November 13, 2023

Ubisoft Cooperates with Immutable To Develop Blockchain-based Games

Immutable x Ubisoft

Immutable x Ubisoft

Ubisoft, a major video game publisher, has partnered with blockchain game developer Immutable to collaborate on creating web3 games.

This partnership aims to merge Ubisoft’s AAA game development expertise with Immutable’s blockchain-based gaming experience.

Ubisoft will closely work with Immutable through its Strategic Innovation Lab to integrate features like digital asset ownership and decentralized systems into gameplay experiences.

Immutable, known for games like Guild of Guardians, showcases innovative uses of web3 technology. The blockchain studio has an existing infrastructure that enables game developers to build titles that run on Ethereum, leveraging its security and transparency.

This collaboration represents a significant milestone for bringing web3 gaming into the mainstream. With Ubisoft’s interest in decentralized gaming, one of the largest and most well-known video game companies, validates the potential of blockchain-based gaming.

Nicolas Pouard, the Head of Blockchain at Ubisoft, is thrilled about the partnership and believes that it will enable the company to focus on creating a fun gaming experience while Immutable handles the blockchain components seamlessly in the background.

Ubisoft’s strategic move to adapt to emerging trends in the gaming industry is evident with the growth of play-to-earn gaming and digital ownership of in-game assets. This partnership lays the groundwork for Ubisoft to release interactive and blockchain-driven experiences that are unique and engaging.

Although details are still limited, gamers can expect to hear more news about the collaboration as the two studios combine their expertise and create something new for web3 players. This partnership highlights the growing appeal and traction of blockchain technology in the traditional gaming world.

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