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Why Do You Need an ENS Domain Name?

ENS domain names reflects your personality and purpose. Further, it helps people understand your identity. Also, it’s easier to remember a unique ENS domain name rather than a lengthy wallet address.

Why Do You Need an ENS Domain Name?

A personalized ENS domain name ensures that your wallet address is unique and never mixed up with any random addresses.

Why Do You Need an ENS Domain Name?

ERC-721 based ENS domains are basically non-fungible tokens that can be traded on any NFT marketplaces as digital collectibles.

Why Do You Need an ENS Domain Name?
Store Your Info

An ENS domain can store more than your wallet address, including your bio, social media profile, email, avatar, and more.

Why Buy an ENS Domain From UPYO?

  • Why Buy an ENS Domain From UPYO?It's the one-stop shop for everything you need for NFT trading.
  • Why Buy an ENS Domain From UPYO?A user-friendly interface that anyone can use to buy eth domains.
  • Why Buy an ENS Domain From UPYO?Easily put your .eth domain for sale or auction on our marketplace.
  • Why Buy an ENS Domain From UPYO?A guaranteed low renewal fee means you get more for less.
  • Why Buy an ENS Domain From UPYO?An adept customer support team to resolve all queries and issues.


>You can buy an ENS domain from UPYO in easy steps. You can go to UPYO'S ENS domain checker and enter your preferred domain name in the search bar. If the name is available during your ENS domain search, you can go ahead and choose the number of years you would like to own the domain name. A MetaMask pop-up will let you know the gas fees you need to pay. Confirm the transaction to complete the registration process. Your ENS name will be registered, and you can bind your wallet address to the new domain name.>

>The cost of yearly renewal of a .eth domain can range anywhere from $5 to $640 per year. The renewal fees depend on the number of characters. For example, ENS names with five characters or more cost $5, names with four characters cost $160/per year, and three character names cost $640 per year. The amount is usually paid in Ether (ETH).>

>Yes, you can sell your ENS domain name. All ENS registration is under ERC-721 token standards; therefore, they are considered non-fungible tokens. These domain names can be sold or traded as regular NFTs on any NFT platform. As the original owner, you can set the price for the domain and decide whether you want to do an auction or a fixed-priced sale.>

>Yes, ENS domains can expire if not renewed yearly. When a domain name expires, a 90-day grace period begins during which the original owner has exclusive rights. If the original ENS owner does not renew it before the end of the 90-day grace period, the name becomes available for registration by someone else.>

>Yes, you can register multiple ENS domains. The process of buying .eth domains remains the same. You have to do an ENS domain search on the tool to check if the name is available. If so, you can select the number of years you wish to own the name and follow the instruction prompts to complete the registration. Once you pay the gas fee through your MetaMask wallet, you will become the rightful owner of the domain. You can also directly buy ENS domains for sale on NFT marketplaces if you find a name that you are interested in.>

>ENS is a good investment as many experts believe that the ENS cryptocurrency's price will continue to rise. Like all crypto assets, ENS is also witnessing a rise in popularity. ENS can be used as an NFT, thus providing utility to their owners. Moreover, ENS tokens have shown a steady rise, and it is predicted to perform well in the future.>

>Users can purchase and control their own domains via the ENS, allowing for secure and decentralized transactions without needing long and complex addresses. It also decreases the possibility of typing errors when entering the recipient's address to send payments. These domains can represent transaction IDs, metadata, and hashes. An ENS domain owner can also construct subdomains to which they can allocate additional data. Moreover, the domain name does not always represent a crypto wallet address. It could point to a smart contract, transaction, or metadata.>

>People are buying ENS domains because proponents of ENS tout them as the future of decentralized, uncensorable websites and a potential universal login to the Web3 universe. ENS names are widely used as a short, legible alternative to a regular Ethereum wallet address, which usually consists of 42 hexadecimal characters. It converts complex, long addresses into human-readable names that reduce the possibility of error and make the transaction process straightforward.>