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What is a polygon in NFT?

Popularly called the Matic network, Polygon is a supplementary scaling mechanism for the Ethereum blockchain. Such alternatives operate on previous blockchain networks instead of creating their own blockchain. In simple terms, Polygon operates above Ethereum that has gotten increasingly sluggish and costly to utilize as it has grown in popularity

Can I Mint NFT with Polygon?

Yes, you can mint, buy Polygon NFT, and sell NFT with Polygon blockchain without any hassle. In fact, when minting your NFT on the Polygon NFT marketplace, you don’t require to pay insane gas fees. You can mint your projects as an NFT on the Polygon blockchain on your own using Polygon Minter in Beta. After you have minted your project, you can sell Polygon NFT on the UPYO Polygon NFT marketplace.

Is Polygon good for NFT?

Polygon is the perfect blockchain if you are new to NFT and want to live your NFT task with great frequency and low-value payments. Thus, if you are launching 6000 to 8000 NFT arts, it’s advisable to go ahead with Polygon. This is because you are required to pay minimal gas fees during the transaction on Polygon