NFT Size Guide: The Best File Size and Resolution for NFT

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NFT Size Guide: The Best File Size and Resolution for NFT Featured Image

Technically speaking, non-fungible tokens can be of any size. Therefore, its dimensions and resolution are variable elements and up to the creator’s discretion. However, most NFT marketplaces and other platforms have a maximum file NFT size. Hence, it limits the size of the digital file you can upload. 

The goal of a designer is typically to maintain the size of the file far below the top limitation in order to promote quick or instant uploading. On the other hand, buyers prefer non-fungible tokens with high image quality. This guide will investigate the best NFT size for various platforms and categories.

While some of the most prominent options had resolutions to a minimum of 336 pixels sq or 631 pixels sq, some non-fungible tokens had resolutions as high as 21,069 pixels sq. Most users should be able to upload files without sacrificing picture quality if the NFT resolution is kept at 1080 px square or lower.

If you select a larger res, ensure it fulfills the top size requirements. When it comes to size, creators must attempt to strike a balance between size and image quality while keeping in mind that a smaller file size equates to a faster upload.

NFT Size Guide

NFT file size by platform

While each NFT marketplace is unique, they all have limitations in terms of file size. Sellers have to consider the size of their files before uploading them to the platform. The higher the size of the asset, the more expensive it will be to mint. Therefore, buyers must cautiously decide on the NFT size in order to maximize their profits.

Here is a list of the file size limitations of top NFT platforms:

  1. UPYO- Maximum file size of 5MB.
  2. OpenSea- Maximum file size of 100MB
  3. Mintable- Maximum file size of 200MB
  4. Rarible- Maximum file size of 30MB
  5. KnownOrigin- Maximum file size of 75MB
  6. Foundation- Maximum file size of 50MB

NFT pixel size

The most widely used and recommended pixel art size is 32 x 32 px. The thumb rule is- the bigger the number, the more pixelated the artwork will look. Nevertheless, NFT creators are employing various pixel sizes such as:

  1. 16 × 16 pixels
  2. 20 × 20 pixels
  3. 24 × 24 pixels
  4. 32 x 32 pixels
  5. 64 x 64 pixels

For mobile devices, the recommended pixel sizes are:

  1. Android- 320 px by 414 px (portrait) and 568 px by 812 px (landscape).
  2. iPhone- 320 by 480 px (portrait) and 480 by 320 px (landscape).

For different social media platforms, the standard pixel sizes are as follows:

  1. Twitter- 600 by 600 px
  2. Facebook- 820 by 312 px (cover photo) and 640 by 360 px (profile photo)
  3. Instagram- 1080 by 1080 px (square), 1080 by 1350 px (portrait), and 1080 by 608 px (landscape).

When it comes to TV screens, laptops, and tablets, the recommended resolution is 1080 px. However, it varies depending on the device type.

  1. SD- 270 px
  2. HD- 1920 x 1080 px
  3. 4K HD- 4000 px
  4. 6K HD- 6000 px

NFT size by art project

Here is a breakdown of the most popular collections by NFT art size

  1. CryptoPunks- 336 px square
  2. Axie Infinity- 512 px x 384 px
  3. BYAC- 631 px square
  4. VeeFriends- 640 px x 860 px
  5. Monas- 745 px x 1147 px
  6. Meebits- 1024 px x 1536 px
  7. Zed Run- 1024 px square
  8. Cool Cats- 1080 px square
  9. Galactic Secret Agency- 1200 px square
  10. Pudgy Penguins- 2700 px square
  11. Animates- 540 px square

Final words

Enormous file size and quality reduction due to compaction is a common complication or situation that most individuals encounter. This is particularly true for NFT videos. One solution to the file size issue is to let people add unbinding content to their non-fungible token, which is made available after buying it.

The purchaser will be the only one who receives a download connection to the top-quality non-fungible token file containing the hidden attributes. This method is useful for those who develop non-fungible token files in animation, video, and graphic interchange formats. However, this unlocking feature is not available on all marketplaces. As a result, you must ensure that the site you’re employing supports unbinding content.

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