Popular NFTs in 2023: What’s Trending Right Now

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It’s 2023, and NFTs continue their upward climb. OG collections like CryptoPunks, BAYC, and others still enjoy a privileged status as NFT projects. Some of their rarer NFTs have sold for millions of dollars on secondary marketplaces. More and more projects are hoping to replicate this success, and now the market is flooded with innumerable NFTs. Obviously, not all of them are worth your money. This list will help you identify the most popular NFTs of 2023 that you can invest in.

Popular NFTs in 2023


The newly launched Silks project has quickly captured the attention of the world. Silks is designed as a replica of the real-world horseracing industry in a game format. In this game, users can buy, trade, and interact with assets such as Silks Horses, Silks Avatars, Stables, and Land. Silks Horses, in particular, will give a direct link to the real-world horse racing industry, as each is a derivative NFT representing one of the top-rated one-year-old racehorses in the United States.

Silks will deliver a complete virtual experience leveraging game-related non-fungible token acquisitions in which users may maintain their horses, construct property and stables, engage in a variety of strategic gaming, and feel the thrill of thoroughbred ownership in a new, organically expanding environment. Moreover, Silks Avatar NFT owners enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complete admission to the Silks Horse Mint.
  • Genesis holder position in the community for Silks.
  • Early adopter benefits such as giveaways, airdrops, and exclusive access to events.
Silks NFT

Souls of Nature:

The Souls of Nature collection consists of 9,271 Animal Souls NFTs, each unique with distinct visual and non-visual features. These NFTs’ visual features include species, eye color, and spirit tier. Meanwhile, non-visual features represent wisdom, dexterity, empathy, transcendence, soul energy, gender, and personality.

The project is set to launch in Q3 2022. The upcoming project has already established a thriving community on Discord and Twitter. Developed by Metazooie Studios, the project will donate a percentage of the profits to various charities that work to protect wildlife and their natural habitats globally.

The Nature Souls NFTs will be playable characters in the enveloping HD metaverse game feel and experience charged by the Unreal engine. As per the project blueprint, a built-in non-fungible token platform to sell Souls of Nature tokens is on the horizon, and the developers intend to set 7% royalty fees in place for the resales.

Souls of Nature NFT

Platinum Rollers Club Collection:

The Lucky Block NFT lottery project debuted in Q1 2022, with the presale of their native token LBLOCK selling out quickly and launching on Pancakeswap on January 26. To offer value to the community, their first NFT collection of 10,000 NFTs were minted and launched on NFT Launchpad on March 19. They provide NFT holders exclusive access to additional lottery prize draws, acting as your entry ticket.

Every non-fungible token operates as a ‘ticket’ for Lucky Block’s everyday draws, which is considered an incredible advantage. Daily, one fortunate NFT holder will hit the lottery, which will comprise 2% of the principal jackpot lottery. Depending on Lucky Block’s customer base and ticketing sales estimations, the non-fungible token jackpot draw is predicted to total $10,0000 on average.

Following the success of the Lucky Block project, the developers intended to release their supportive investment and Platinum Rollers Club non-fungible tokens. This special edition, 10,000 NFT collection was meant to be available to the general public on March 11, 2022, however, the launch has been delayed due to a few technical concerns.

Every Platinum Rollers Club NFT has its own unique identifier, that can be utilized to enter the everyday NFT lottery drawings. There are 25 Rare Editions in the collection, and if one of them is the winning number, the jackpot will be doubled. Since it is still in its initial stages of development, this NFT lottery prize will only increase in value over time, making it extremely appealing to shareholders.

Platinum Rollers Club Collection NFT

Crypto Baristas:

Crypto Baristas is a non-fungible token collection designed for coffee lovers. The project is far more than a regular NFT- it aims to support and nurture grassroots coffee initiatives in developing nations. Crypto Baristas collection has 60 coffee-loving hand-drawn characters. Coffee Bros., developed the initiative to offer a fresh experience for coffeeholic’s while hoping to create a sustainable coffee supply chain.

The creators behind Crypto Baristas have opened a cafe in New York that acts as a gathering place for Baristas owners and a hub for all things crypto. Buying a Crypto Barista NFT enables owners to receive a lifetime discount at the Coffee Bros. website and all future crypto Barista cafes.

Season two of the project is now in the works. The development team is working with Cup of Excellence this time to find appropriate farming associates in Honduras. The initiative will also be used by the team to establish a transparent farm-gate price for their partner farm. Coffee Bros. believes that by displaying the farm-gate price and production costs, they will be able to enhance consumers’ opinions of the coffees they purchase.

Crypto Baristas NFT

Awesome Possums:

This is a collection of 12,000 non-fungible token avatars with Possum themes and is a one of its kind program that supports addiction rehabilitation and boosts mental health awareness. It is an exclusive group that provides the opportunity to join a creative and fascinating network of collectors, artists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, venture capitalists, and investors.

The Awesome Possums ecology provides specific advantages to non-fungible token holders. They grant holders admission to the Discord server, which focuses on personal development and community service. It is a perfect venue to exchange ideas, expertise, and insight with other Possum owners because it is packed with concurring people. There are also daily mental well-being check-in meetings.

Furthermore, there are rewards for holding non-fungible tokens, such as awards, crypto lotteries, Awesome Possums merch, and giveaways for event tickets and luxury holidays. This high-end Awesome Possums non-fungible token collection will include 12k distinct Awesome Possums (10 uncommon & 2k hyper-realistic). Early adopters and contestants will receive 3000 Awesome Possums for no cost. The development team plans to donate free stuff, games, goods, charity donations, student scholarships, and other things.

Awesome Possums NFT

What makes NFTs popular?

NFTs are popular because they enable the creation of one-of-a-kind digital assets that can symbolize ownership of both tangible and digital world assets. For example, you could construct an NFT reflecting ownership of a house, piece of land, or pair of shoes and then deposit the tokens on a blockchain such as Ethereum or Cardano. This would produce a record of ownership that could not be forged or altered.

Such NFTs could be used for a variety of purposes, including evidence of ownership, solo artworks, and gaming characters, like in the case of NFT P2E games, which are becoming increasingly popular thanks to initiatives like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands.

NFTs enable you to own, exchange, and transfer digital assets in a transparent manner. You can use NFTs to build a decentralized system for exchanging products and services that are safe, dependable, and efficient. NFTs can also be used for marketing and advertising, as well as payment for products and services. Thus, NFTs have the potential to transform the way we do business in the real world. Know how you could use NFTs as Loans.

Another reason why NFTs have grown in popularity exponentially is the ‘FOMO’ phenomenon. After the spectacular auction of Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”, creators and investors were rushing in to trade in NFTs to cash in and turn a profit. Their enthusiasm has helped propel the NFT movement to become mainstream.

Cheap Popular NFTs of 2023

The following are the most promising cheap popular NFTs right now:

Axie Infinity:

This is a play-to-earn blockchain game similar to Pokemon, where players can earn incentives. The game involves purchasing virtual pets called Axies and combating them against other Axies.

NFTs are used to represent in-game items. These cryptographically unique tokens can be associated with digital information, such as the Axies and land plots found in the Axie Infinity environment. The non-fungible token, unlike conventional in-game items, gives the customer possession. Moreover, the Axies can be traded for real money on the game’s marketplace.

Players can also earn Axie Infinity’s native cryptocurrencies- Axie Infinity Shards and Smooth Love Potions – by simply playing the game. The most affordable Axie costs an average of $28.04 or 0.01 ETH; the cheapest in-game item costs approximately $4.49 or 0.002 ETH.

Axie Infinity NFT

Secret Society of Whales:

The Secret Society of Whales is an NFT project consisting of 10,000 units of whale-inspired avatars in different clothing. The NFT project’s mission is to help safeguard the world’s diminishing whale population. To that goal, the Secret Society of Whale community has already donated $25,000 to the nonprofit Save the Whales and another $25,000 to a mental health wellness society.

Each whale NFT is intended to be one-of-a-kind. The NFTs are created by combining 165 distinct elements into unique, randomized attributes. Facial features, attire, headwear, blowhole rings, beauty items, and other characteristics differ.

The uniqueness (or what some may consider as quality) of the 10,000 whales varies, just like conventional collectibles. They are classified into three types: common, uncommon, and unusual. The Secret Society of Whales’ most inexpensive NFT is about 0.0001 ETH or $0.28.

Secret Society of Whale NFT

Space Capsules:

Space Capsule is an 8,888 unit NFT project that features alien-like avatars. Space Capsule #3275 was the most expensive Space Capsules NFT which was sold for $32. Therefore, the collection is quite affordable, with an average price ranging between $20 to $30 for a single NFT. The project lets the buyers create a random alien artwork by combining two NFTs.

Space Capsules NFT

Lost Souls Sanctuary:

Lost Souls Sanctuary is an NFT collection of 9,999 pieces based on the Ethereum blockchain. A Lost Souls Sanctuary NFT now costs 0.017 ETH (or $18.53). With 1867 owners, the total sales volume for Lost Souls Sanctuary is 640 ETH ($697,723.02).

The Lost Souls Sanctuary is populated by adorable ghosts that resemble floating white fabric with googly eyes. The ghosts are different from one another in that they hold various objects, wear different hairstyles, or express distinct moods.

Souls serve two primary functions:

  • They allow the bearer to buy land. (1 SOUL = 1 LAND in the Ectoverse.)
  • They grant the holder a Soul Pass.

These passes grant the power to mint one ghoul or merch. Having a Soul pass in addition to minted Souls results in bigger prizes. The Ectoverse ecosystem comprises four major components: the Ectoverse, the marketplace, the treasury, and the government.

These passes offer the ability to mint one ghoul or piece of merch. Possessing a Soul pass in conjunction with minted Souls leads to larger rewards. The Ectoverse ecosystem is made up of four key parts:

  • the Ectoverse,
  • the marketplace,
  • the treasury, and
  • the government.
Lost Souls Sanctuary NFT

Loopy Donuts:

Loopy Donuts is an NFT project of 10,000 creatively drawn and daring donuts on a journey to leave the shelves of mundane doughnut stores. Each Loopy is a one-of-a-kind creation with random features and rarities. The cheapest Loopy Donuts NFT sales were below $10, and the highest sale was $389.7 for Loopy Donut #6158.

Loopy Donuts NFT

How could you track NFT popularity with Mediatoolkit?

There are four ways to track NFT popularity. Monitoring the market capitalization of NFT projects is one approach to tracking their popularity. There are dedicated websites That can help investors find relevant information regarding the market cap of every NFT project that hits the market.

Another method is to examine the volume of transactions on crypto exchanges and marketplaces. There are several verified non-fungible token sites where you may track the progress as well as the popularity of NFT initiatives. A third option is to employ a blockchain analytics tool, such as IntoTheBlock or Blockchain, which will indicate how many addresses contain NFTs and how much value they have.

Lastly, social media monitoring is an effective way to track the performance and popularity of NFTs. Platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Discord can provide information about a specific NFT or non-fungible token project’s popularity. Twitter has so many NFT communities that the social media giant introduced a function that allows NFT collectors to use their NFT as their profile image. It works by connecting your wallet, which stores the specified asset and is now available only to Twitter’s Blue subscribers. Know more about how to make a good marketing strategy for your NFTs

Social listening, although practical, can be a tedious task. Therefore, platforms like Mediatoolkit can come in handy for investors. Here is how Mediatoolkit can help track NFT popularity:

  • Users can set up Mediatoolkit for all social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Users can review the engagement metrics of NFT projects, including likes, shares, and comments under social media posts.
  • The application can track public responses about the project through comprehensive sentiment analysis.
  • Users can compare different NFT projects with the platform competitor analysis feature.

What should you do to make your NFT popular?

Marketing is essential when developing a non-fungible token collection. Typically, NFT initiatives are designed around the buzz that surrounds them prior to (and after) debut. You must produce long-term value for your stakeholders or other parties who may benefit. Perhaps you can donate to a cause related to your aim, or you can transfer a percentage of sales to holders; perhaps you can provide them with numerous other freebies and perks.

Here are six steps that you use to launch your NFT collection successfully:

Storytelling is crucial:

To generate interest among investors, you need to create a storyline surrounding your NFT project. People always look for things they can trust and believe in. Therefore, what your project requires is a purpose. Ask yourself the questions underneath when developing your project:

  • What is the collection’s purpose?
  • What is the foundation of the ecosystem?
  • What is the long-term benefit?
  • Is your collection “the shot” or “an entry”?

The most ambitious programs use narrative to ensure that their target market understands the value propositions of the NFTs. Take, for instance, the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. The BAYC NFTs are more than just 10,000 photos of stylized apes. It all started with a story and a vision. The Apes live in a future era where affluent initial crypto investors assemble at a yacht club with some other similar-minded Apes.

The project featured a roadmap outlining its future plans and what it would give back to early investors. It had a good website, a pleasant and cheerful marketing voice, and was dedicated to providing benefits to a select group of people from the beginning. BAYC built an entire universe that individuals could only enter by purchasing NFTs.

The initiative included a blueprint that outlined its specific goals as well as what it intended to give back to the initial investors. It had a good website, a pleasant and happy marketing tone, and was committed from the beginning to providing incentives to a select number of people. BAYC created an entire universe that people could only access by purchasing non-fungible tokens.

Select your blockchain and marketplace:

Two early considerations for every creator are important to the project’s success: a place to sell your non0fungible tokens and which blockchain to mint them on. While Ethereum is used for the bulk of NFTs, many larger projects benefit from using multiple blockchains or even building their own marketplaces.

Creating your own marketplace gives you more control over the NFT launch, letting producers make more money and frequently protecting fans from the high Ethereum gas expenses. Furthermore, different NFT marketplaces offer unique incentives to their clients, so it’s critical to research all of your possibilities before picking where to launch your NFTs.

Selecting a blockchain and a platform are associated with one another. Certain platforms solely trade non0fungible tokens depending on Ethereum, while others have their own blockchains, sidechains, and currencies. Flow, Tezos, Palm, WAX, Cardano, Polkadot, and Binance Smart Chain are some of the most popular blockchains besides Ethereum that host NFTs.

Every blockchain framework has its own pros and cons. Some are more ecologically conscious than others, whereas others have lower gas prices and improved interoperability. Before minting your non-fungible tokens, investigate the several options and choose the ideal one for your venture.

Create buzz and build a community:

The goal of NFT launches is to generate excitement and build a community around the initiative. The more hype your NFTs create, the more customers will appreciate them. So, now that you’ve finished your NFTs, it’s time to get people interested in them.

Successful NFT programs have the following important ingredients:

  • Develop social sites, including Twitter and Discord.
  • Contact NFT influencers or affiliates for assistance and consider contributing NFTs to them.
  • Create some kind of giveaway.
  • Take part in community events.
  • Create a professional-looking website.
  • Create promotional videos, photos, and viral content for promotion.
  • Create a sign-up form and mailing list to develop an NFT whitelist.
  • Embed an NFT calendar and a project blueprint.
  • Focus on creating a holistic NFT experience for customers:

The NFT economy is driven by the community and creators, therefore creating a just and comprehensive NFT launch is essential to showcasing to users that you value and that your initiative is reliable. Giving as many people as possible a fair launch is the best way to generate community engagement and hype. This strategy cultivates a broad and diversified stakeholder group that believes in your initiative, which is critical for long-term success.

Creating competition among buyers and bottlenecking low-income people can jeopardize the project launch. Instead, the priority should be on establishing a mechanism that provides all buyers with an equal opportunity. By setting purchase limitations and verifying each consumer, all users can participate in a more equitable NFT drop.

Hyped projects always lead to blockchain congestion which in turn increases gas fees, even on fixed-price NFT releases. Buyers fight for a minimal selection of NFTs by bidding against one another to see who can complete the transaction first. While this benefits the miners, clients wind up spending more than they intended, and whales and bots quickly outbid many.

The majority of individuals are priced out of purchasing, others lose gas bidding wars, and still, others depart disappointed, having spent more than they expected or were advertised. In such cases, creating an NFT whitelist can help reduce the rush. Furthermore, online waiting rooms have made a reputation for themselves in the NFT market by enabling fairness by redirecting website users to customized waiting rooms.

Be prepared:

NFT drops can be hectic as it’s the culmination of months, if not years, of hard work. To prepare for the big day, prepare a checklist to ensure the whole process goes smoothly. The success of the drop determines the future of your NFT project. Hence, you simply cannot overlook any detail. Keep the following pointers in mind when getting ready for the project launch:

  • Ensure all parties involved are aware of the launch.
  • Set up a clear channel of communication with all team members.
  • Customer-serving personnel should be prepared to handle any incoming issues.
  • Technical support should be ready to move in to tackle any glitches.
  • Build a physical or virtual ‘war room’ for the team to brainstorm or resolve problems.

Offer long-term value:

The most successful NFT projects offer long-term value and growth to their owners. The best example of this is the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The designers of the Bored Ape Yacht Club have handed away free Bored Ape Kennel Club and Mutant Ape Serums since its beginnings, a groundbreaking technology that allows Apeholders to grow a new mutated form of their NFT.

Apeholders paid millions of dollars for the serums (M1, M2, and M3) alone. The current floor price for Mutant Ape is about 8 ETH (around $30,000). Initial investors who bought their Apes for 0.08 ETH may be able to trade their NFT Mutants and Dogs at a large profit while keeping their initial Apes.

The benefits of this type of innovation are cyclical: producers deliver value to fans, others discover and wish to join, and the price of NFTs rises. The advantages of this form of innovation are cyclical; the producers provide value to loyal NFT buyers, others notice this value and want to participate, and the value of NFTs grows. Additionally, as customers recognize the value that original holders of particular NFTs enjoy, they are more willing to join in the following launch.

Final Words

NFTs are more than a niche; they are an industry. It is a valuable industry with enormous growth potential. It can be one of the most important technologies ever developed for our society. If you’re putting your own money into something, it only makes sense to do some research first. Uncovering excellent projects in the NFT market takes time, but if you are willing to put in some extra effort, your chances of finding good projects increase significantly. Before you invest in any of the NFTs mentioned above, ensure that you have thoroughly checked the founding team, the online community, floor price fluctuations, and the roadmap of the NFT project.

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