November 2, 2023

Solana Labs Launches Platform for Building Blockchain-powered Games



Solana Labs has recently announced the beta release of GameShift. It is a new platform that makes it easier for game developers to build blockchain-powered experiences on the Solana network.

GameShift provides a unified API that takes care of the blockchain complexity behind the scenes, freeing developers to concentrate on game creation instead of learning how to code blockchain support. The platform was first revealed in July and aims to simplify the process of creating blockchain-based games.

“Integrating GameShift’s API to handle blockchain complexity under the hood allows developers to dedicate more resources directly to game development,” said GameShift Product Lead Davis Hart in a statement. “Even more importantly, developers can provide a Web2-friendly experience to gamers, easing the common Web3 frictions that can deter user acquisition and engagement.”

GameShift makes it easier to build and use Web3 games by abstracting away the complex technical details of blockchain implementation.

This eliminates the need for in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology, enabling game developers to focus on creating and improving gameplay experiences.

With GameShift, developers can easily add features such as digital asset listings, in-game marketplaces for trading assets, and credit card transactions for in-game purchases made in USD.

The platform aims to increase the adoption of blockchain-based gaming by removing technical hurdles that have made it difficult to build and use such games in the past.

GameShift is powered by Solana Labs, with support from ecosystem partners Crossmint, Coinflow, and Metakeep.

The beta launch of GameShift coincided with Solana’s annual developer conference, Breakpoint 2023, held in Amsterdam.

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