Top NFT Tools You Should Know About

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The non-fungible token (NFT) market grew to US$41 billion in 2021, making it a great year for those in the space. The use of the abbreviation NFT has increased by 11,000 percent in the last year, indicating the popularity of NFT tools. As interest in NFTs grows, an increasing number of people are looking to add one of these digital collectibles to their collections.

Some NFTs (such as Cryptopunks) are true digital Mona Lisas with equivalent resale returns, but this may not be the case for all NFTs. This is where non-fungible token analysis tools come in handy. They assist you in sifting through the swarms of NFTs that are being released these days in order to find the “rare” needle in the haystack.

The market has plenty of tools that can help consumers identify, trade, evaluate, and authenticate NFTs. Let’s review the top 10 NFT tools available today.

What is the necessity of NFT tools?

Before investing in an NFT, you can assess and examine it using a wide range of NFT tools. This enables you to maintain a competitive advantage and make informed choices. This article has a compilation of such tools that will assist you in your NFT investment journey.

These tools can prove to be a valuable addition in helping you conduct thorough research. Moreover, by using tools you can steer clear of misleading or incorrect information that can lead to losses or even land you in a scam. Hence, it is really important to use some good non-fungible token tools.

The best NFT tools in the market


This is an excellent analysis tool packed with rich features that can be used conveniently by experienced and inept non-fungible token investors. It contains a list of ranked Dapps that can be freely accessed along with a sectioned exhibition that includes important segments like NFTs,Exchanges, Hot Topics, DeFi, Games, and much more.

Thanks to its free Portfolio Tracker, customers can conveniently assess, track, and seek new initiatives in the NFT space while simultaneously monitoring their assets. The ventures on the sites are ranked according to numerous factors such as price, capitalization, liquidity, etc.,

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Customers can access the market’s real-time transaction volume and price variations, among other things, through segments for non-fungible token top collections, top sales, new projects, and markets.


This website specializes in collecting real-time information related to non-fungible token artwork (especially generative art). The site is a favorite among designers and collectors of crypto art. Generally, the site segregates the art as per its rarity, especially with respect to the latest ventures.

The web pages of this site has as aesthetic appeal to it keeping in mind about the artwork sensitivities. One can either the free version or premium version of this website. The non-fungible token collection in the free version is divided based on distinct charactistircs such as sales price and volume of the market.

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However, if customers want more data, they can click on any non-fungible token and acces them. One of the distinct feature of this website is that users can list their new ventures in simple steps for least cost (for example, 2ETH). Furthermore, you can also search upcoming non-fungible token ventures on this site.


This tool bills itself as the largest non-fungible token data resource in the world. It has some impressive features such as asset price evolution, real-time project rankings, and advanced market analysis.

This tool provides consumers with transparency into the NFT market, allowing them to build a valuation model. This means you’ll always know how much a non-fungible token is worth at any given time. As a result of in-depth market analysis, you’ll have an advantage over other investors. know more about NFT pricing.

Etherscan Token Tracker:

This is basically a block explorer that also provides token tracker. Block explorer simply means a window to the Ethereum-based blockchain. Furthermore, one can gain access to every ERC-721 token contract through this. The site is free to use and one can verify any token, wallet, transaction, or smart contract on this site.


This is a simple non-fungible token tracking tool that is loved by newbies for its smooth and transparent interface. One can say it is an ideal tool for conducting market surveys quickly. Users can access various lists pertaining to sales and projects that are trending that are ranked based on the price of sales and volume.

Furthermore, users also have access to more features like trade history pertaining to various collections and balance searches for wallet IDs. While all these is available in the free version, users can also go for the premium version for details. One may pay 0.03 ETH/month to get unlimited tracking on wallets, detailed market trends and charts, etc.,

nft analytics tools


This is yet another tracking website that offers non-fungible token feeds and statistics at real-time. The website assists investors to track assets and make quick decisions on the latest trends because of its compact (short) window period interval.

Similar to other websites, Moby also comes in free and premium versions. If any user wants to go through data charts, they must go for a Pro version by paying 0.1ETH. Moreover, the website just presents a listing of NFT collectibles, with no rankings or live feeds. NFT signals, historical collection data, real-time feeds, and other features are available to subscribers.

nft creation tool


This is a least popular website to discover latest non-fungible token ventures. The website primarily concentrates on assessing the current and future ventures along with discovering metadata of NFT. The metadata it discovers can be helpful to find better investment potential. Furthermore, this analysis can be accomplished in 30 seconds to 2 minutes with greater than 95% accuracy using a bot.

The tool is available in both free and paid versions; but, the monitoring features in both versions differ to some extent. For instance, the pro version sends instant notifications related to newly revealed collections and their rarity score. However, the notifications on the basic version are sent after 60 minutes once the NFT reveal is done. Users can pay 0.5 ETH/month or 0.15 ETH/week for pro subscription.

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This is similar to Traitsniper as it displays the recent ranks of latest non-fungible token ventures as per its rarity.

Raritysniffer, as the name implies, is similar to Traitsniper in that it provides the most recent rankings of new NFT projects based on their rarity. The site only shows the most recent NFT collections, and customers can view sniffed projects for free.

Users should also take part in the Discord channel to receive additional analysis of possibly rare NFTs. This provides you exclusive entry to the rarity status of newly sniffed NFTs prior to their being made public. The subscription fee is 1.5ETH per month.

nft creator tool


This is a good tool for research especially if you want to sink money into Solana-based tokens. The site houses around 300 non-fungible token sets with data pertaining to the token’s history (owner), number of assets, and floor price. You can see what the collection entails based on the rarity identification.

Moreover, one can employ an asset ID, to check the rarity of any non-fungible token on this platform. Furthermore, you can use this site if you’re looking for impending Solana collections.

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This is a paid tool that comes with a one-week free trial and its monthly subscription plan range from $149 to $1490. It is said that the tool possesses tremendous functionality and is regarded as the industry prototype for non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance analytical tools. The ‘NFT wallet leaderboard,’ which allows you to view and assess smart money, is one of the excellent aspects to help you get into the depths of the non-fungible token universe.

The tool backs Ethereum, Arbitrum, BSC, Fantom, Polygon, Ronin, Celo, Avax, and Optimism and has the support of some top guns in crypto, including Coinbase Ventures and a16z. This tool recently created a number of indexes to monitor business activity for Ethereum-based NFTs.

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Dune Analytics:

This is a dynamic web-based research tool mainly for blockchain that is mostly used for querying. One may use SQL queries for querying purposes on this site.

Rather than feeding a specialized script, the user can just query the database to retrieve any details from the blockchain.

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NFT Now:

This platform aims to reinvent how NFT designers and communities exchange information. The tool further seeks to assist and drive a new economic system for all creators to restore power to designers and other creators.

The site provides valuable non-fungible token-based insights such as the latest news and trends, and various analyses entailing creators, technologists, etc., Furthermore, it also provides several listings entailing top non-fungible tokens to keep track of.

One can subscribe to their newsletter to have all of this data delivered directly to their mailbox.

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NFT Plazas:

Initially known as DCL Plazas, this site is a wonderful source for non-fungible token news and updates in the crypto space. The site contains a huge information on a wide range of topics, entailing art (crypto), game, music, collectibles, and so on.

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Final Words

Regardless of the fact that non-fungible tokens are a new sensation in the crypto space, one can find numerous research tools that can assist you in upping the non-fungible token game.

Coming in touch with excellent non-fungible token-related tools will put you in control of securing and enhancing your non-fungible token collection. Whether it’s marketplace choices, a portfolio tracker, or staying up to date on the latest news, there are tools that provide valuable insights. Furthermore, some tools do have premium features that can help immensely and give an edge to you with respect to other collectors/investors.

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