10 incredible softwares used to make NFTs

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10 incredible softwares used to make NFTs Featured Image

The resounding success of NFTs changed the perception of art, technology, and digital assets in 2020. Specifically, the field of art saw a revolution of sorts, with hundreds of artists turning their art into digital form and gaining patrons (in other words, buyers) across the globe. 

As a result, professionals and regular people are also drawn to the creation of NFT. If you are a developing digital artist or aspire to be one in the near future, you may have wondered how exactly one creates NFT. A one-line answer to the question is that NFTs are created using the software.

With NFTs gaining popularity, numerous software is being developed to aid NFT creators and digital artists. However, one cannot help but wonder which NFT creation software is most effective. With such an assorted range of options available, selecting the most dependable ones may be challenging. 

Best NFT creation software tools

Here is several popular NFT design software that allows you to construct NFTs and helps you get started with the creative side of NFTs:


Anyone can vouch for Photoshop’s attractive features and incredible graphics. Thus, it is not surprising to see Photoshop in the list of software used to make NFTs. Creating NFT is so much fun with Photoshop, and it is no exaggeration to say that most professional artists prefer this software to produce rich art.

This software is compatible with various OS such as Windows, Mac, and Android. It has a comprehensive collection of tools that helps to customize artwork and allows you to create animation.

Photoshop For NFT

NFT Creator

This is excellent software for Apple devices. It has user-friendly features that enable users to upload images and let them work on them. Furthermore, it has several templates for pixelated images, doodles, arts, etc.

The software boasts numerous art filters that can change any image into art. It has trendy features, 1000+ backgrounds to customize the art, and numerous fonts to support the creation. This software has updated visuals and filters that attract the youth; thus, go for this if your target audience is younger. 

Furthermore, the subscription fees are pretty reasonable for a yearly plan. 

Note: This software is compatible with iOS devices only (iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod).

NFT Creator For NFT


This is user-friendly software that helps artists convert their art into NFTs directly rather than creating NFT digital art from scratch. It is an innovative mobile application that lets users explore and learn digital art.

It provides an excellent learning experience through its noteworthy features. Users get a chance to share and showcase their work on this platform through artwork submissions. Once you create artwork and submit it, SketchAR goes through the submissions and picks one best art every week and features it on its feed.

Thus, you get a chance to show off and see exemplary artworks of talented artists.

SketchAR For NFT

NFT art generator

As the name says, this software helps all those artists to create NFT online. One can create art, sell it, and build a solid community through this software. NFTs can be created in various formats, including MP4, GIF, and PNG. Create your own NFT on UPYO

Once registered on the website, you are immediately directed to the workspace, where you can combine different layers to create unique illustrations. The user interface is kept really simple so that you can easily navigate through it. 

NFT art generator For NFT


This is one of the wonderful apps available that make use of modern technology to create impressionable artwork. One can mix classic art techniques to transform ordinary images into beautiful works of art using this software. 

However, as with other premium software, you gain access to its premium features only after making the in-app purchases. Furthermore, the software entails high-definition print support and you can export pictures up to 8 megapixels.

Another highlight of this software is the addition of a new BFT-related function that makes it easier to mint NFTs.

GoArt For NFT


Fotor is one of the user-friendly software that helps a regular person with no artistic talent create NFT. One can simply upload a photograph/picture and pick an art style; the software shall take care of the next steps. 

It is not necessary to know how to code; all one needs to do is create layers and edit them according to the preferences. The artist can be as minimal or as extensive as they like.

Moreover, the artist need not even have to register an account or sign up to download the generated artwork. This option gives a distinct advantage to Fotor over other NFT creation software.

Fotor For NFT


It is one of the best NFT creating software that helps users create and store artwork. The software entails some innovative features that help encode the data, compress it, and store it on the blockchain. Furthermore, the information saved is authorized with the name and details of the artist.

The software stores the information and metadata efficiently in the chain, which remains forever. And the user can access the data stored in the blockchain directly. This feature efficiently solves the problem of losing graphical information and artwork. 

Although the software has limited features, it compensates by providing solid security to the information and artwork stored on the blockchain. 

Thus, if you are worried about the security of your artwork, consider using PixelChain.

PixelChain For NFT

Nifty Ink

This is possibly the best free interactive software for beginners on xDai. Any digital artist irrespective of their skill level can use this software to make NFT art. Another advantage is that you don’t need to understand Blockchain technology to use this software. This is especially a boon for beginners who have little or no knowledge of Blockchain technology. 

Web3 artists can simply use the software to create and sell token without many hassles.

Nifty Ink For NFt


The NightCafe is a popular NFT art generator that allows for bulk creatives’ quick and easy creation. This NFT art generator offers sophisticated tools driven by AI. And these AI magic tools make it quick and straightforward to sell your NFT artworks.

NightCafe For NFT


There is no better software with automation features than Hotpot.ai. This AI-powered application allows users to design their own NFT art from scratch.

Hopot.ai’s AI features will allow users to customize and personalize their existing and new assets. Furthermore, it does not affect aesthetics or quality during the tweaking process. Additionally, it has excellent tools for improving colors and graphical elements to make it appear more authentic.

Hotpot.ai For NFT


Thus, these are some of the excellent tools and apps you can use to design your NFTs. While some of these require expertise and knowledge to reap the benefits of the tools, others are beginner-friendly and do not require in-depth design knowledge. If you’re a beginner to NFT, choose the one with a simple interface and easy-to-follow instructions. 

Remember to go through the tutorials before using the software to get a basic understanding of the software. It is also recommended to go for a basic/free plan initially and subscribe only when you think it is the right tool.

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