November 13, 2023

Animoca Brands’ GAMEE Holds NFT-gate Mobile Game Tournament



GAMEE, a subsidiary arcade gaming studio of Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd, has announced its most ambitious gaming event yet, the Arc8 GameFest, scheduled for November 16-30.

Arc8 GameFest is a mobile game tournament that requires an NFT-gated entrance pass, available for minting on OpenSea. The event offers an impressive prize pool of approximately $120,000, including tokens and highly sought-after NFTs from the event’s sponsors and partners.

Players who are interested in participating can obtain a GameFest Pass on OpenSea to gain entry to the event.

Arc8 GameFest, after the success of its previous event, the Arc8 League: Season 0 in July, is now bringing a larger game tournament with a wider list of partners to offer players an exciting gaming experience.

The prize pool has been increased, and leading the contributions are Hooked Protocol, Crypto Unicorns, and REVV Motorsport.

Apart from these major contributors, other partners have also committed to enhancing the gameplay experience and engagement of Arc8 GameFest. One such partner is Mocaverse, Animoca Brands’ popular NFT project, which has returned to support Arc8 GameFest following the success of the ‘Into the Mocaverse’ campaign earlier this year.

In addition to Mocaverse, various other gaming partners like ForestKnight, Wanderers, Anichess, Highstreet, BoomLand, Unstoppable Domains, KDArena, and Benji Bananas have also contributed to the prize pool and committed to making Arc8 GameFest a great success.

Arc8 GameFest is a major initiative by GAMEE to make onboarding to Web3 gaming easier and to reward gameplay. The event’s partners are providing many prizes for prospective Arc8 GameFest participants. To mint their exclusive GameFest Pass, players need to visit the Arc8 GameFest listing on OpenSea. This pass allows them to play and compete in Arc8 GameFest.

GAMEE aims to bridge the gap between traditional and decentralized mobile gaming through its easy, one-click Web3 onboarding system.

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