10 Sports NFT Marketplaces To Boost Your NFT Sports Assets

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Non-fungible tokens have proven to be resourceful and secure across the art sector. In fact, various domains have embraced this technology and reaped multiple benefits that NFTs have to offer. Sports is an industry that has integrated non-fungible tokens into its fold to explore opportunities and advantages that NFTs can offer sports, athletes, and fans.

As the number of sports and NFT fans is increasing, there are some basic questions that the general public wants to know. The top among those questions is what are sports NFTs exactly? And how do they work?

This article will explore these questions and list the top sports NFT marketplaces where you can find and purchase unique sports NFTs.

What Are Sports NFTs?

The meaning of Sports NFTs is nothing but virtual assets or digital assets that are related to sports and are stored on the blockchain. Usually, sports non-fungible tokens depict sports trading cards, memorabilia, digital collectible, and so on related mainly to sports and sports personalities. 

One can also consider sports non-fungible tokens as the virtual version of traditional sports trading cards (basketball, football, etc.). However, it must be noted that it is not just limited to trade cards alone, as mentioned above. Moreover, sports-based non-fungible tokens are one of the prominent categories in the NFT space that is growing fast. 

Benefits of sports NFT

Non-fungible tokens offer numerous benefits to the sports industry and everyone involved in it. These tokens help every stakeholder involved in this domain and gain multiple benefits. For instance, sports non-fungible tokens can help the sports community involving athletes and their fans develop long-term relationships. 

In fact, non-fungible tokens are carving a new way of communication that helps sports organizations relay updates or any information to their followers. Sports fans can also experience good engagement with their sports clubs or favorite personalities and enjoy exclusive benefits. Here are two instances of how sports NFTs can help sportsmen or sports organizations:


Sportsmen can utilize non-fungible tokens and launch their own collections to increase fan engagement. By doing so, they develop a healthy relationship with their fanbase or followers. Furthermore, the fans can also boast their sports non-fungible tokens on social media and get noted. One may also see that some sports celebrities issue the tokens from their own selves to retain IP rights and earn NFT royalties from them.

Revenue generation:

The sports personalities and teams can make extra money by giving away non-fungible tokens. For instance, sports organizations can tokenize the match tickets and stream them live to the ticket holders. Or, they can organize these events in the metaverse for the ticket holders. Usually, sports-based non-fungible tokens can be viewed and purchased on various NFT sports marketplaces.

How Does Sport NFT Work? 

Sports NFTs are nothing but a form of utility NFT that allows collectors to collect cards and memorabilia in a more flexible manner. Non-fungible tokens can often serve as both collectors and fully working games.

Here are some examples that illustrate how NFT sports work:


These are also called on-chain non-fungible tokens and include awards, prizes (medals, trophies, etc.), and autographs.

nft marketplace for sports

Trading cards:

These are very much similar to physical trading cards that are seen in sports like basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and much more. An NFT version of trading cards offers immense value and makes it secure. Moreover, collecting digital collectibles such as these signify your support for the sport or sportsperson.


The clips are nothing but videos of fantastic moments in any sport. For example, it can be the epic slam dunk or “Panenka” shots.

Sports kits:

The kits may include shoes/boots, wristbands, jerseys, and so on that fans usually want to collect. Non-fungible tokens get these things on-chain to secure them and make them available for sports enthusiasts.

How blockchain technology improves the value of the sports industry?

Non-fungible tokens utilize blockchain technology to add value to the non-fungible tokens, and here’s how it can help the sports NFTs:

  • Royalties: Whenever sports NFTs get traded as a secondary scale, a certain amount of royalties goes to the original creator.
  • Direct engagement: The blockchain technology framework eliminates the need for third parties or intermediaries. As a result, sports NFTs are available in a transparent market where fans can directly connect with their favorites and purchase their collections.
  • Scarcity: The tokenization of digital sports collectibles (single units) enhances their value as it is a unique piece.
  • Liquidity: The emerging interest in NFTs among the public has attracted people to NFT marketplaces across the globe. As a result, NFTs are seen as an active entity in the crypto world today, and all the purchasing and selling are improving the liquidity of the market.

The Top 10 Best Sports NFT Marketplace 

If you are wondering where to buy sports NFTs, here are some of the excellent NFT marketplaces for sports that you can consider if you wish to buy or sell your sports non-fungible tokens: 


UPYO is a secure and prominent sports NFT platform where you can easily buy sports NFTs. The platform boasts of diversified NFT creators who create excellent and top-quality non-fungible tokens. This is one of the sites that is growing fast in the Middle East region that is beginner-friendly.

Furthermore, the site has a friendly interface that makes it easy for users to create, sell, and buy non-fungible tokens without any glitches. One can find a wide variety of tokens and get hold of your favorite sports logos, special moments, and trading cards at a lower cost.

best sports nft marketplace

NBA Top Shot

This platform is an excellent choice if you are a basketball fan who wants to collect sports NFTs (especially basketball). One can find official basketball highlight video clips, digital collectibles, logos, and so on this platform that can be purchased, traded, or sold here.

Users can easily access this site and do not need to pay exorbitant fees to use it. However, at the time of writing this article, the site is operated only across a few selected countries, so please verify if you can access it. Nonetheless, the platform plans to make it operative across the globe soon.

NBA Top Shot


This site is similar to the NBA Top Shot marketplace and specially caters to the Korean Baseball team. Fans can view and buy Korean Baseball collections, special moments, highlights, NFT-founded baseball cards, and much more on this platform. Furthermore, one can also get behind-the-scenes clips and highlights.

The platform effectively connects fans with their favorite sportspersons and sports clubs. Numerous global football communities and clubs have supported this platform, including Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC, Paris Saint-Germain FC, and many more. The platform hosts exclusive content by the players or clubs before it gets released elsewhere.

Dugout marketplace


This NFT marketplace is pretty different from other sports non-fungible token marketplaces where you actually get to play in fantasy football games. In other words, users can play the game virtually with their favorite players and football team on this site. Once you register on the site, you can easily play the football matches that the site organizes.

You can not only build a great connection with your favorite football players or teams, but you can also earn ETH or cards. Additionally, you can build game strategies based on the real-life performance of your chosen players on this platform.

sorare Game

NFL All Day

This is a licensed NFT marketplace of the NFL (National Football League) where collectors can collect some of the historic moments in the game. If you are interested in buying digital trading cards, memorabilia, and iconic shots related to NFL, this is the single place to find it all. You can filter the NFTs based on player, type of game, position, and so on.

NFL All Day sports NFT marketplace


This is another NFT sports marketplace that houses a diverse range of virtual assets that are related to sports, including trading cards, memorabilia, etc.; you can find various types of assets related to football, rugby, basketball, and so on. Upon registering, the user will be given a free Frac Pac (consisting of three cards), which can be traded on the site.

With Dibbs, users are empowered to forge their own path in the realm of team or collectible card creation. As you navigate the platform, you’ll be rewarded with points, badges, and an array of enticing incentives. Designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind, this site ensures that you can swiftly embark on your journey of amassing treasured teams and players. 

Dibbs marketplace


This is another unique platform that helps sportsmen and organizations build personal brands. Numerous athletes and clubs can register on this site and create unique memorabilia and put them up for sale. Sports enthusiasts who are interested in these digital assets can invest and buy them easily.

In fact, this site opens up new revenue streams for the sports teams and sportsmen and also helps the fans get exclusive benefits.

Accubits sports NFT marketplace

F1 Delta Time

If you are a Formula One fan, look no further; F1 Delta Time is a marketplace dedicated just to F1 enthusiasts. Users can gather virtual assets related to the sport, such as cars, tracks, drivers, and so on, on this platform, similar to the Sorare site. You can own digital collectibles related to the game and utilize these assets in tournaments. 

F1 Delta Time

Fanzone Sports Club

This unique marketplace provides a one-of-its-kind experience to its users. The site provides lifetime access to sports passes when the users make a one-time payment. Furthermore, the users are also given access to pre-sales and exclusive NFT drops that happen on the site. Additionally, one can also watch their favorite teams play and unlock special experiences such as behind-the-scenes tours and retail item giveaways.

Fanzone Sports Club

The Ballman Project

Created by Olympic champion Stan Wawrinka, this marketplace is for tennis fans. The platform allows users to foray into a virtual tennis court with a player-created ball and compete in a weekly series of virtual events. Wawrinka built nearly 6,000 unique NFTs, each of which is fully upgradeable. Or in other words, these digital assets can be tailored to your preferences.

The Ballman Project


Non-fungible tokens have revolutionized the way the public sees ownership and rarity. And now it is changing the face of the sports industry too. Apart from creating new revenue streams for sportsmen, clubs, and other individuals, the NFT sports marketplace is establishing a way where fans can connect with their favorite players and clubs transparently.

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