October 13, 2023

Indonesia Plans To Apply Blockchain in Public Services



An Indonesian official has revealed that the government plans to conduct trials to apply blockchain technology in public services.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Tuhu Nugraha, the principal of the Indonesia Applied Digital Economy and Regulatory Network (IADERN), said the government will test the use of blockchain-based digital certificates for land ownership and certificates of competencies in the education sector.

Nugraha added that implementing blockchain technology could potentially help combat certificate fraud, and the government can verify the authenticity of various digital certificates using on-chain data. With its inherent features, blockchain technology is expected to enhance the transparency and efficiency of public services in Indonesia.

Additionally, he highlighted that the government is taking a collaborative approach towards Web3 technology, adding that the Indonesian government is collaborating with various blockchain-focused associations to conduct experiments and better understand the implications of blockchain technology in various sectors.

Grace Sabandar, co-founder of the Indonesia Blockchain and Metaverse Center (IBMC), mentioned that Indonesia has a large population of 270 million, with a large percentage being the youth. She noted that the youth demographic is highly adaptable to new technology and has one of the largest user bases of Web2 social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Due to this reason, Sabandar believes that the country is poised to become a leader in Web3 adoption.

“We want to be the leader, not only the user of technology, because now, because of the decentralization, anybody can do something, anybody can create something,” she said.

Sabandar also highlighted that the IBMC has been working with various sectors, including the government, private sector communities, media, and academia, to educate the country about Web3. She explained to educate people about the benefits of using blockchain, transparency, how smart contracts can benefit their businesses, what decentralization is, and things like that.

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