Why Must You Not Screenshot an NFT and Sell it?

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Have you ever wondered what is the need to buy an NFT when you can just screenshot them? Since the rise of NFTs in the crypto world, this has been a burning question. Thus to assuage your curiosity, we have covered some essential facts about screenshotting NFTs in this article.

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Screenshot: Can you screenshot an NFT?

Yes, you can definitely screenshot an NFT if you would like to. However, taking a screenshot is not equivalent to owning the NFT. This is similar to clicking a picture of your favorite art/painting but not holding it. In other words, having a screenshot doesn’t make one the rightful owner of the NFT.

However, you can take a screenshot if you admire the collectible but cannot afford it. Moreover, you can keep it as a reference for future purchases too. Please remember that it is not illegal to screenshot unless you try to pass them as the original. Thus, if your intention is not bad, go ahead and take a screenshot.

What happens if you screenshot an NFT?

Firstly, a screenshot of NFT does not provide any value or monetary gains. Thus, if you happen to screenshot an NFT, you can admire the NFT and use it as a reference at most. Most people are in awe of NFT due to its profits and exponential growth in recent times. Your beginner guide to NFTs

However, they lack clarity on what an NFT includes and how the trading occurs in the marketplace. Additionally, most amateurs feel that having a screenshot will suffice the need for owning an NFT. Moreover, such screenshots are displayed as profile pictures on various social media platforms. 

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While this may help one possess a look-alike of the original NFTs, the screenshots will never replace the original NFT, nor can they have any value in the NFT marketplace. Remember that the users can track every NFT on the blockchain to determine their ownership.  Know how NFTs Create Value.

Thus, if any buyer wants to purchase an NFT on the marketplace, they can determine whether they are getting absolute ownership or paying for a screenshot. 

Is it illegal to screenshot an NFT?

No, it is not really illegal to have a screenshot of an NFT. However, if the screenshot owner tries to impersonate the original NFT, it is considered unlawful and attracts consequences for the law. As long as the copyright laws or intellectual property rights are not infringed, you can keep a screenshot of your favorite art/character.

As a word of caution, it is good to inform the NFT owner and be aware of copyright laws before taking the screenshot. This will help avoid any unforeseeable consequences and helps save your precious time.

Why can’t you screenshot an NFT and sell it?

Non-fungible tokens are basically stored on the blockchain, and anyone buying them gets the rights to own and display them online (as a profile picture, etc.). Furthermore, they get other rights specified in the smart contract.

All the transactions are done online using transparent blockchain technology. Thus, anyone wanting to purchase an NFT can verify its authenticity and credentials online. Copyright and intellectual property laws safeguard the NFT from being stolen or duplicated. 

Although screenshotting NFTs is not an offense, they cannot be traded as original to other buyers. Doing so will attract penalties and punishment as it is akin to breaking numerous laws that protect NFT. 

To conclude, you can screenshot an NFT to remember how it looks, find it again, or save it for inspiration. All these practices are perfectly legal. 

NFTs Screenshots

However, you cannot screenshot an NFT and sell it due to the underlying copyright and license laws. This is equal to discrediting the original creator. It simply means passing someone’s work as your own, nothing but a fraud.

Thus, it is strongly suggested that one must not sell screenshotted NFTs as it tampers with the copyrights of the original creator, who may sue you. 


To conclude, no law can stop anyone from having a screenshot of an NFT. However, one cannot sell them. Although NFTs are still in the evolution stage, there are laws that protect these crypto-assets from being infringed.

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