November 2, 2023

Tennis’s ATP Releases NFTs for 2023 Finals



The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has joined with digital art platform Artchild to introduce customizable digital and physical tennis posters for fans at the 2023 Nitto ATP Finals event in Turin, Italy, later this month.

The core poster will be designed by Honor Titus, a Los Angeles-based artist known internationally for her tennis-themed paintings. In a statement, Titus mentioned that tennis is rich with history and elegant nuances, which makes it an excellent subject for an artist.

On Artchild’s digital platform, fans can customize the official Nitto ATP Finals poster using artist-curated color palettes. The posters will be printed and shipped to buyers, along with an NFT collectible, which will be minted on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network.

As part of the Nitto ATP Finals, some fan-created poster designs will be showcased at the Pala Alpitour arena. The official poster, designed by Titus, will only be available during the 2023 finals and will cost $50, including the NFT version and the physical print. Fans can purchase it online or at the Nitto ATP Finals fan village.

In addition, the singles players competing in the tournament will produce their unique versions of the poster, which will be auctioned for charity during the event. The auction proceeds will be used to support an environmental initiative in Turin, the host city, that promotes green spaces.

The ATP has announced a collaboration that will see the creation of a new set of digital posters or NFTs. This initiative is based on the tradition of iconic sporting posters collected by generations of fans.

The Director of Communications and Web3 at ATP, Mark Epps, said that the organization was inspired to reimagine one of the most iconic collectibles in tennis culture: the tournament poster.

This is not the first time ATP has ventured into the world of NFTs. In November last year, the league partnered with Art Blocks, a generative art platform, and artist Martin Grasser to launch the “Love” digital art series.

This series was based on match data from the 2022 Finals. Owners of these “Love” NFT pieces can claim one of the 2023 customizable posters for free.

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