tricks that can help an NFT get noticed:

  • Select the right platform to network
  • Use appropriate hashtags on social media such as Instagram
  • Extend support for environmentally sustainable non-fungible tokens

Where should I market my NFT?

As discussed above, social media channels are the most typical option to promote NFTs. However, please remember that each social media channel and online community has its own culture and ethos. Thus, you must understand what strategy works best for a particular channel as a creator.

Consider the type of NFT, the social media platform, user behavior, content that works best for a particular site, the type of advertisements, and the “shills” that work best. Conduct in-depth research in these areas and build an appropriate plan for your NFT.

There is no one “correct” way to promote your NFT. However, applying important business and marketing fundamentals to the NFT environment will boost your chances of building a successful project.

Here are the most suitable platforms where you can advertise your non-fungible tokens:


NFT market flourishes on Twitter to a significant extent, and it is not an exaggeration to claim that it is a hotspot for NFT promotions. Almost all NFT projects have utilized this marketing channel within six months of their launch.

how to promote nft

The Twitter feed and Spaces are the two most important places to advertise non-fungible tokens on Twitter. Here’s a breakdown of different types of Tweets you may use to advertise your NFT:

  • Announcements tweets
  • Hype tweets
  • Informational tweets
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Whitelist
  • Paid twitter ads

Apart from these types of tweet announcements, you can also utilize:

  1. Twitter Spaces – These are live rooms where hosts and co-hosts launch an open discussion on any topic. Anyone can join and participate in the ongoing discourse/chat.
  2. Shill rooms – These rooms are suitable for practicing elevator pitches. The hosts usually bring up several speakers to pitch their projects to the audience. Likewise, Shill rooms can also help you meet early-stage project founders.
  3. Influencer rooms – Influential personalities like celebrities or project founders usually use these rooms. So you can use this room for making announcements, etc.,
  4. Alpha rooms – These rooms work similarly to Shill Rooms; however, the participants frequently talk about NFT initiatives that are unrelated to them. Moreover, these rooms are a perfect place to discuss a project that is about to release or announce the latest development trends related to a non-fungible token forum. Which are known also as NFT Drops.

Apart from these, you can also explore casual rooms, AMAs/project town halls, etc.,


Just like Twitter, Instagram is a popular social media platform used by influencers and creators to promote and educate about their products.

This channel has helped hundreds of visual artists and brands to establish their digital presence and connect with a larger audience.

The best way to market non-fungible tokens on Instagram is through reels and stories. Further, paid shill accounts paid ads, and promos are other choices to advertise your project.

 nft promotion

On Instagram and Twitter, many NFT communities provide some promotion options for NFT art.TikTok: Although TikTok is not a popular app for promotions compared to Twitter, you can leverage this channel for your NFT launch. Numerous influencers on this platform can promote your creations/project or create an educational post about your NFT and post it on their feed.


Similar to TikTok, LinkedIn is another underrated platform that can be used for outstanding promotions, especially among founders and other professionals. This platform gives an excellent opportunity to discuss your NFT projects and their technical details with like-minded people.


The Facebook (now Meta) ads platform is an excellent place to promote your NFT projects. Instagram currently overshadows this platform, but do not ignore it since it is a great space to promote your ads and grow followers.

nft marketing


For now, YouTube is used to educate about NFT, but just like LinkedIn and other channels, this platform can also be used for marketing. Although you can use influencers to promote your NFTs, launching your channel to discuss and engage with the public is better. This provides an option to announce your next launch, its features, and its benefits.

how to market nft

Discord communities:

This is a great option among NFT designers and aficionados. It enables NFT creators to build and maintain communities for their projects. Additionally, the platform is also used to promote new projects.

In fact, almost all widely popular NFT projects have their own Discord community. You can use Discord’s shill channels to shill the projects. This medium can be helpful if you’re a popular figure in a particular community.

nft promotion


This unique and uncommon option is used to host guest speakers who advertise NFT ventures. Some of the examples are – NFP – the Nonfungible Podcast, 4Thangs hosted by GM, The Outer Realm, etc. These shows host new artists/creators and help them build their platforms.

Offline and IRL options to promote NFT projects

  • NFT, crypto, DeFi conferences
  • NFT Communities and meetups
  • Guerrilla marketing campaigns
  • Public display ads

How to promote NFT?

There are innumerable ways to promote NFT on various platforms. In the above section, we just saw various channels that can be used to advertise the NFT project. So, we’ll give a rundown on how to market your NFT projects to get the desired results in this section.

NFT fever has swept the crypto world, and many organizations are launching innovative NFT-related applications as public offerings. While the noble idea is well-received, these innovations will not get their due value without an effective NFT marketing strategy.

Appropriate promotional activities and advertisements are two great ways to educate target audiences about their presence and worth. But before starting NFT promotions, understand your market and buyer’s demographic, and evaluate your offer and pricing.

make nft popular

Try to analyze how well the users respond to your NFT offerings. These elements are critical to your entire advertising strategy and will help you make it more effective regardless of the platform you select to market.

Stick with the plan that you think will work out the best, but if you’re unsure, consider testing the following options and select the one that yields the best results:

Social media shares:

As discussed above, social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., are the best way to share your project progress. Just make an account on any of these platforms to build your followers.

You can update your project regularly and embed links to your website and other channels redirecting your followers to view your project. Furthermore, you can make use of animations, videos, reels, and stories to create an engaging post that arouses interest and anticipation in public.

Livestream/AMA discussions:

Organizing AMAs or Livestream discussions helps to have direct communication with audiences. It is a great way to engage with the public and build connections. You can seamlessly educate, inform, and promote your project by allowing the audience to ask questions.

Host giveaways:

This is one of the best ways to increase engagement and raise awareness about your projects, especially if you’re a newbie. You can host a contest to gain public interest and disperse a large chunk of cheap NFTs as a giveaway. This gives rise to public engagement and acts as a marketing tool for your non-fungible tokens.

Join NFT groups/communities:

Joining an NFT-related community/group helps you connect with like-minded people. Various community platforms, such as Reddit, Telegram channels, Quora, Discord, etc., can be used to communicate with users. These platforms are touted to provide higher chances of getting discovered.

Similar to AMAs, communities help you to have direct interaction with real people. And they can help get feedback for your project.

how to promote nft

Collaboration with influencers:

Seeking help from influencers with large followings is gaining traction among companies. You can find knowledgeable influencers who speak about technology, software, finance, and investments on YouTube and other channels. A collab with them can help you gain new followers. You can use influencers to tap into their networks and employ cross-promotions to gain some leverage for your project.

Email marketing/newsletter:

Cold emailing method is perhaps one of the earliest marketing strategies still running with considerable success. Many NFT platforms have the option to use their newsletter service to promote your project. You’ll most likely have to pay to publish your NFT in the newsletter. However, it has an excellent potential to incur a good ROI for your work.

Feature it on the marketplace:

Most NFT marketplaces have a dedicated space or page where it features the best NFT or new NFTs. Getting featured has benefits such as customer views, promotion on social media, more bidders, etc. You must create high-quality content that is impressive enough to display on the page.

Use appropriate hashtags:

Every marketing campaign on social media uses hashtags to have a wider reach among audiences. Using a combination of the terms such as “NFT” and “crypto” and other related hashtags allows you to reach a wide range of users with varying levels of expertise. For example, beginner buyers who want to get into the crypto-sphere may use the term “crypto art” to attract art lovers.

Make a teaser for the initiative:

A teaser gives the viewers a small glimpse of the project by keeping the suspense intact. This creates curiosity in the viewer’s minds, making them keep an eye open for more details and not miss the release date. In addition to posting your teaser on social networking sites, you may also ask the best NFT platforms to share it on their website and social media channels.


How do I market NFT on Discord?

To advertise non-fungible tokens on Discord, you must first implement an effective advertising tactic. The promotion approach must include plans for creating a fantastic Discord forum and engaging promotional content. The first step is constructing a Discord server and advertising it to your target audience.

Once the server is created, organize the community channels and keep it active by delegating user roles. You must develop a basic understanding of Discord and community building for a successful NFT promotion.

How do I promote my NFT game?

The first step to promoting your NFT game is to understand the game market and marketplace dynamics. You need to network well on popular platforms such as social media channels and Discord communities and participate in NFT game-based conferences. Having a strategized and compelling online marketing campaign is an excellent way to promote your NFT game.

nft marketing

How to market NFT art?

You must be active in NFT art-related spaces to market your NFT art effectively. Instagram is one of the best platforms to market art. You can build a profile on the platform and start posting your creation with appropriate hashtags to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, you can use influencers, paid promotions, and ads for marketing purposes.

Apart from Instagram, you can leverage other platforms, groups, and Discord communities for promotional activities. Paid advertising, Telegram channels, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, and Twitter are some popular platforms you can explore.


Integrating with the group/community is critical for NFT marketing success. It makes people connect with the whole project and feel they are integral to your project. In fact, it is the best method to develop rapport with the public. Furthermore, an excellent marketing plan that involves an intriguing launch will have a positive effect on promotions.

Thus, build meaningful connections and know the pulse of the users to come up with a creative and engaging promotion that hits the bullseye.

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