October 30, 2023

Ukraine Eyes Blockchain To Fight Corruption



The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation considers to depend more on the blockchain technology to fight corruption inside the country.

Despite being ranked as the second most corrupt country in Europe, Ukraine is determined to tackle corruption in order to maintain support from the Western nations.

At a panel discussion held by the Center for Strategic & International Studies, Yulia Parkhomenko, the head of the virtual assets expert group at the Ministry, spoke about the potential of blockchain technology to enhance transparency in the Ukrainian government.

Parkhomenko believed blockchain could help protect state ledgers from unauthorized access and make them more transparent.
This could potentially reduce corruption in state entities that oversee them, saying: “Alongside experts, we are exploring the international experience of using blockchain on a state level and developing our own strategy to implement web3 technologies in Ukraine.”

In light of Russia’s ongoing offensive against Ukraine, Ukraine is reportedly using blockchain technology to document Russian war crimes with the help of Dokaz.

This project is aimed at helping prosecutors secure vulnerable digital records and was developed by Starling Lab with support from the FTX Foundation and the Filecoin Foundation.

Ukraine is not the only country that seeks to resolve this problem.
In late 2021, lawmakers in Puerto Rico were also considering distributed ledgers to bring more accountability and transparency to the public sector.
But, it is not clear whether the government has achieved any progress since then or not.

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