NFT Calendar

Sign up and display your digital collection on the UPYO NFT calendar to gain visibility like never before.

What is an NFT Calendar?

An NFT Calendar is a chart that showcases live and upcoming hot and big NFT projects that will be launched on a marketplace. It operates like a regular calendar where you can find release dates and times of new NFT drops and high-profile NFT launches. The calendar highlights the works of acclaimed and emerging digital artists, generating awareness for their new collections.

How do I get my NFT listed on the calendar?

To get your NFT listed on the calendar, you have to sign up on the UPYO marketplace in Saudi Arabia. You can fill up the NFT drop application available on the website. The form will ask for details such as the release date/time, project name, mint price, blockchain, etc. When the project is approved, it will be displayed on the calendar.

How do I drop an NFT collection?

To drop an NFT collection, you require an NFT marketplace. You may create an account, upload your art collection, and mint the NFTs before putting them up for sale. Then you can submit an NFT drop application to have your collection displayed on the calendar. Once approved, your collection will be exhibited on the upcoming NFT drops list.

How to find hot NFT drops?

To find hot NFT drops, you should follow the NFT calendars of all major marketplaces. Additionally, you can keep track of NFT release dates through dedicated NFT social media channels, discord servers, blogs, newsletters, etc. These mediums keep users informed about ongoing and upcoming NFT art from top-notch artists and creators.